112. Elle Collier Re

Elle Collier ReFrom age 7, Elle was awake to divine Word. At 17, a revelatory spiritual experience increased this capacity and began her lifelong commitment to God-centered awareness.

Elle awakened into Unity consciousness in her early 20’s. For the next two decades, her life revolved around prayer, meditation, zen practice, and independent spiritual inquiry until her mind became fully accessible to the Emanating Spirit of Divine Counsel.

What People Gain from this Teaching

Elle is fully awake to the Divine Word, and has become a bridge to the Godmind within. She is a midwife to the Soulassisting all in bringing forth their prime Design and Path. Elle resonates to the quality of Light of each person, responding empathically and telepathically to the nature of both human and soul, and inspiring us to True Awareness.

In this Gatework, we are immersed in the divine theme of Being, and taught to live in a way that isDivinity reliant and at-one with the Core Self … the God-Essence within. The awakened individual is freed of negative concepts and able to live in interactive communion to the Whole.

These experiences of unity consciousness merge the Sublime Truth into the logic and point the way from separation into Unity.

Elle’s website

Interview recorded 2/25/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

8 thoughts on “112. Elle Collier Re

  1. I very much appreciate Elle Collier Re’s willingness to use language experimentally, to express her insight and point to new ways of relating to and deepening our experience. And I felt a deep resonance with much of what was expressed, so thank you for this.

    Rick, I also appreciated your various “translations” of what you heard into language which is perhaps more familiar to many of us: parallels to Advaita Vedanta, Christianity and other established traditions/lineages. Which brings me to the primary question that arose for me, during this interview — which has to do with the relative benefits of, on the one hand, associating oneself with an already-established practice path, or, on the other hand, walking a path that would seem to be uniquely “one’s own.”

    In a certain sense I suppose it’s the case that each of us is walking our own unique path. Yet to the extent that we come to see that it is a clinging to some notion of a “permanent separate me” that is the primary cause of suffering, having the living stream of a lineage can at least potentially be really useful, as a means of surrender, a support through at least the sticky transitional phases.

    Yet here is a case in which a deep surrender seemed to have happened quite independently of any defined path of practice — which I find just really interesting to consider.

    Most of the interviews you’ve conducted have been with folks who place themselves in relation to a specific path (Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, whatever) — either as upholders of those views/non-views, or else as “rebels” in some fashion — but in either case positioned within a specific discursive field, which allows for a common language, & a relative ease of communication.

    Elle Collier Re seems, on the other hand — from the inside-out, so to speak — to have developed her own language for expressing what has been unfolding, on the inner planes … which has the advantage of being fresh and innocent and playful and authentic, and the potential disadvantage of being “private” in a way that makes communication with others challenging …

  2. I wonder are the different expressions of different vibrations just more “mind stuff”. Perhaps mind has multiple vibrations. Seems the expressions can be as limitless as the vastness.

  3. BeJesus!! A valiant effort at translating Rick, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to smoke a few leftover joints from the 60’s in order to move into the right frequency and decipher this one…Reality check please..

  4. Elle,
    I really enjoyed your story and spiritual wisdom. You have been associated with my web site for years (www.findthedivine.com) and I appreciate the opportunity to listen to your truth…


  5. She is talking about a heart based consciousness. Love is what you are! An Awakened Heart check out a Course in Miracles. You have to start forgiving all of the past hurts and forgiving yourself to let the light of love in. Or Chris Celine youtubes she explains it.

  6. I appreciate Elle’s efforts to express with precision concepts that are often beyond language. I gained some new insights from her perspective. I also appreciate Ricks clarifying restatements.

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