532. Susan Raven

Susan RavenSusan Raven is a long-time student of Anthroposophy and an experienced workshop facilitator. She has worked with the methods and exercises prescribed by Rudolf Steiner for seeing into the supersensible realms and has also trained with Dorian Schmidt, director of the Biodynamic Research Institute. Susan is author of the book “Nature Spirits: The Remembrance“, featured in the Cygnus magazine, Nexus, Star & Furrow, and Caduceus.

Susan is also a singer-songwriter and has produced two CDs entitled “Glittering Cities” and “Ravensong” which are regularly played on local and regional radio stations including the BBC.

Website: susanraven.com

Book Susan mentioned near the end of the interview: Universe of the Human Body: With Gaia Touch Body Exercises

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Transcript of this interview

Interview recorded January 11, 2020

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.