Interview Content Search

This feature allows you to search all the videos on the BatGap YouTube Channel for any word or phrase. For instance, someone asked us which interviews discussed “gradual awakening”. With so many interviews, we cannot remember, but now you can do a search as follows:

  • Enter a search phrase below.
  • Results will appear below the search buttons. Click on any result to cue up that video to the exact spot where your search phrase is mentioned.
  • Click the embedded YouTube player to start watching!
  • To make search results more precise, use quote marks. For instance, “power of now” will yield references to Eckhart Tolle’s book, but power of now without quote marks might yield a sentence like this, which contains those words but not contiguously: “There’s nobody I can recommend right now who’s in that state and has that power.”
  • Asterisks result in a wild card search. For instance, a search for Theo, the name of our dog, brings up references to him, but *theo* brings up references to words like “theory” and “theology”.

Note: The basis of this feature is a database of all the BatGap video captions. Some have been proofread and are accurate. Many are YouTube or auto-captions and contain errors. If you would like to join our little team of volunteer proofreaders, please contact Rick. Many videos still don’t have any captions and we’re working on adding them.