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BatGap’s intention is to inspire and inform. We are not in a position to endorse any of our guests’ teachings, practices, healings, etc. We encourage you to discriminate carefully and make your own decisions before signing up for any retreats, sessions, or healings.

Name of Guest
Date of Interview (Year/Month/Day)
Video Captions / Translations*
Laurence FreemanLaurence Freeman2021/06/05
Anita MoorjaniAnita Moorjani 22021/06/03
Stephen CopeStephen Cope2021/05/29
Gautam SachdevaGautam Sachdeva2021/05/15
Shaykh Fadhlalla HaeriShaykh Fadhlalla Haeri2021/05/01
Richard TarnasRichard Tarnas2021/04/25
Eben Alexander & Karen NewellEben Alexander & Karen Newell2021/04/17
Lisa Rose HesterLisa Rose2021/04/10
Ameeta KaulAmeeta Kaul2021/04/03
Richard RohrRichard Rohr2021/03/27
Rabbi Rami ShapiroRabbi Rami Shapiro2021/03/14
Theresa CheungTheresa Cheung2021/03/06
Raymond SchumannRaymond Schumann2021/02/28
Bruce GreysonBruce Greyson2021/02/26
Sebene SelassieSebene Selassie2021/02/14
Cynthia BourgeaultCynthia Bourgeault, 2nd Interview2021/02/06
Doug ScottDoug Scott2021/01/30
Helane WahbehHelané Wahbeh2021/01/24
Damo MitchellDamo Mitchell2021/01/16
Dr Daniel P BrownDaniel P. Brown2021/01/10
David LorimerDavid Lorimer2020/12/19
Sue MorterDr. Sue Morter2020/12/12
ConspiritualityConspirituality, with Derek Beres, Matthew Remski, and Julian Walker2020/12/05
Ingrid HonkalaIngrid Honkala2020/11/20
Dean RadinDean Radin, 2nd Interview2020/11/15English
Asil ToksalAsil Toksal2020/10/31
Cornelius ChristopherCornelius Christopher2020/10/24
James CookeJames Cooke2020/10/17
Rick HansonRick Hanson, 2nd Interview2020/10/09
Tricia BarkerTricia Barker2020/10/03
Swami SarvapriyanandaSwami Sarvapriyananda - Ethical Foundations of Nondual Spirituality2020/09/28
Gabrielle OrrGabrielle Orr2020/09/26
Elizabeth Anne HillElizabeth Anne Hill2020/09/19
Paul Muller-OrtegaPaul Manuel-Ortega 22020/09/12
Terrence StephensTerry Stephens2020/09/05
Helen HamiltonHelen Hamilton2020/08/29
Ian McgilchristIain McGilchrist2020/08/22
Diana DurhamDiana Durham2020/08/08
James FInleyJames Finley2020/08/01
Andrew HewsonAndrew Hewson2020/07/25
Louise KayLouise Kay2020/07/18
Aaron AbkeAaron Abke2020/07/11
Dr. Mark PitstickMark Pitstick2020/06/27
George MiddletonGeorge Middleton2020/06/20
Robin LandsongRobin Landsong2020/06/13
Lars MuhlLars Muhl2020/05/30
Chris BealChris Beal2020/05/16
Sally KemptonSally Kempton, 2nd Interview2020/05/15
Scott Kiloby Scott Kiloby 32020/05/15
Dorothy HuntDorothy Hunt, 2nd Interview2020/05/11
Donald HoffmanDonald Hoffman2020/05/09EnglishEnglish
Ravi RavindraRavi Ravindra2020/05/02
Bayo AkomolafeBayo Akomolafe2020/04/25
Stephen G. PostStephen G. Post2020/04/18
Heather Ash AmaraHeatherAsh Amara2020/04/11
Jonathan GustinJonathan Gustin2020/04/03
Cynthia JursCynthia Jurs2020/03/28
Peter Mt. ShastaPeter Mt. Shasta2020/03/21EnglishEnglish
Clare DuboisClare Dubois2020/03/07
Zaya and Maurizio BenazzoZaya & Maurizio Benazzo2020/02/29
Rev. Bill McDonaldBill McDonald, 2nd Interview2020/02/22
Roger WalshRoger Walsh2020/02/15
Diane Hennacy PowellDiane Hennacy Powell2020/02/01
