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Chris Celine Interview

Rick Archer: Welcome to Buddha at the Gas Pump. My name is Rick Archer. Buddha at the Gas Pump is an ongoing series of interviews with spiritually Awakening people. There have been about 355 of them now. And if this is new to you go to And you’ll see them all categorized and organized in various ways so you can watch previous ones. This show is made possible by the support of previous appreciative listeners and viewers. So if you appreciate it and feel like supporting it, there’s a Donate button on the right hand side. And if you don’t like Pay Pal, there’s a donation page that explains how you can do it in different ways. My guest today is Chris saline. I’m gonna read a little bio that she sent and then we’ll just get right into it. She says my childhood world was one of abuse, repression and terror. This is what I believe the world was about. Until, from the depths of my despair, I began searching for a new way. My conscious spiritual journey began when I was called as a young adult, determined to find new life and freedom from this limited world to a higher quest for the truth and myself. I studied many forms of spiritual practice, including Buddhism, Native American, Judaism and others, and soon became aware that the source of all life is within all traditions. Approximately 15 years ago, I entered into a deep shamanic healing path centered in the heart of Brazil. I remained fully committed and dedicated to my journey in this form for eight years, healing most of the false ideas that I carried through all my lifetimes. After this, I was called to enter several year retreat. During this time, I was guided to enter fully into the teaching of A Course in Miracles. I received the transmission completely through my heart guided by my prayers, intention and deep devotion to be healed of all that helped me prisoner in this temporary illusion. My heart completely melted, and I awaken to the truth of all love. Since my awakening, I have dedicated my life to guide with radical gentleness and complete devotion, all Beloved’s who have a deep desire to come home easily and gently. And you’ll notice that the word gentle and gently appeared several times there, I’ve listened to quite a few hours of fortresses. satsangs, if she calls them that, and I would say that gentleness is probably the one adjective I would use to describe them. There’s a very sweet, gentle feeling about her whole way of teaching, which you’re about to experience. So welcome, Chris.

Chris Celine: Thank you so much. I appreciate it. lovely to be here.

Rick Archer: Good to have you. So we’re probably going to spend most of our time talking about, you know, the knowledge that you have to present but people always like to hear a little bit of the background, and I just read out some of that. What would you like? What’s worth discussing? In your background? You know, from, what would you like to elaborate on in terms of what I just read? Well,

Chris Celine: the, the crux of of the past, was fear. And fear, brought through the belief that what I was experiencing was the totality of, of what was possible, and that the only difference might be that one. One is lucky to have love in their life in in their early years, and that the rest of us were unlucky. And the sense of that life was just terror. It really it really was and I took it into I ran away when I was 18. But I was 18 early, so I was still in high school and ran away. And one of the most significant elements that that occurred was I made a decision. A couple of years after I ran away that I had to completely stop any connection with the beloved who had come as my father. Because if if I continued to be in that energy field, I I would die

Rick Archer: Your father had abusive

Chris Celine: very, he, yeah, it was It was torture, starvation, imprisonment. So, it was, it was a very strong everything, he controlled everything, there was no there was never any allowance of using the phone or having any one personal in the house that was not his choosing. Every word had to be specifically spoken as to follow the rules. So it was everything. The the strange part was is after running away, nothing changed. The nightmares were in my mind. And in the physical energy field also. And it just continued. So the the nightmare just continued. And I made that decision and at least stepped out of the, the basic energy field. I went into therapy for many, many, many years, believing that that was going to at least give me something which it did, it did. It taught me tools that taught me how to communicate, it taught me how to recognize emotions, and you know, those those type of things. But basically, by the time and I was a very good student, I took it very seriously and wanted it to be successful. When I stepped away from therapy, there was still nothing. It was still an empty, vacuous space where only I was the the source of the pain and suffering. So it was really it, I had no choice. I tried to commit suicide many times. The last time I was almost successful, I was about 28 years old. And when I didn’t want it wasn’t successful, I ended up in a mental hospital for their their allotted time that you had to stay, you know for that. But I still I wanted to, I wanted to end my existence every day. And even even through the spiritual journey I I was ready to leave until until I received the message that said you’re wanting to leave is a rebellion against God. Because this is where your remembering is. This is the world that you made through your belief of separation. And this is where the healing will be.

Rick Archer: How did you receive that message and in what form

Chris Celine: it was a voice that was very clear, and was not of my own choosing? Because that was not the message that I would have formulated myself. But

Rick Archer: I’m sorry, I interrupted you before you finish saying that message.

Chris Celine: Oh, no, that’s all right. The message really was be here and completely embrace being here so that you can be healed of the illusion that is in your mind. And I made that commitment to be here and to further devote myself even more deeply to God’s God’s calling.

Rick Archer: Kind of like you signed up for this sister now get on with it. Exactly right.

Chris Celine: The end and also what happened in that in that in that moment was the complete realization that if I did not heal in this lifetime, that I would continue in the same basic way through other lifetimes. And that the only the only answer was to remember

Rick Archer: had you at that point studied some teachings which talked about reincarnation or did you just somehow cognize that this is the way it worked?

