673. Anthony Peake

Anthony Peake is the author of 12 books. He has lectured across the UK and Europe and has also given talks in New York and Melbourne, Australia. He has appeared on national television in Germany and France and has been interviewed on numerous BBC local radio stations and nationally on BBC Radio Five Live.

Here are the themes of four of Anthony’s books most relevant to what we discuss in this interview.

  • Is There Life After Death: The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die (2006) Do you occasionally have that strange feeling known as déjà vu? Do you sometimes feel that you know what is going to happen next? Do you ever have a strong feeling that actions you are about to take are the right (or wrong) thing to do? All these perceptions may be everyday clues to your immortality. This book proposes that personal death is a scientific impossibility. Using the latest findings of neurology, quantum physics, and consciousness studies, Anthony suggests that we never die. This book will help you understand the reason for your life and how you can make it better next time.
  • The Daemon: A Guide To Your Extraordinary Secret Self (2008) Appearing in Greek mythology, the Daemon is broadly understood as a guiding spirit which exists as one half of your split self. Anthony proposes that people consist of not one but two separate consciousnesses – everyday consciousness and that of The Daemon, a higher being that seems to possess knowledge of future events. Drawing upon phenomena such as déjà vu and near-death experiences, he explores the ways that our Daemon breaks through into our consciousness and can subconsciously impact upon our decisions. This book draws upon neurology, metaphysics and theology. It also follows the stories of famous figures, including Byron, Geothe, Jean Cocteau, and many others who have “felt a force outside themselves”.
  • The Hidden Universe: An Investigation Into Non-Human Intelligences (2019) From aliens or ghosts to the djinn, electric-voice phenomenon, and UFO abductions, this book is the most comprehensive and enlightening survey ever made of encounters with the “others” – intelligent, self-motivated beings that are clearly not human in their origins. In addition to fully detailing the history of these encounters, the book attempts a bold explanation (never before undertaken) of the true nature of these beings. The book will explore the increasingly frequent entheogen encounters facilitated by substances such as dimethyltryptamine, ayahuasca, 5-Meo-DMT, and LSD, as well as the beings encountered by individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s-related Charles Bonnet Syndrome, young children’s non-corporeal companions, and the seemingly independent beings met during lucid dreaming and near-death and out-of-body experiences. This model proposes that consciousness, far from being simply an accident of evolution, is the actual root source of the material universe. It suggests that at its most basic level everything that is seemingly physical is rendered into existence by consciousness.
  • Cheating The Ferryman: The Revolutionary Science of Life After Death (2022) Is there life after death? This age-old question has plagued humankind from the moment we became self-aware, but do we now have enough evidence to answer it? This book reveals an extraordinary model of life after death—one that brings together ideas from ancient philosophy, neuroscience, quantum physics, and consciousness studies and manages to explain a number of seemingly mysterious experiences such as precognition, déjà vu, synchronicity, near-death experiences, and out-of-body experiences. It is called Cheating the Ferryman. This book is a much-awaited follow-up to Is There Life After Death, which introduced his revolutionary model. Since then, he has amassed more evidence, using new studies by world-leading researchers, theories from the likes of Stephen Hawking, Carl Jung, and Hugh Everette, together with testimonies of NDEs and precognitive experiences that give everyday clues to our immortality. Cheating the Ferryman presents an astounding model of survival after death that is supported by, rather than in conflict with, our present understanding of how the universe works.

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Summary and Transcript of this interview

Interview recorded December 19, 2022

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

YouTube Video Chapters:

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction and Background of Anthony Peake
  • 00:06:34 – Aura States and Migraine Auras
  • 00:11:54 – Synchronicities and the Play of Life
  • 00:17:27 – The Particle Zoo and the Concept of the Tulpa
  • 00:23:37 – The Illusion of a Physical Universe
  • 00:30:36 – The Mystery of the Gaps in the Universe
  • 00:36:35 – A Monk’s Synchronistic Discovery
  • 00:41:23 – The Daemon/Eidolon Dyad and Higher Self
  • 00:46:28 – The Unity of Jiva and Atman
  • 00:52:03 – The Participatory Universe and Gravitational Lensing
  • 00:57:29 – The Speed of Light and Anomalies in the Universe
  • 01:04:10 – Nonlocality: The World’s Greatest Discovery
  • 01:10:32 – The Excavation of Understanding Deja Vu and Near Death Experiences
  • 01:15:38 – Groundhog Life: Living Multiple Lifetimes
  • 01:21:23 – The Concept of Reincarnation
  • 01:27:04 – Assessing the Other Side
  • 01:33:09 – Souls and Higher Beings
  • 01:38:41 – The Creative Power of the Daemon
  • 01:44:20 – Can we escape from free will?
  • 01:50:19 – DMT Entities and Hallucinations
  • 01:56:18 – Doors of Perception: Alzheimer’s and the Wider Perceptual Field
  • 02:02:22 – Telepathic Abilities and Denial in Science
  • 02:06:55 – Sleep Paralysis and the Hag Phenomenon
  • 02:11:57 – Building a Network of Amazing Friends