531. Sebastián Blaksley

Sebastián BlaksleyBorn in 1968, Sebastián Blaksley is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, born into a large traditional Catholic family. He attended the Colegio del Salvador, a Jesuit school of which the headmaster was Jorge Bergoglio, the current Pope Francis. Although he wanted to be a monk as a young man, his family did not consider it acceptable, and the inner voice that he always obeyed let him know that: “You must be in the world, without being of the world.” He studied Business Administration in Buenos Aires and completed his postgraduate studies in the United States and Argentina. He also attended other studies in England, followed by several highly responsible positions in well-known international corporations, living and working in the U.S., England, China, and Panama. He then founded his own corporate consulting firm in Argentina that he led for over 10 years. Sebastián has two daughters with his former wife.

At the age of six, Sebastián was involved in a near-fatal accident during which he heard a voice, which later identified itself as Jesus. Ever since he has continued to hear that voice. Sebastián says: “Since I can remember, I have felt the call of Jesus and Mary to live abandoned to their will so that despite my various activities, I always put spiritual and religious reality at the center. I am devoted to my Catholic faith.”

In 2013, he began to record messages from his mystical experiences. In 2016 he miraculously discovered A Course of Love and felt the call to devote himself to bringing it to the entire Spanish-speaking world. In addition, he now receives, transcribes, and shares what the voice of Christ—the voice of love—dictates. Most recently he has received Choose Only Love, a series of seven books, the first of which was published in October, 2019.


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Interview recorded January 4, 2020

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