Chris Celine: No, I was very I was very connected with past lives. I would see past lives at a certain point it wasn’t like a place of entertainment by any means. But I could see the pattern in every every reincarnation that I was gifted or offered to see, it was always the same. It was pain, suffering, destruction, and, and remorse and hatred of God, and fear of God and fear of the world. And it just continued, you know, it

Rick Archer: was just been a pattern. Pardon me that suicide also been a pattern in those past lives.

Chris Celine: That that was not clear. No, but I was in one past life. I was hanged. You know, most of it was was death and destruction. Yeah. Yeah. So it became pretty clear that they you know, that I might as well be here, give everything because I did not want to redo another lifetime.

Rick Archer: Do you still feel that way now that you this liberation now? Now, you probably think, hey, you know, this is sort of good. I wouldn’t mind contributing in whatever way

Chris Celine: I love every day. I love every day. thing. There’s nothing. No, there’s nothing left of that. That that false identity and that false. Fear of the world and yeah,

Rick Archer: so would you say now that if it’s God’s will for you to have more lifetimes to serve? Oh, whatever way you’re fine with that?

Chris Celine: Absolutely. No, no, it makes no difference. Love is Love is Love is where you are. And form makes makes no difference. Yeah, that’s beautiful. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Okay, so let’s pick up the story from where we were.

Chris Celine: Where were we?

Rick Archer: Well, you had gone through all this therapy, and it was still leaving feeling empty. And you you had been having some past life experiences, and you are apparently aware of some esoteric teachings, but I don’t know if you’ve really talked about how much you practice them, if at all,

Chris Celine: I, I was what I discovered was that I was extremely connected energetically, that I, I had always been for lack of a better term psychic, and actually discovered that even in the insanity, the psychic, psychic abilities, if, if you will, are not discriminatory to your state of wellness. And

Rick Archer: in other words, pretty messed up and have

Chris Celine: already messed up, except that the psychic abilities become distorted through that messed up mind. And actually can really drive somebody crazy. Because of the distortions. I recognize that my grandmother was psychic, I recognize that my mother was psychic. And these Beloved’s were, were in, you know, a very messed up state of mind. And, and so for them, it was it was real. And even for me, in the past, it was it was, it was painful. And confusing. So the, the work that that I went through at that time, if you want to call it work, was really learning through many teachers, that how to stabilize the energy fields and, and use them as love would want them to be used. So it became and then, and then I had more channels, more channels opened within. So I began seeing very clearly what was holding divine Beloved’s back, you know, so I could, and one of my teachers said, who he was, he was just so lovely. He said, the key is that when you look at someone, and you see, you see the distortion in their, in their energy fields, you see the pain that you don’t lock into that and identify anyone through that source, that this is being shown to you so that you can be of service not to either entertain or to know something about somebody and think that you have you have the upper hand in some way.

Rick Archer: Yeah, a few points come to mind from what you just said. One is these teachers that you’re alluding to is Are these are we now in Brazil with the shamanic teachers are you talking about even before that?

Chris Celine: No. And in Brazil and here, and also teachers, I had a beautiful ability, if you want to call it that, which every teacher that I was drawn to whether it was a teacher that had been on this earth plane years before no longer within this earth plane. But all of them, I received their teachings, energetically, I received transmissions from them. So it was as if that teacher was right there with me. And it was so profound, because I would say yes, so deeply that I would, I would really receive their teachings in a transmission that was pure and, and perfect.

Rick Archer: Just before we lose the thread, when you’re talking about people who are psychic, are very sensitive, but who are sort of messed up to use that phrase, and so that their sensitivity gets distorted through that filter. Do you think that like many people, perhaps in mental hospitals, who are having all kinds of crazy hallucinations and hearing voices, and they’re actually picking up on some subtle stuff, but it’s a very occluded filter?

Chris Celine: Yes, because they’re carrying so much pain in themselves and in there, and, and I use, I use the term for that, that they, they, they don’t yet have the spiritual maturity, that will help them because the channel is open, and it’s like a radio, you know, getting at once or something. And they’re, and they’re, yeah, and they’re just overwhelmed by this, this, you know, all of this information and these visions, and yeah, yeah. And it’s, it would be wonderful if in if in mental hospitals, there would be some connection spiritually, so that they could be truly assisted.

Rick Archer: A bunch of that’ll happen one of these days that there would be some pretty highly evolved, people locked up in those situations. There’s certain there’s a certain niche of people who listen to this show, who perhaps maybe they tend maybe to have more of a Buddhist background, or a Zen background, who regard any kind of talk of subtle realms or guides, or any of that stuff as what they call Mako, which means like, delusional fantasy, they, they’re, they’re really cool. They’re cool, the idea of, you know, the absolute or ground of being and that sort of notion, but they, and obviously, they’re cool with the relative world we perceive. But anything in between all this sort of subtle realm stuff seems to them, like just an indulgence in fantasy. And I don’t know if you can say anything that would convince them otherwise. But perhaps just to help put this in a context, how would you address that doubt?

