143. Christine Wushke

Christine WushkeChristine Wushke is a certified yoga and meditation teacher living in Okotoks Alberta Canada. In addition to teaching yoga and meditation classes Christine is also a massage therapist who incorporates a holistic approach to healing the body, mind and spirit of each individual. Christine has been studying the field of energy healing for 20 years and finds the approach to healing a sacred journey of discovery on many levels, both physically as well as spiritually.

Her life, since the age of six, has seen a set of classical spiritual encounters and experiences which have inspired her to shine light on the deeper aspects of life as a fully conscious Divine-Human being. She recently wrote a book called ‘Freedom is your Nature:’ a practical guide to transformation, which delves into the ancient yogic teachings of awakening in a down to earth language easy to follow by any reader.

To read more of Christine’s spiritual writing and mystical poetry go to http://freelyhuman.com. Meditation CD’s can be found on Inner Splendor Media and amazon.com.

Interview recorded 10/21/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. Yes Snowleaopard I find your idea exciting for an Satsang forum enhancement. I am certain this would involve an greater time commitment for Rick or someone to set this up but this is a projection on my part. I sense we are already poised for a hugh shift of galactic porportions just over the consciousness horizon. Batgapia could become an intergral vehicle for its manifestation. Divine intelligence is at work and is unpredictable in its Lila through form.
    Perhaps we can put it forward to Rick and community to see where he/us stand with this.

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