614. Clay Lomakayu Miller

Clay Lomakayu MillerClay Lomakayu Miller lives in Cottonwood, Arizona, just outside of Sedona, where he has been serving clients from all over the world to assist them in living at the center of the circle of who they are. Medicine of One is the outcome of this service. It is a nondual shamanic path that has formed from his work with clients for 25 years and his time in the Ancient sacred land of the Southwest. He uses a unique form of healing called Soul Dreaming to help free people from the stories from their past so they may gift the world their true presence. He is also the creator of Primordial Movements for trauma and emotional integration. He considers his primary service as the sharing of Medicine of One. At his side are his Wolf-Dog Helpers assisting people with their presence and love. Medicine of One is summed up in the One Noble truth, which is to live at the center where, from true being, comes our true doing. The first action is the True Action of self Love.

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Interview recorded September 4, 2021

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