Chris Celine: Well, here’s, here’s what I would first of all, I don’t know that I could convince anyone of anything. But it I had, I have had a even a quite a long time ago. One of my guides was Jesus. Now, this is one of the examples that I use. So obviously, almost everybody knows the story of Jesus when he was walking on the earth. And that his purpose was to demonstrate eternal life. It wasn’t about death. It was about forgiveness, and eternal life, that you can’t die, that the divine spirit is is not capable of dying and the divine spirit is not capable of being changed. The only thing that is going on is the outside form, and the identity that has been developed through agreements and through the belief of separation from the universal love. That was true for Jesus also. So when I say that Jesus was a guide, it’s it’s because there’s no depth. And his his divine energy, which is not separate from this divine energy is of service and constantly and has no limitation to serve. When when a beloved asks for help. It isn’t just informed that it comes it comes from the universe, the universe is love. And it it responds completely to everyone who is saying Help me Yeah, because that opens the door, and it’s never not heard. Now, there are so many layers within every beloved, there’s so many layers of of know, that even when the helped me is finally there, which I call the white flag. Because that’s usually how it is. The white flag says, I’m ready, I’m ready. But there’s so much No, there’s so much fear and so much resistance, that it doesn’t happen instantaneously. Usually. Every once in a while, it’s I’ve said this many times, you know, you can wake up in a nanosecond. What is it that keeps everybody from waking up in a nanosecond? Once you Well, yes, that’s what I want. The only thing that stops it is the resistance from within unconscious resistance. And the the realization hasn’t hit hasn’t come yet that all Beloved’s are living in the past. They’re not living here, because it’s too frightening. It’s too it’s, it’s, it’s so frightening to be in the mind. It’s so frightening to, to come and be present. And you don’t even know how that could be possible because you don’t know that you’re in the past. So it, it’s that it’s that movement into trust, and all of these beloved beings that serve love, that’s temporary. It’s not a it’s not a permanent state. It’s no more permanent than my service, what you would call my service to Beloved’s. It’s temporary. Because in truth, everyone is the light of love. And just hasn’t remembered yet. It doesn’t change them.

Rick Archer: For those listening, incidentally, Chris refers to people as beloved’s, but she referred to her father earlier. And anybody, anytime she refers to somebody, it’s referred to them as a beloved just so people understand your language. So, just just speaking of the help coming? Well, first of all, I just want to say that I’ve done a lot of interviews, and there have been a number of stories in them of people who raised the white flag, as he put it, who at some point, maybe even literally got on their knees and said, I, I am lost here to help help me. And it’s really kind of inspiring and surprising how responsive the universe is. When one reaches that state. It’s as if one if one feels what sort of one can do on one’s own, then the universe is okay, you’re fine, you’re doing it, you’re at least you think you are. So you know, let us know when you’re ready. And then when when a person really makes that entreaty, the response can be quite dramatic.

Chris Celine: Yes, it is. It absolutely is. And it can’t be judged by anybody else’s experience. And the beauty of the wisdom of the universe, is that the wisdom of the universe knows exactly how to reach each beloved, perfectly, if they are willing. Yeah. And it’s the willingness, the willingness is, is our only whether you call it choice or willingness that they’re, they’re very connected. But that’s really all we have, is a willingness because what gets in the way the most is knowing. Knowing is is the complete defense system of separation. Because everything that we know, in our beliefs of separation, everything that we know, is made up. And when we have that call for love, when we say help raise the white flag. That’s where it keeps coming back to unlearning and learning. And the unlearning is just as if not more than the learning and to be able to, to come to a place of humility, and really recognize that this is my defense system. This is all that this is is to defend myself against love. Because it’s so terrifying to open your heart and give yourself elf to everything that is of love and to, to completely release and, and surrender all of the defense systems that have been built, because they are so painful, and they’re not seen as painful, you know, satisfaction, pleasure being right. Success winning, right and wrong, all of it is it’s, it’s it, it’s camouflaged, it’s camouflaged purposefully, so that it doesn’t look like fear. It doesn’t look like pain. And, and so it’s held as, as a high standard of success within the world. And it all it all it does is block, I, you know, there was a teaching that I received quite a long time ago, I was told by someone that, that I had to, I had to build a better ego in order to have it torn down. Because I wouldn’t be able to, with my weak ego, to stand withstand the, the destruction of my self identity. And I began really asking, how is that possible? Is that possible that I need a better ego? And I was shown so clearly, no, I had a great ego. I had a superb ego, I had built one of the best egos, because it was it was an ego that was based on pain and suffering that I could stand against anybody in my in my pain and suffering. So that ego was really strong, just as strong as anybody’s, and that there really is no difference in good egos, bad egos, strong egos, weak egos, it’s all just the belief that you’re separate from love.

Rick Archer: But let’s, let’s explore that for a minute. Because I know the point that that person said to you, which is that if a person is really psychologically unstable, or shattered, or just, you know, really kind of discombobulated mentally, then they may not then a teaching that attempts to dismantle what ego they have may be injurious to them or might be dangerous, you know, might might destabilize them further. And so, you know, it’s advocated by people who say this sort of thing to, like, kind of get your act together achieve some sort of psychological integrity or health and then you can talk about, you know, going beyond that,

Chris Celine: that that’s a separate category. Okay. Really, and and even even there, there there are, there are so many Beloved’s but they only can find that for themselves really. But there’s so many Beloved’s who are are longing for the truth. And here’s what’s missing in the psychological profile. It is that in healing it is all truly miracles it’s not self it’s not done by yourself at all. It’s not done by you at all really, you’re just showing up the wisdom of the universe the wisdom of God is not going to destroy a beloved to to so that they have a chance to be you know, recognizing their truth every single healing that I received was was brilliant. was perfect for this healing because that is the wisdom of of love itself. And so yes, you may be able to push somebody into something but really those that that deep healing is so perfectly orchestrated that there is no there’s no fear of anything and there’s no destruction even though it can feel like destruction. But it Yeah, the the deep deep healing is not going to just habits way without the awareness of what every beloved truly needs to be helped on their their Our own journey.