Leanora BauarschiLeanora2020/01/17
Susan RavenSusan Raven2020/01/11
Sebastián BlaksleySebastián Blaksley2020/01/04
Zvi Ish-ShalomZvi Ish-Shalom2019/11/30
John Prendergast, 2nd Interview2019/11/23
Vicki WoodyardVicki Woodyard2019/11/16
Mark NepoMark Nepo2019/11/09
Mirabai StarrMirabai Starr 2nd Interview2019/10/28
Rick ArcherRick Archer at SAND 20192019/10/27
Julie Brown YauJulie Brown Yau2019/10/24
SAND Panel on Sex, Money, Power, Trauma & Ethics in Spiritual Communities | Also, Meeting of Founders and Members of the Association for Spiritual Integrity2019/10/24
Annette KaiserAnnette Kaiser2019/10/19
Henry ShukmanHenry Shukman2019/10/12
Miles NealeMiles Neale2019/09/28
Cynthia LaneCynthia Lane, 2nd Interview2019/09/21
Cassandra VietenCassandra Vieten2019/09/14
Noah ElkriefNoah Elkrief2019/09/07
Rey HernandezRey Hernandez2019/08/31
Gillian RossGillian Ross2019/08/24
Dorothy WaltersDorothy Walters2019/08/17
Shyamji BhatnagarShyamji Bhatnagar2019/08/12
Tom KurzkaTom Kurzka2019/08/03
Brian LonghurstBrian Longhurst2019/07/27
Sheikh Burhanuddin HerrmannShaykh Burhanuddin Herrmann2019/07/20
Georgi Y. JohnsonGeorgi Y. Johnson2019/07/06
Beth MillerBeth Miller2019/06/29
Hans WilhelmHans Wilhelm2019/06/15
Leah CoxLeah Cox2019/06/08
Justin GoldJustin Gold (J Jaye Gold)2019/06/01
Kate GustinKate Gustin2019/05/25
Kylea TaylorKylea Taylor2019/05/18
Chris BacheChris Bache and Michael Pollan2019/05/11
Michael PollanMichael Pollan and Chris Bache2019/05/11
Daniel-SchmidtDaniel Schmidt2019/05/06
Dani AntmanDani Antman2019/04/27
Giovanni DienstmannGiovanni Dienstmann2019/04/20
Nancy NeithercutNancy Neithercut2019/04/13
Peter PanagorePeter Panagore2019/04/06
Anna BreytenbachAnna Breytenbach2019/03/23
Damien EcholsDamien Echols2019/03/16
Rev. Bill McDonaldRev. Bill McDonald2019/03/02
Tina RasmussenTina Rasmussen2019/02/23
Mark GoberMark Gober2019/02/16
Miranda MacphersonMiranda Macpherson 22019/02/04
Judy CohenJudy Cohen2019/01/26
Ellen Grace O'BrianYogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian2019/01/21English
Myree MorsiMyree Morsi2019/01/12
Courtney AmundsonCourtney Amundson2019/01/05
Sandra IngermanSandra Ingerman2018/11/24
Rupert SheldrakeRupert Sheldrake2018/11/20English
Leanne Whitney2018/11/09
Maury LeeMaury Lee2018/11/03
Ishtar (Thomas Howell)Ishtar (Thomas Howell)2018/10/30
Thomas HüblThomas Hübl 22018/10/27
SAND Ethics PanelPanel Discussions on Ethics and Spiritual Teaching with Jac O'Keeffe, Craig Holliday, and Caverly Morgan2018/10/26-27
Rick Shakti SANDRick Archer SAND Conference Q&A and Interview by Shakti Catarina Maggi2018/10/26
David BucklandDavid Buckland 22018/10/25
Sean WebbSean Webb2018/10/25
bonnie greenwellBonnie Greenwell 22018/10/20
John ButlerJohn Butler2018/10/13EnglishEnglish
Steve BriggsSteve Briggs2018/09/24
Robert SchwartzRob Schwartz2018/09/22
Sarah TaylorSarah Taylor2018/09/08
Jean HoustonJean Houston2018/09/01
Suzanne StrykerSuzanne Stryker2018/08/25English
Steve McIntoshSteve McIntosh2018/08/18
Karlene Stange, DVMKarlene Stange, DVM2018/08/11
Paul LevyPaul Levy2018/08/04
William_MeaderWilliam Meader2018/07/28
