667. Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer/ Psychic Lawyer, world renowned psychic medium, Oxford educated attorney, near-death experience researcher, paranormal expert and legal analyst appears internationally on TV and radio and headlines at conferences and expos.

This Psychic Explorer may be found lecturing at an Ivy League University about Quantum Physics one day, and the next off to mystical locations in remote corners of the world to explore Ancient Ruins and Supernatural Phenomena.

Mark is a featured columnist for Best Holistic Life Magazine, and author of three bestselling books. His latest, The Afterlife Frequency is a riveting story driven exploration taking you around the globe, from the cosmic to the subatomic, into the human soul itself. The Afterlife Frequency has been endorsed by the world’s top Survival of Consciousness scientists and designated by PrettyProgressive.com as one of the top books about faith in God. It’s been submitted for a Pulitzer Prize.

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Website: AfterlifeFrequency.com

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Interview recorded October 15, 2022

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