Rick Archer: Yeah, yeah. There’s an underlying assumption here, which actually stated fairly explicitly, but which we might want to dwell on for a minute, which I very much resonate with, which is that, you know, the universe is definitely not dumb mechanistic material, you know, rock and stuff. It’s, it’s just sort of, totally brimming with intelligence, saturated, permeated with with intelligence, and that Intel, and not just in a sort of a, an amorphous oceanic sense, where it’s just vast intelligence, but it’s also intelligence that expresses itself in a variety of ways, infinite variety of ways. But I should probably let you get from here. But but let’s let’s Why don’t you talk just a little bit about the the notion that the universe is intelligent, and that there are various agents or expressions of that intelligence, which have various functions and perhaps, various jurisdictions, degrees, like you mentioned, Jesus, he could be thought of as maybe a general in this army of the universe, whereas maybe others are privates and others colonels or corporals or whatever, just different degrees of spheres of influence, we might say.

Chris Celine: There may be that I have never noticed, actually a hierarchy. All love is maximum. And so every every guide that I had, and I had many, many guides, they would, they would kind of take, you know, the one would come in, one would leave when, depending on what the guidance was for, and what was being called to be remembered. At that time. It’s almost like having going to college and having professors in all different types of courses, but they’re not, they’re not less or more of each other. They’re they, they are helping in specific, specific ways. So I have I’ve never noticed any hierarchy at all really even even in the it’s easy to it’s easy to get to see it that way, I believe, but I never saw it that way. I never experienced it that way. The for example, the the relationship with the Divine Mother, you know, it the divine mother’s aspects are are vast and and diversified. You have Kuan Yin, you have, you know, you have Shiva, you have you have all of these elements of, of the Divine Mother,

Rick Archer: she was, you know, locked into your Parvati or whatever.

Chris Celine: Yeah, and all of these different all of these different beings that have served love, and continue to serve love, are equal, in all, the truth of love, because there’s no, there’s no duality, for sure. In the sight of love, and so if there is an equality, let’s say, you’re in, let’s say, you’re you’re taking a swim in a river. And you and you dive underneath the water, and you hear the voice of, of the Divine Mother. So in is that a lesser voice than the Divine Mother that carries the the the universal message of peace and harmony and and comfort and healing? No, it’s exactly the same. It’s just taken a different aspect and come into that water and is the water itself. And, and responds to whoever is willing to meet that, that beloved spirit?

Rick Archer: I guess the reason I wondered is that, you know, I know people who perceive guides, I mean, I have a friend who perceives them routinely, just so there’s usually a little cluster of them around every single person and but it would seem like there are some who must have a, you know, who would have a broader kind of connection, connection or realm of responsibility. And then they talk of, you know, Gaia for instance, the the intelligence that abides in the earth, for whom the Earth is the body or, you know, Surya for whom the sun is the body and so on. And it would seem that those are kind of bigger beings were more more. Yeah, something rather like that.

Chris Celine: Well, they may be, but but it it’s a disservice. I see it this way. way that it can be a disservice to categorize love, you know, because let’s say, you, you have that, and then you’re thinking, Okay, this is a, this is a, I’m moving up. Because my guides are getting bigger. That’s a disservice to yourself to believe that that that there is a hierarchy and that way, it may not be that it may be that they have that they have particular roles that they that they fulfill. But, but if you know, let’s put it this way, let’s say you’re you’re walking down the street, and a dog shows up and starts walking with you. And you realize that something something is why is this, this dog is walking with me. And there, if you’re open, if you’re willing, there’s there’s a, there’s a beautiful connection there. And that being can be bringing you a teaching Oh, yeah, we don’t know,

Rick Archer: you mentioned Shiva, there were stories of both Shankara and Yudhishthira, who was the hero of the Mahabharata, in which a dog started walking along with them. And it was, it was a test for them. And it turned out that the dog was actually Shiva, taking that form, and he was testing to see how they would respond to the dog, you know, how they would treat it, and so on.

Chris Celine: Right. So it’s everything is offering a teaching. Yeah. And in that way, everything is the being of love. And, and can use all forms, and does use all forms with your permission, that that also speaks to healing, which there’s a beautiful teaching that says, The spirit of love, knows no bounds and, and will let me see if I can say it correctly, that you, you will always be taught. And if you allow everything to be used in your life, you know, but it but it’s the surrender of your life. It’s the surrender of each situation. It’s the surrender of the moment, and the openness of that of saying, teach me, teach me I’m I’m, I’m available, I this is what I want. And, and the lessons come in everything. If if every beloved would win when anything occurs, anything, let’s say the other night, we had a fan that was running during a teaching. And several Beloved said, turn off the fan, let’s turn off the fan because of the noise. And I there wasn’t a yes to turn off the fan. And the real reason is, is because that fan was not there because of annoyance of noise. It was there as a teaching for anyone who was disturbed by it to to go beyond the disturbance that was being made in the mind. And, and really open to what was just being present.