Kosi SunyataKosi - 2nd Interview2018/07/21
Dena MerriamDena Merriam2018/07/14
James O'DeaJames O'Dea2018/06/30
Pamela EakinsPamela Eakins2018/06/20
David ThomasDavid Thomas2018/06/09
Lynn Marie LumiereLynn Marie Lumiere2018/06/02
Dean SluyterDean Sluyter2018/05/26
Jason ShulmanJason Shulman2018/05/19
Caverly MorganCaverly Morgan2018/05/11
Lama Tsültrim Allione2018/05/08
Ken Wilber2018/04/28 EnglishEnglish, Turkish
Marjorie Woollacott2018/04/22 
Anne Baring2018/04/14 
Terry Patten2018/04/07 
Andrew Newberg2018/03/31 
Lama Tsomo2018/03/25 
Swami Sarvapriyananda2018/03/03 EnglishEnglish
Kimberly Braun2018/02/24 
Shakti Caterina Maggi2018/02/15 English
Paul Selig2018/02/09 
Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati2018/02/06 
Richard Schoeller2018/02/04 
Michael Speight 2018/01/27 
Kavitha Chinnaiyan, M.D. 2018/01/20 
Natalie Sudman2018/01/14 English
Lesley Skylar2017/12/30 
Joi Sharp 22017/12/17
John Samsen2017/12/09English
Paul Morgan-Somers2017/12/03 
Kabir Helminski2017/11/28 
Matthew Fox2017/11/11English
Amoda Maa 22017/11/05
Kittisaro and Thanissara2017/10/28
David Buckland in panel on the direct vs. progressive paths2017/10/22
Isa Gucciardi in panel on the direct vs. progressive paths2017/10/22
Michael A. Rodriguez in panel on the direct vs. progressive paths2017/10/22
Rick Archer at SAND ’17 on the “Ethics of Enlightenment”2017/10/21English
Tim Freke 32017/10/20 
Robert Thurman & Isa Gucciardi2017/10/19 
John Lockley2017/10/15 
Vera de Chalambert2017/10/07
Cynthia Bourgeault2017/09/30English
Paul Muller-Ortega2017/09/16 
Dean Radin2017/09/09 
Raphael Cushnir2017/09/03 
Carole Griggs & Ted Strauss2017/09/02
Christina Donnell2017/08/26English, Spanish
James Wood2017/08/12 
Hans Laurentius2017/08/05 
Sri M 22017/07/30English
Stephen D’Amico2017/07/23
Robert Saltzman2017/07/08
Jude Currivan2017/07/01 EnglishEnglish
Bill & Patricia Clum2017/06/25
Tony Samara2017/06/18 English
Lakota John (Hoksila Lakota)2017/06/10
Suzanne Giesemann 22017/06/04English
Jeannie Zandi2017/05/27 
Pernilla Lillarose2017/05/20 
Ivan Rados2017/05/13 
Mike Jenkins2017/05/06 
Shiva Rudra Balayogi2017/05/01 EnglishEnglish
David Loy2017/04/22 
Jacqueline Maria Longstaff2017/04/15
Pamela Wilson 22017/04/11 
Culadasa (John Yates)2017/04/01EnglishEnglish
Charles Eisenstein2017/03/25
Gabor Harsanyi2017/03/18 
Cindy Teevens2017/03/11
Peter Cutler2017/03/04
Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks 2017/02/26 
Duane Elgin2017/02/18 
Nicola Amadora2017/02/11 
Mari Perron2017/02/04 
ShantiMayi2017/01/28 English
Jeffery Martin2017/01/22 EnglishEnglish
Marianne Williamson2017/01/07 
Lawrence Edwards2016/12/17 English
Regina Dawn Akers2016/12/10 
Vera Helleman2016/12/03 
Shinzen Young 22016/11/26
Jim Tolles2016/11/19 
Harri Aalto 32016/11/12EnglishEnglish
Janet Colli & Thomas Beck2016/11/05
Ted Zeff (Dayalu) on Amma2016/10/29 
Ted Zeff on Highly Sensitive People2016/10/29 
Adyashanti & Francis Bennett – “The Embrace of Jesus and Buddha”2016/10/25
Rick Archer at the Berkeley Open Circle2016/10/24
Adyashanti & Susanne Marie on the Falling Away of Self 2016/10/23 English English
