367. Ted Zeff (Dayalu) on Amma

Ted ZeffTed Zeff (Dayalu) met Amma, the “hugging saint” from India, in 1988 and has lived in her ashram in California for 20 years and her ashram in Chicago for one year. Dayalu has written three books about Amma: “Searching for God Part I” in 1996, “Searching for God Part II” in 2002 and “Amma: Inspiring Experiences with the Divine Mother” in 2016. Dayalu has a Ph.D. in integral counseling and psychotherapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and has studied ayurveda and vedic astrology.

amma_2Ted Zeff Dayalu has also given talks about the books he has written about Amma throughout the United Sates, Israel, Denmark and Holland.

Amma’s website: amma.org

Book: Amma: Inspiring Experiences with the Divine Mother

Transcript of this interview

Interview recorded 10/29/2016

Interview with Ted Zeff about highly sensitive people.

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