Rick Archer: We’re discussing the point that the universe is intelligent. In fact, it can be argued that it’s nothing but intelligence just in different forms. And if we’re open to it, I guess I guess one way of putting it in your view, this is not only is an intelligence, but the intelligence has almost as benign motivation that wants our robot wants evolution and wants higher and higher expressions of itself and through our forms. And and if we’re cooperative then it was to finish my sentence.

Chris Celine: Well, I would, I would say that it is the, the Divine Love of the universe that we are and our our call for for help, which is is within us and may not not be necessarily expressed verbally, but it’s in our if you want to call it the soul, the spirit and that spirit is calling and calling for that love to show up. What we have to do in that acceptance is to not judge the form that it comes in. You know, there’s a beautiful joke that I remember hearing almost the beginning of the spiritual journey which was a Someone sitting in meditation, I’m sure you’ve seen it and saying, Give me Give me all the greatness of the universe, but I don’t want my life to change. And that is that that’s the joke. That’s the cosmic joke, because each moment is that opportunity. I, I will say to that, you know, because of the, the illusion, which is all temporary Enos, you know, it changes, shapes, changes, changes, vibrations, changes, whatever. And everything that is temporary, is can be surrendered to be used, even though it actually has no value, so to speak on its own except the value that’s given to it. It’s it can be used for a higher purpose. And then in that it transforms everything that that is in your life into love itself.

Rick Archer: There’s a story I was telling one of your meetings where, where, you know, this is farmers living in China, let’s say it’s horse escapes, and it’s friends to go it’s terribly averse escape in the pharmacy, school sick. And then the next day, the horse comes back with a whole bunch of wild horses and walks into the corral. So these Richards got all these horses, the neighbors say, that’s great, you’re rich, and he says, we’ll see. And then it’s some of this training, whether the horse is trying to ride it, and he breaks his leg. And so how you run the farm now your son broke his leg, it’s terrible, we’ll see. And then they say, you know, some army comes to town recruiting all the young men, but his son can’t go because he broke his leg.

Chris Celine: And that’s it, you know, it’s neither good nor bad. It just is. And using it for love is the only real purpose of it. Yeah. And it’s the, the universe is completely benevolent. And everything else is just coming from the fear that that gets generated through the belief of separation, the belief that you are alone, the belief that you are without so what do

Rick Archer: you say to somebody who hears you say the universe is completely benevolent, and they just didn’t know it nice when that truck club through all those people are in the middle of one of these mass shootings or something tragic happens now. It seems so kind of airy fairy to zero universities, no, but when you’re hit with something like that, but he says,

Chris Celine: Well, you know, that’s always that’s always the Eagles first place to go is to the the unexplainable disaster, but it isn’t really unexplainable. We, we create, we make our lives and, and we’ve, we can see this with many, and it’s not about anyone being less or more. But when there is a universal consciousness being held of battle, and war, and, and, and bringing it down to the the basics, when you’re irritated with someone, when you have a little irritation, and you decide that they are not doing what you want them to do, or behaving as you want them to behave. That that hatred is the same hatred. And every beloved has the calling within them to bring to learn the truth of who they are, which is love what they are love, and to bring that love into every aspect of their personal life. And that is transformation. Those Beloved’s that that were killed. First of all, in truth, they didn’t die. They did not die. They left their bodies and their their divine, their divine essence continues in their journey. We don’t know why they were there, and what that was in their belief system, but it isn’t God’s will for them to suffer and it isn’t God’s will for anyone to suffer, including the families of those Beloved’s but, but the most the most liberating essence of that is that they are still those Beloved’s and that they are here they’re not gone someplace they are completely one with the universe. And there is no death. Can someone except that that has that has that kind of brief? Probably not? Probably not. But at some point the grief is starts to dissipate, and, and comfort can be received. And it is, it is absolutely the truth of comfort to realize that there is no death, I, I just was given the the gift of and I’ve done this many times, to be with a beloved, who was part of the community here. And in his passing. And the gift of that is the the willingness for that people to, to leave, to leave peacefully, with, with courage and with with the realization that he was not dying. And that we would not be separate, that I would the eye of the eye would walk with Him forever, because there’s no separation. I’ve often said jokingly, that the reason we are learning to love is because we will be with everyone. And for for all eternity, not as a conscious state, but as the oneness of love itself. So we we’re here to learn to love.

Rick Archer: And is this is another one of those things don’t know if you can convince somebody. But how does one go from hearing this as a nice belief, but that they have that they can’t believe, to having this to having the certainty and that you have?

Chris Celine: All you have to do is walk in my past.

Rick Archer: Yeah, which it which was your past and not anybody else’s past? Right?