Francis Bennett in panel discussion:: “Emptiness is also Form” 2016/10/21
Loch Kelly in panel discussion:: “Emptiness is also Form” 2016/10/21
Mukti in panel discussion:: “Emptiness is also Form” 2016/10/21
Michael A. Rodriguez2016/10/20
David Spangler2016/10/15 
James Eaton2016/10/08 
Sri M2016/10/06 EnglishEnglish
Timothy Conway 22016/09/10
David Newman2016/08/31 
Roger Castillo2016/08/20 
Anette Carlström2016/08/13 
Adam Chacksfield2016/08/06EnglishEnglish, Italian
Chris Celine2016/07/30 
Tom Das2016/07/23 
Richard Miller2016/07/16 
David Godman 22016/06/26English
Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, Portuguese
Jurgen Ziewe2016/06/11 
Bernardo Kastrup 22016/06/04
Ganga Mira2016/05/21
Tom Thompson2016/05/14
Thomas Razzeto2016/04/23 
Chadwick Johnson2016/04/16 
Suzanne Giesemann2016/04/02 
JC Tefft2016/03/26 
Huston Smith (conversation with biographer Dana Sawyer)2016/03/19
Matthew Wright2016/03/12 EnglishEnglish
Mary Reed2016/03/05 
Joey Lott2016/02/13 
Abdy ElectricitehAbdy Electriciteh 2016/02/11
Salvadore PoeSalvadore Poe2016/02/06 English
Norio Kushi2016/01/30 
Andrew Harvey2016/01/25 
David Ellzey2016/01/16 
John Astin2016/01/09 
Jane Anderson-Ross2015/12/12 
Richard Moss2015/12/05 English
Steve Ford2015/11/21
Bruce Joel Rubin2015/11/14 
Gail Brenner2015/10/25
Robert Thurman2015/10/25
Stanislav Grof2015/10/24 
Adam BuckoAdam Bucko2015/10/23EnglishEnglish
Dorothy Hunt2015/10/23EnglishEnglish
A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) and Karen Johnson on Nondual Relationships2015/10/23
Rick Archer, at SAND ’152015/10/23 EnglishEnglish
Canela Michelle Meyers in Panel at Sofia U. Part 22015/10/22
Chuck Hillig in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
Clare BlanchflowerClare Blanchflower in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
Craig Holliday in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
Dana Sawyer in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
David (Davidya) Buckland in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
David Ellzey in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
Francis Bennett in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
Jeffery Martin in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
Kiran Trace in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
Kristin KirkKristin Kirk in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
Laurie Moore in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
Mariana Caplan in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
Susanne Marie in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 22015/10/22
Karen McPhee2015/10/11 
David (Davidya) Buckland2015/09/25 
Canela Michelle Meyers 22015/09/24
Kiran Trace 22015/09/24
Loch Kelly2015/08/29 
Joel Morwood2015/08/22 
Gary Renard2015/08/15 EnglishEnglish
Guy Finley2015/08/08 
Robert Rabbin2015/08/01
Cheryl Abram2015/07/25 
Joan Shivarpita Harrigan2015/07/12 EnglishCzech
Enza Vita2015/06/27 
Michael DowdMichael Dowd2015/06/13 English
Shellee Rae2015/06/07
Wayne Wirs2015/05/23 
Frank Kinslow2015/05/20 
Stuart Schwartz2015/05/16 
Chris Beckett2015/05/09 
