629. Cate Grieves

Kate GrievesIn January 2015, my mind experienced a huge shift, where I perceived everything as God. In that experience, I had what felt like, a download of knowledge or understanding of the truth. I also felt an inner voice telling me that there was more to be revealed and understood, so I continued to give time to silence so that more could be illuminated. Over the following six months, my mind experienced many deeper understandings, and the teachings of A Course in Miracles were linked up in my mind in a way that I could express them to other students, which seemed to be helpful.

From that inner illumination, I have kept vigilance to ensure that no false ideas enter my mind and distort truth to any student. I was guided to start an online group and share what was illuminated, to anyone that would like to hear.  My main teaching is that our brother is holy and innocent… and in that perception, our mind heals of its belief in sin, guilt, and fear. I teach others how to apply this “Christ Blessing” to all brothers as a way to a clear and happy peaceful mind. What ACIM calls… The Mind of God.

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Interview recorded January 8, 2022

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