062. Paul Hedderman

Paul HeddermanPaul has been involved with the recovery community since 1988, and has been leading workshops and holding talks for 18 years.

He has been assisting those with addiction problems for many years. The 12 step program has some very potent ‘pointers’, which have assisted a few to go beyond the 12 steps.

Paul is unwavering in his teaching. His very direct, uncompromising pointing doesn’t provide a refuge for entrenched conditioning and the sense of separateness, no matter how convincing that experience may be.

“Whatever arises in my mind, I don’t let it vouch for me.”  “Any form of looking that focuses on an object misses the opportunity to directly be the seeing, and not be identified with the object.”

Paul’s site: ZenBitchSlap.

Transcript of this interview.

Interview recorded 3/26/2011

Audio and video below. Audio also available as a Podcast.