Bonnie Greenwell2015/04/25 
Peter Fenner2015/04/18 
Amma Sri Karunamayi2015/04/13 
Ellen Emmet2015/04/11
John Prendergast2015/04/04
CC Leigh2015/03/28
Vasant Swaha2015/03/21 
A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) 22015/03/15
Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas) 22015/03/15
Dorothy Rowe2015/03/08EnglishEnglish
Jim Dreaver2015/02/28 
Aisha Salem2015/02/21 English English
Craig Pearson2015/01/31
Stephan Bodian2015/01/24 
Kenneth Folk2015/01/17
Ram Das Batchelder2015/01/17 
Sandy Jones (William Samuel)2015/01/10
William Samuel (discussion with Sandy Jones)2015/01/10 
Craig Holliday2015/01/03 
Mary O’Malley2014/12/27 
Marie Manuchehri2014/12/20 
Dale Borglum2014/12/13 
Leonard Jacobson2014/12/07 
Nukunu Larsen2014/11/22 
Tom Campbell2014/11/14 English
Gurucharan Singh Khalsa & Karuna2014/10/26
Karuna & Gurucharan Singh Khalsa2014/10/26
T Jonathon Proctor2014/10/26
Unmani 22014/10/26
Mirabai Starr2014/10/25
Rupert Spira 22014/10/25EnglishEnglish
Amoda Maa in panel discussion: Birthing Radiant Being into Our Humanity 2014/10/24
Susanne Marie, in panel discussion: Birthing Radiant Being into Our Humanity 2014/10/24
T Jonathon Proctor in panel discussion: Birthing Radiant Being into Our Humanity 2014/10/24
Menas Kafatos, in Panel Discussion on Kashmir Shaivism2014/10/24
Sally Kempton in panel discussion on Kashmir Shaivism 2014/10/24
Adyashanti & Francis Bennett on “Resurrecting Jesus”2014/10/23EnglishEnglish, Spanish
Francis Bennett & Adyashanti – “Resurrecting Jesus”2014/10/23EnglishEnglish, Spanish
Anamika Borst2014/10/23EnglishEnglish
Judith Blackstone2014/10/04 
Panache Desai2014/10/04English
Mirabai Devi2014/09/21
Barbara Marx Hubbard2014/09/13
Chris Grosso2014/08/30
Sally Kempton2014/08/23
Shinzen Young2014/08/16EnglishEnglish
Linda Clair2014/08/12 
Āloka David Smith2014/08/03 
Dan Harris2014/08/03
David Hoffmeister2014/07/27EnglishEnglish
Harri Aalto 22014/07/19
Bernardo Kastrup2014/07/12
Marlies Cocheret de la Morinière2014/07/05
Peter Russell2014/06/28 English
Richard Lang2014/06/21 EnglishEnglish, Spanish
Darryl Anka (Bashar)2014/06/14 EnglishEnglish, Swedish
Daniel Ingram2014/06/07 
Karen Johnson2014/05/31
Francis Bennett, in Panel Discussion on Refined Perception2014/05/24
Harri Aalto, in Panel Discussion on Refined Perception2014/05/24
Kristin KirkKristin Kirk, in Panel Discussion on Refined Perception2014/05/24
Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria, in Panel Discussion on Refined Perception2014/05/24
Stan Kendz, in Panel Discussion on Refined Perception2014/05/24
Jeddah Mali2014/05/17 
Roger Housden2014/05/17 
Rick Archer, Interviewed by Fax Gilbert2014/05/11 
Neelam 22014/05/03
Karen Tate2014/04/26 
Adam C. Hall2014/04/19
Sharon Landrith 22014/04/02
Robert Svoboda2014/03/29 English
Harri Aalto2014/03/22 EnglishEnglish
Menas Kafatos2014/03/15 
Jack Petranker2014/03/08 
A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali)2014/02/22
Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas)2014/02/22
Kristin KirkKristin Kirk2014/02/16 English
Dana Sawyer, with Jeffrey Kripal2014/02/09
