241. Harri Aalto, 2nd Interview

Harri AaltoWithout doubt, it is everyone’s potential and natural birthright to eternally experience the full knowledge and pure joy of Unbounded Awareness, where absolutely nothing is excluded, day to day, year after year.

Universal-to-personal existence becomes revealed as layer after layer of Absolute intelligence, all eternally humming as my —and everyone’s—movement of pure consciousness.

Eyes open or closed, submerged in an ocean of wholeness, where any stream of the love of my heart, the knowledge of my mind or flow of my senses is an obvious stir or expansion in the whole eternal sea of oneness. Here pure knowingness is so pervasive that there is nothing else that is known; but because it is pure knowledge, there is an experiencer, and this knower, by virtue of the internal structure of knowingness, naturally radiates infinite qualities to unboundedness, and thereby I—we—exist as eternal existence itself with our particular individuality and universality in complete connectedness.

The entire field of our lives, from pure silence to the divine subtle levels, to our daily activity, is designed to be enjoyed, appreciated and known, all simultaneously, as the wonderful, unified totality of differences that it truly is.

Book: The Landscape of Enlightenment: With Doors and Windows to Our World


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Interview recorded 7/19/2014

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