210. Miranda Macpherson

Miranda MacphersonMiranda Macpherson is a spiritual teacher, counselor, and author of ‘Boundless love’. Known for her depth of presence and refined capacity as a guide into direct experience of the sacred, Miranda teaches and transmits a powerful synthesis of self-inquiry, depth psychology, devotion, and meditation. Inspired by Ramana Maharshi, A Course in Miracles, and extensive study into the world’s wisdom traditions, Miranda has over twenty years of teaching experience internationally. In 1996 she founded the groundbreaking ‘Interfaith Foundation’ in London, and during her 10 years as spiritual director, she trained and ordained over 600 ministers and spiritual counselors. She is now based in the San Fransisco Bay Area, and leads retreats and ongoing programs internationally for those wanting to substantially deepen their practice. Miranda offers an integrated and feminine approach to non-dual realization oriented at facilitating direct spiritual experience while providing a practical foundation for authentic transformation. Her clarity and love offer a deep holding in which to rest undefended in the present, taste deeper levels of consciousness and discover how to embody wisdom in daily life.



Website: http://mirandamacpherson.com

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Interview recorded 12/21/2013

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