Jeffrey Kripal with Dana Sawyer2014/02/09
Jan Esmann 22014/02/01
Elisabet Sahtouris2014/01/25 
David Alsobrook2014/01/18
John Hagelin2014/01/12 EnglishEnglish
Chris Bache, Ph.D in Panel Discussion on Ayahuasca and Psychedelics 2013/12/28
Jeffrey and Cielle Backstrom in Panel Discussion on Ayahuasca and Psychedelics 2013/12/28
Rak Razam in Panel Discussion on Ayahuasca and Psychedelics 2013/12/28
Talat Jonathan Phillips in Panel Discussion on Ayahuasca and Psychedelics2013/12/28
Miranda Macpherson2013/12/21 English
Rick Hanson2013/12/14 
Fred Davis2013/12/01 
Joseph Goldstein2013/11/23 
Stewart Cubley2013/11/16
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee2013/11/10
Kiran Trace2013/11/02 EnglishEnglish
Michael Damian2013/10/27 
Francis Bennett, with Jac O’Keeffe and Igor Kufayev2013/10/26
Jac O’Keeffe, with Igor Kufayev and Francis Bennett2013/10/26
Deepak Chopra2013/10/25 EnglishEnglish
Laurie Moore 22013/10/24
Jerry Freeman2013/10/19 
David Godman2013/10/12EnglishEnglish, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Portuguese
Swami Khecaranatha2013/10/05 
Peter Francis Dziuban2013/09/28
Connie Huebner2013/09/14 EnglishEnglish, German
Catherine Ingram2013/09/07 
Foster & Kimberly Gamble2013/08/24 
Thomas Hübl2013/08/18 English
Eric Isen2013/08/10 
Michael James2013/08/10 EnglishEnglish, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Tom Catton2013/07/27 
Moksha Mukti2013/07/21 
Lisa Cairns with Tim Freke2013/07/21 
Tim Freke with Lisa Cairns2013/07/21
Gary Weber2013/07/13 
Susanne Marie2013/07/07 English
Puran and Susanna Bair2013/06/22 
Steve Taylor2013/06/15 
Hale Dwoskin2013/06/08 
James Waite2013/06/01 
Louis Brawley2013/05/25
Alon Halel Geva2013/05/18 
David Gersten, M.D.2013/05/12 
Alice Grist2013/05/11 
Anne Sermons Gillis2013/04/27 
Francis Bennett with John Mark Stroud2013/04/21
John Mark Stroud, with Francis Bennett2013/04/21
Eli Jaxon-Bear 22013/04/14
Mercedes Kirkel2013/03/30 
Amoda Maa2013/03/23
Rick Archer, Interviewed by Alex Tsakiris2013/03/16English
Anatta Campbell2013/03/09
Brian Piergrossi2013/03/02
Talat Jonathan Phillips2013/02/23
Jan Frazier2013/02/17
Ian Wolstenholme2013/02/02English, German
Petrica Verdes, Translator of Ilie Cioara’s Works2013/01/26
Fr. Thomas Keating2013/01/19EnglishEnglish
Kurt Johnson2013/01/12
Mariana Caplan 22013/01/06
Lama Surya DasLama Surya Das2013/01/05
Cesar Teruel2012/12/22
Mandi Solk 22012/12/15
Anita Moorjani2012/12/08EnglishEnglish, Spanish, Chinese
J. Stewart Dixon2012/12/01
Tom Crockett2012/11/25
Mark Landau2012/11/22
Mehrdad Mizani2012/11/17
Arjuna Ardagh2012/11/03 
Francis Lucille2012/10/29EnglishEnglish, Hungarian, & Polish
David Loy with Igor Kufayev2012/10/28
John Hagelin, with Igor Kufayev and Mark McCooey2012/10/28
Mark McCooey, in Panel Discussion2012/10/28
Christine WushkeChristine Wushke2012/10/21
Eliza Mada Dalian2012/10/13
Rafael Stoneman2012/10/07 
Stuart Perrin2012/09/29 
Kenny Johnson2012/09/22 
Barbara Berger2012/09/02 
Tim Freke 22012/09/02 
Ilona Ciunaite and Elena Nezhinsky2012/08/18
Howard Falco2012/08/11
Francis Bennett2012/08/04EnglishEnglish
The Signposter and Troy of Is2012/07/28