Chris Celine: It’s, well, that’s true, but but I was healed. I was set free by the benevolence of love itself. I showed up. I was willing. I had one teacher that that said of me, which was really a surprise. Somebody was complaining because I seem to be understanding things more deeply than then they were I guess. And this teacher said, I’ll tell you why she’s where she is because she never stops. Because she She’s She’s devoted to remembering because she doesn’t want to live this past again. And, and that is a great impetus. It truly is. But the the whole element is I did not heal myself. There’s no way that I could untangle the insanity and the pain and the suffering that I held so firmly as my right. I could not have healed that. There’s there’s not a possibility that that could be healed without intervention without the universe and and the calling of that power, the calling of that healing. I’ve never I have never, not for a second believed that this was something that I did. There’s no it’s not possible. And I’m not saying that someone can’t wake up in in 10 minutes. Yes. Someone can. Absolutely we don’t know, the past lives that lead to that. We don’t know. You know, how that’s possible. But it’s, yeah, I there was nothing that I and I know that this was true. Because the The truth is that there’s nothing that I haven’t touched in the world of pain and suffering. There’s no emotion that I haven’t felt there is no, there is no hatred that I haven’t carried. There isn’t there isn’t one. There wasn’t one cell in this in this identity that wasn’t filled with hate. I I’m gonna go back here for a second just to affirm this. When I was about 16 I came extremely close by just I don’t know what stopped it. But I was going to murder my father. I had the knife in my hand. And I know that with if if we would have been a family that had guns. Either I would have been dead or he would have been dead way way before that. So Something stopped me from murdering him. But the but the hatred, the poison of that wanting to to cause not only death, but but I wanted to inflict pain, there is nothing that that matches that, that, that, that pain within that poison. And that that belief in that poison in that hatred in that fear was what had to be healed. And it had to be healed through incredible resistance at times, because when you build a defense system that you believe is keeping you alive, you don’t give it readily. You don’t surrender it readily, and you don’t let go of your defenses readily. But faith in the teachings of truth is what opens the door. When when I would read the, the teachings of different masters. They were all exactly the same. It didn’t matter if it was a Buddhist, it didn’t matter if it was if it was Ramakrishna it didn’t matter what, where it came from. They all they all spoke to the same, the same truth. And the faith in that is what heals. Because you have to have faith, you have to be able to do the bungee jump, you have to be able to, to become undefended and not and no longer be at the effect of anything on the outside.

Rick Archer: There’s an interesting paradox here, because on the one hand, you know, seek and you shall find knock on the door shall be open. I mean, every teacher says, go at it with great zeal. The more ardent your search, the more you know, likely the result or the more quick The result will come. And yet on the other hand, success comes from surrender. Yeah. So how do you reconcile that paradox?

Chris Celine: The willingness, the willingness has to be there so that the door can be opened that little bit of a crack. So that so that healing can occur? Because you’re when you have willingness, you’re saying Come in, come in, come into into my world come into my my insanity and help me because I can’t I can’t undo this insanity. It’s too entrenched. So that the help is is is I if someone can do it without help. I am unhappy for them. But it certainly wasn’t it wasn’t what I I walked through.

Rick Archer: Yeah, it’s I think it’s a point worth belaboring just a little bit in others that saying pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, which of course you can’t do if you try to pull your bootstraps and lift yourself up off the ground, you’re not going to do it. But it’s interesting to just ponder the mechanics of awakening, and whether it’s something that actually results from an application of individual effort or a relinquishment of individual effort.

Chris Celine: It’s both to certain extent, but mostly relinquishment. relinquishment is I there’s nothing to know. There’s nothing to hold on to. I have no idea. What’s next. I have no idea how this would happen. I have no idea what is occurring. But I’m here. I’m here. I’m meant to Yes. I say yes to love. Because I know that that that’s the only thing that I know. But I don’t even know that. That love is the truth of the universe. And that’s en en. The willingness is, is everything. And it doesn’t have to be a lot. The little willingness is, and this is a fine study, as one of my teachers would say a very fine study. The little willingness opens that door. All you have to do is find a little because if if it were more than it would be a setup. You have to you have to get to a certain point before you can even have willingness. Know the little willingness is is in everyone and it’s it’s a light that is this. The light of the of the sun, that is within each Beloved, and and finally you touch into that little willingness. And, and transformation begins. Yeah, sometimes it takes a long time, but it’s, but it’s there.

Rick Archer: And there are examples of that in different traditions, too. I mean, the grain of mustard seed in the Bible, and there’s a verse in The Gita, which says, even a little of this Dharma really delivers from great, or maybe it’s a little of this knowledge removes great fear. But I bet you we could find it in almost every tradition where just take a step just a little bit.

Chris Celine: A little bit. Yeah. Because, and that’s the, that’s the place that is so exquisite, because you can never be truly I mean, you can be disillusion, but, or, or worried that you don’t have enough. But it really is just the little willingness. There was a time when I was in the throes of, of pain and suffering. And I was laying on my bed crying, crying, crying, and I was crying because I wanted an outcome that was particular in that moment. And I was talking to God saying, I’ve been so good. I have tried so hard. And why can’t you give me this? Why can’t I have this? It’s so important to me. And somewhere within came the little willingness, and, and my prayer said, I stopped. And all of a sudden, my prayer was, don’t listen to that. I’m a little willing. I’m a little willing, that that you that, that the universe God, that you know, what’s best for me? You know, what is going to help me the most? And I don’t know. I don’t know. But I’m a little willing. And from then on, it was the little willingness. That’s nice. Yeah.

