204. Kiran Trace

KiranKiran Trace is an internationally known spiritual teacher and author. She died of massive spontaneous awakening into her true nature, then eight years later, and at the encouragement of Moni Vangolen, Thomas Stubbs, Adyashanti, and others, she began to talk and teach. Because she spontaneously awoke, with no prior spiritual background, orientation or understanding, she is known for her unique point of view. Folks often call her teachings “fresh” because she doesn’t have any spiritual language or point to any lineage. She sees primarily from vast stillness and embodies “the world” from an “inside-outside” point of view.  Seeing the coding of the universe in order to see the universe, it’s very “matrix” like. Visit more of her works and teachings at kirantrace.com, or visit her YouTube channel.

Interview recorded 11/2/2013

Transcript of this interview.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.