332. David Ellzey

David EllzeyOnce called by Norman Cousins, “An accomplished court jester to humanity,” David Ellzey is a transformative speaker, entertainer, author, and mentor – who has inspired a quarter of a million people worldwide to explore the oneness of humanity and of life.

As mentor, coach, and teacher, David guides clients with unflinching self-inquiry, techniques like The Sedona Method for emotional well being, movement, and fundamentally pure investigation into what is real. Humor often joins the journey.

His devotion to the mystery of life began at age fourteen when he had his first life-changing experience of sensing the infinite presence that permeates all of existence.

At age seventeen he pursued the embodiment of this understanding through the performance art form of pantomime taught by his teacher using ancient principles of Kabbalah. He was guided by his dear teacher to create universes in the silence and emptiness on stage. But most importantly, David understood that, indeed, all of life is born of, and returns to, this mother consciousness.

Published in non-dual and contemplative journals, and author of, The Ocean of Now, David’s a regular presenter at the Science and Non-Duality Conferences. David sat with Francis Lucille for 10 years, with Neelam in India, and is forever inspired by Rumi and Nisagardatta. Currently his private practice as a consciousness coach is based in New York City.

Website: davidellzey.com

David Ellzey in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 2

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Interview conducted 1/16/2016

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