Rick Archer: You said that thing earlier about not knowing. And while you’re saying that, I was thinking, well, maybe that means certain kinds of knowing and not others. For instance, if you’re a mathematics teacher, you don’t show up in class one day and say, Well, I’m on a spiritual path now. So I forgotten all my mathematics. You still know that stuff, but you’re talking about a different kinds of things that we would not be adamant about our knowledge.

Chris Celine: Not really, it’s, it’s the professor who’s the math professor that can still teach what he knows. But he knows he doesn’t know. He knows that this is not part of, of his his truth. He knows that this is just in this world, what he’s offering. And he has the opportunity through that, through that knowing if you want to call it that, that he’s offering love, if he chooses to anybody, you know, anybody who’s a teacher can either teach can teach the world or it can teach love, and bring, bring whatever, whether it’s math or not, what you deliver, it can be love. And then it’s in service of love. But it’s no longer yours, the pride of that Beloved’s relationship to his math, awareness, if he has pride, that’s his prison, if he has, if he is trying to get ahead through that, knowing it’s his prison, if he’s if he’s lost in the identity of that, that his professorship gives him an identity of worth. He’s in prison. And that knowing doesn’t, you know, but the knowing that he has of his math skills can be surrendered also and use for love. And then he’s free, much more deeply, because he’s no longer attached to the, the persona that he’s developed as a math teacher. He’s no longer hooked into proving his worth.

Rick Archer: That’s a good answer. I saw some YouTube video the other day of this guy who is maybe it’s part of a group who is trying to get people to lighten up in terms of the political divisive pneus in this country, and the title of it was I’m right and you’re an idiot, you know, which is basically what both sides are saying in the political debate. And but there’s this sort of rigid adamant certainty of you know, my correctness your your idiocy, and it seems to me that we could all get along a lot better if we just held all that a little bit more loosely. And

Chris Celine: yeah, well, yeah. You know, to me, It’s the opportunity to see these Beloved’s that are, you know, engaged in this at whatever level, you know that that none of this is their reality. This is not the reality of who they are or what they are, and there’s no difference between Donald Trump and, and Hillary Clinton. Those are just names, these, they they aren’t remembering yet that they are the light of God, and that they are love itself and that everything that’s being put into division is, is a game of of worth, and trying to trying to win. And there’s there’s nothing to win. But to

Rick Archer: be more accurate to say that superficially there are differences between all kinds of things, but deep down, deep down, it’s all the same deep down. We’re all one at our standard.

Chris Celine: Absolutely, yeah, the personality is what’s been developed, the identity, the past everything, it’s not who they are, right, it’s just their version of separation. And some look more separated than others. But it’s still all, it’s all a call for love. So the call to return, and everyone that is watching them has the same, the same calling, you know, to not judge them by their actions and their beliefs that they’re portraying. Because they are they are the light of of love itself.

Rick Archer: I would say don’t judge, but vote. Before we run out of time, I bet you there’s some interesting things to talk about with still with regard to your journey, like that whole thing in Brazil studying with shamans did that involve entheogens, such as Ayahuasca? Or was it did it? Yeah. Would you like to give us a few nuggets of that whole episode in your life?

Chris Celine: Well, it was a very beautiful, beautiful journey. I have no idea how I got there. I I’ve said this many times, it was like I was because I had I was actually I had panic attacks for 10 years. And I was still having panic attacks when I went to Brazil. And I have no idea how I got there. I was like, put in a bubble of some kind that could get me to Brazil, because I didn’t I didn’t go on planes for all those 10 years, or driving cars with other people and things like that. So

Rick Archer: you obviously got on a plane to go there.

Chris Celine: I did. I was put in a bubble of some kind and made it there. And

Rick Archer: you weren’t even consciously you don’t even remember buying a ticket and getting on a plane. I

Chris Celine: remember buying a ticket but i i You know, I had Beloved’s that would say to me, friends, you know, that would say, what are you gonna do? And I? And I had no like, oh, no, I’m just going, I’m just come just going. And it was it was a remarkable journey. And I and my, my main teacher was, was there. And the reason that he became my main teacher was because he, he just exuded he, his whole being was love, and, and peace. And I had never, I had never experienced someone being peaceful, I had never experienced that, that that place of non judgment, that was so, so beautiful and so pure. So, it took me I, I followed and I learned and I, I learned, I tell you what I learned the most I learned the most about self discipline, I learned the most about for what what I call firmness, in truth where I would be tempted so so so so often to let the mind run or let you know, let my old patterns have their way. And the firmness was no, this is not of God. I am not. I am not allowing this to be my master anymore. And really, really surrendering to the master of of love itself. Yeah. But it was like a really fast track of surrender.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And then after that you came back and you did a retreat. For a couple of years and and God Yeah. And I worked in miracles,

