136. Barbara Berger

Barbara BergerBarbara Berger has been a seeker all her life – and all Barbara’s books are based on her life work which has always been to try to find a way out of suffering. Her quest to ease suffering has led Barbara to explore many different pathways and approaches – mental, physical, metaphysical, psychological and spiritual. After leaving the US in the mid-60s in protest against the Vietnam War and settling in Scandinavia, Barbara continued her quest in the 1970s with a passionate interest in the role of food in our mental and physical well-being. When she discovered in the early 1980s that health foods and diet were not enough to ensure true wellbeing, she began to study the science of the mind, the nature of consciousness, metaphysics, and finally traditional spirituality and psychology.

To date, Barbara has written 15 self-empowerment books documenting and presenting the tools and insights she has discovered over the years on her quest. Her books include the international bestseller The Road to Power / Fast Food for the Soul (30 languages), Are You Happy Now? 10 Ways to Live a Happy Life (13 languages) and The Awakening Human Being – A Guide to the Power of Mind. In all her books, Barbara explores and explains the incredible power of mind and how we can use this power wisely to live happy lives right now, regardless of outer events and circumstances. (See a complete list of all Barbara’s books below.)

Barbara’s latest book Sane Self Talk / Remember What’s Important and Live a Happy Life was released in Danish in Denmark in May 2012.

Barbara was born and grew up in the United States but today lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition to English, Barbara speaks Danish and Swedish. Barbara writes all her books in English. Barbara also gives lectures, workshops and courses (with her son Tim Ray) and offers private sessions to individuals who wish to work intensely with her.

Interview recorded 9/2/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

6 thoughts on “136. Barbara Berger

  1. More practical way of looking at “what is stopping you from living in presence” first resolve or achieve that goal… and see whats next!

    Nice interview

  2. Nice talk, coach.
    However, one has to wonder if the guest is awakened or just a good motivational speaker and writer who is very conversant with your garden variety Truths.
    “Ordinary Spiritually Awakened People”? or extraordinarily conversant life coach?
    I guess Rick’s line of work requires interviewing so many guests, its bound to yield many of the latter, perhaps not so many of the former.

  3. it seems that those that build a business model from their spirituality generally get into self help practices, some more than others. Even those like Adya get into the self help/life coach realm pretty heavily at times. The hardcore nondual/advaitan stance of: there is the happening of so called enlightenment via grace and then you are left with your true nature with all its conditioning and preferences and go on with life isnt overly popular in modern day society where humans inherently want self improvement, more happiness and just better ways of managing life. So even when someone may believe they have dissolved the concept of self it seems they are still quite interested in working thru all the conditioning which essentially is self help or psychotherapy. there are some grey areas and in modern day seeking it seems like the quest for so called enlightenment and the concept of self help tend to merge into one adventure or path. anyhow, all of it is simply whats happening or playing out. the interpretation, analysis and stories we create about it all are what gets us off track and stuck in stressful dualistic ways

  4. Dear greese and Heat Seeker,

    It seems to me that your comments represent a rather black-and-white view of the awakening process. As if there are only two options in life. You’re either totally unconscious and identified with the personality or you’re totally awake and totally unconcerned with the personality and the practicalities of daily life. With this view, there are only a few souls who fit into the latter category of being awake and are worthy of note and have something to contribute to human life.

    But the reality is that there is a huge terrain between being totally unconscious and totally awake. And that many of the people who are intensely engaged in the awakening process (although they may not be fully awake like Sri Nisargaddatta) still have a lot of awareness and wisdom to contribute.

    Also, I would question your viewpoint that a realized teacher does not work on and share practical tools for dealing with the challenges of daily life presented by relationships, work and health issues. What about the ancient Eight-Fold-Path of the Buddha or the modern-day Work of Byron Katie? These approaches combine both a deeply spiritual approach with practical tools for daily living. As does Barbara Berger’s approach.

    I would also like to point out that nowhere in her interview or in her book does Barbara claim to be a fully realized master. That is why her book is called ”The Awakening Human Being”, because she honestly acknowledges that she is in the process of awakening.

    Blessings, Tim

  5. Dear Tim,

    I think that there is genuine confusion in spiritual circles about what constitutes awakening..May I say a few words on this…

    What Barbara is describing is the process of ‘seeking’ – perhaps having once had a glimpse of infinite being..This is what usually sets one on the spiritual path..That glimpse can come about through drugs or meditation or just a whole lot of suffering – something called Life….

    What is traditionally thought of as Awakening however, is when a body/mind opens to it’s true nature – and becomes established in the vast tender spacious Silence of Being..

    In that experience which is non-dual in nature – one sees through the ‘I’ness and identifies with something deeper..the Self – the same Self or Presence that is present in all things…It can’t even be termed an experience because there is no one there to experience anything at the point of awakening…just Silent Presence remains..and peace is ever more…Papaji used to call this – The Open Door…

    Then, depending on how much conditioning fell away or was swallowed up in the awakening, there is a de-conditioning process that takes place where everything comes up to be seen and met – but this is not done by a ‘someone’ as that ego/self has been seen through…but rather by Consciousness Itself…

    There is a ‘natural’ falling away during this time of what is no longer needed as we surrender ever more deeply into Love and where in the final surrender, a death experience takes place as even the Witness dissolves into the Absolute..Some call that enlightenment or freedom….

    The time between awakening and enlightenment can be shorter or longer depending on many things – but the Grace of a true teacher can support during that time..so that much karma can be mitigated..

    Beyond that we can talk about the resurrected body coming back down from the mountain to take it’s place in the world – not as a ‘somebody’ but as Love Itself…out of compassion for the suffering of humanity…Divine Mind, not mortal mind, makes the re-entry..to live God’s Will as he deems it..or one can take one’s leave at that point..undetermined as to how that plays out..

    There is further mastery over the bodily level as well as Braco is now demonstrating where one can heal the sick as well as cast out sin (maya) but that aspect is beyond my comprehension to speak of…although this is where my curiosity is aroused these days..

    The process from mortal mind to Divine Mind is our birthright – It needn’t be looked at anymore as something reserved for the few..We can work on our mortal selves and try to fix them forever but now is the time we are being offered a chance to go beyond that…

    Awakening is happening globally and can happen to anyone if only they are willing and ready to jump and let go of whatever beliefs they are holding on to….and allow Grace a point of entry….

    While I completely agree with you that everyone has something to offer and to teach – and Barbara is no exception – – all Greese and HS were saying was that their definition for the term awakening was a bit different…

    Love to you..

  6. Barbara,

    You are a terrific speaker and person! Thanks for your candid nature and your observations. I’m getting your book and I know that it helps to identify all these angles of unlearning and questioning our stories. This spoke very significantly to me! Grace and Peace! Matt

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