Laurie Moore2012/07/21
Andrew Cohen2012/07/14
Trip Overholt2012/07/07
Bill Bauman2012/06/23
Deepakbhai Desai2012/06/16English English
Scott Kiloby 22012/05/26
Yogi Amrit Desai2012/05/20
Ellie Roozdar 22012/05/12
Sundance Burke2012/05/05
Katie Davis2012/04/29
Robert Forman2012/04/08
Benjamin Smythe2012/03/31 EnglishEnglish
Gina Lake2012/03/24 
Karen Richards 22012/03/18
Andrée Morgana2012/03/03English English
Elle Collier Re2012/02/25
Suzanne Foxton2012/02/25
Sharon Landrith2012/02/11
Eli Jaxon-Bear2012/02/05
Mariana Caplan2012/02/03
Tony Parsons2012/02/02EnglishCzech, English, Italian, Polish
Swami Premodaya2012/01/22 
Matt Kahn2012/01/14English
Lisa Cairns2012/01/07EnglishEnglish, Polish
Greg Goode2011/12/24
Bob Nickel2011/12/18
Canela Michelle Meyers2011/12/18
Robert Wolfe2011/12/03
Natalie Gray2011/11/26
Rupert Spira2011/11/06EnglishEnglish
Inelia Benz2011/10/30EnglishEnglish
Jeff Foster2011/10/30EnglishEnglish
Ellie Roozdar2011/10/16English, Spanish, Italian
Unmani2011/10/11Italian, Polish
Karen Richards2011/09/25EnglishPolish
Florian Schlosser2011/09/18
Krishna Gauci2011/09/17
Joan Tollifson2011/09/04
Pamela Wilson2011/08/28EnglishEnglish
Tom Stine2011/08/07
Robert Augustus Masters2011/07/30
Wayne Liquorman2011/07/24
Jan Esmann2011/07/10
Joi Sharp2011/07/02
John Sherman2011/06/19
Martha Creek2011/06/12
Vishrant2011/06/07English, Spanish
Julie Chimes2011/06/05
Michael Hall, Ph.D.2011/05/22
Allan Morelock2011/05/15
Richard Sylvester2011/05/08Polish
Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder 22011/04/23
Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder 12011/04/17
Zahir Khan2011/04/10
Chris Hebard2011/04/03
Paul Hedderman2011/03/26EnglishEnglish
Tim Freke2011/03/13
Mandi Solk2011/02/27
Thomas Gates2011/01/30
Philip Goldberg2011/01/29
Genpo Roshi2011/01/10
Burt Harding2011/01/09
Michael Fischman2011/01/02
Ananta Kranti2010/12/11
Scott Kiloby2010/12/04
Khen Rinpoche Tsetan2010/11/20
Gregory Tucker2010/11/18
Janet Sussman2010/11/12
Leslie Temple-Thurston2010/10/26
Jac O’Keeffe2010/10/10EnglishEnglish, Japanese
Bill Farber2010/10/06
Dana Sawyer2010/09/29
Richard Schooping2010/09/22
Joel Rumbolo2010/09/15
Takuin Minamoto2010/09/04
Swami G2010/08/25
Rick Laird2010/08/18
Gary Crowley2010/08/11
Cynthia Lane2010/08/04
Doc Roberts2010/07/28
Chuck Hillig2010/07/21
Reena Gagneja2010/07/17
Timothy Conway2010/07/14
David Spero2010/06/27
Rahasya Fritjof Kraft2010/06/23
Hillary Davis & Ted Strauss2010/06/12
Ted Strauss & Hillary Davis2010/06/12
Rick Archer, Interviewed by Richard Miller2010/06/05
James Braha2010/05/19
Fali Engineer2010/04/28
Igal Moria2010/04/21
Jim Flanegin2010/04/18
Mary Foster2010/04/07
John Speer2010/03/31
Andy Schulman2010/03/17
Sandra Glickman2010/02/24
Michael Baxter2010/02/17
Brad & Pam Keene2010/02/10
Christopher Roberts2010/02/03
Tom Traynor2010/01/22
Hilary Jordan2010/01/13
Sue Berkey2010/01/06
Steve Winn2009/12/23
Fax & Sharon Gilbert2009/12/16
Steve & Winifred Boggs2009/12/09
Stan Kendz2009/12/02
Angela Mailander2009/11/18
George & Mary Foster2009/10/07

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