Chris Celine: I wasn’t there. I wasn’t in Brazil the whole time back. And I was, yeah, I only went a couple of times to Brazil. But the rest of the time I was here but studying the same, the same teachings and yeah, then yeah, and then I went into what I call the soft seclusion, which was called for at sea. And this is a perfect example, when I was called to go into what I call soft seclusion, which only means that I still had to go to the grocery store, I still had to use the phone. And you know, but for most of the time I was with just the inner inner peace. So that the whole, when I was called to go into soft seclusion, I freaked I absolutely freaked out. Because I, and of course, it hit me exactly in the right place. I was terrified of being with me, the idea of being with me was absolutely horrendous. And what I began seeing was that my entire life had been spent, like an addict, always being with others to make sure that I was that I could be referenced through somebody else. So here it was, I was being called to go into this seclusion, and the terror was just took over. I saw myself in a meditation, I saw myself in a empty house. And being like two or three years old, it wasn’t true. It was just a metaphor, but of being in this empty dark house, sitting in the middle of the floor with no buddy ever there. And that was my fear. That was the fear. And through that seclusion. Not only did I open to deeper teachings Yeah, yeah. But, but it was, it was freedom. And it was it. And I met, I met the divine within through that, through that. Through that trust, and through that aloneness, that solitary pneus I met, I met the the love with him, and nothing else was needed. Now, in that, it’s also the learning to offer love so completely, that there’s because, because that’s all that there is, there’s nothing to get everything is the offering of love. And, and that is where all the love expands, constantly expanding, because love expands. But you have to find that you have to find the love that is waiting to be met within. And it’s it’s there.

Rick Archer: It’s interesting how you, you knew what you had to do. And you did what you had to do, even though you’re terrified of doing it. But somehow deeper calling or something. Yeah. enabled you to soldier on and do it. Yeah.

Chris Celine: Well, when I was when I would receive direction, which I received. It was always obedience. It was obedience to the calling to whatever was asked of me next, because because it’s what I wanted. If you hold at the center of your being of what you truly want, then you keep coming back to that point. What is it that I truly want? I want to be free. I want to remember I want to learn the truth of love. And then you give yourself to whatever is called for because how would I know? What was what was best for me? All I could do was base it on something in the past. That was my only knowing. So it was always that surrender of take me. Show me, I’m willing.

Rick Archer: Yeah, it’s the highest first and a phrase, I suppose you could say. What was highest? And you made that the priority? Yeah.

Chris Celine: So when I did all I will say also that I didn’t always I didn’t know that it was the highest. I just knew that that’s what I was supposed to go to. And maybe there was an interpretation that could have been saying this is the highest good. And it probably was, but it was still the unknown. I didn’t know where I was going with it.

Rick Archer: But it’s cool that you had that intuitive guidance or almost almost intuitive certainty that this is the way I gotta go and you know, and it got to be pretty but this is what happened. Do you just,

Chris Celine: you know, and it isn’t it isn’t pretty. And it isn’t necessarily easy. When I when I, I stepped away from the shamanic path at that point. And all that I could hear was the teaching for me that said, You cannot leave love. You are not leaving anyone. You are they are you know, there’s there’s no love loss there is no there’s no separation here. Every beloved is still the beloved in my heart. And, and nothing is lost. And and I and it was that was a teaching in and of itself that I couldn’t leave love it not in any way.

Rick Archer: Yeah, well you know, if you want to fly from Ashland to Myrtle Beach, you’re probably going to have to change planes several times. But it’s not like you’re giving up the journey. It’s like each plane has its value is essential and making the entire journey.

Chris Celine: And I am what I what I came to see actually in in that relinquishment was that I couldn’t wake up where I was because of certain certain intentions or certain beliefs or whatever, but that I had to step away and and come into that solitary truth within

Rick Archer: like you taking that vehicle as far as it was meant to take you. And that was time to get in a new vehicle. Yeah. And so the Course in Miracles, did you just study the traditional course in miracles? Or did you somehow have your own download of the course

Chris Celine: I had? Well, both. Both I, as soon as I opened it, and I will, I’ll tell you a funny story with this that I had a friend who who came to a shamanic ritual. And after the shamanic ritual, we were in a group kind of processing. And she said, what I’ve realized is that through through this ritual that I realized that my path is, is the Course in Miracles. And in my arrogance, I was sitting there thinking, that’s not a path. That’s a book you know, doesn’t have any rituals. It doesn’t have any, you know, there’s no, there’s no incense, there’s no whatever. And, and when, when I was called to the, to the Course in Miracles, I couldn’t stop laughing. Because here I was after that arrogant, that was a statement that I’d made many years before, but it came right back at me to, to see the humor in my thinking that I knew something. When I when I started with the course, as soon as I, as soon as the first words were there, it was, I was aware of this transmission. The transmission from Jesus was really clear. And, and I, I dove in as I had always dived into whatever I dove in, and, and I had a beloved say, one time, I’ve been studying the course for 15 years, and you’re talking in ways that I don’t get. And it was just the depth of my, of my embracing the teachings and, and the opening through the transmission.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I mean, there are certain books, which we could probably read all of our lives, and it’ll continue to become a new book each time we read it as we grow, because the book has so many so much vertical

Chris Celine: facets. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Rick Archer: And so then you say, you know, I guess it was sort of after this course, in miracles phase or during it, I received the transmission completely through my heart and guided by my prayers, intention, and deep devotion to be healed of all that helped me prisoner in this temporary illusion. My heart completely melted. And I awaken to the truth of all love. So and yeah, you said since my awakening, so on and so forth. So it sounds like that was really the watershed moment there.

Chris Celine: Yes, it was. And it was, it was not. In hindsight, it was, it was perfectly orchestrated, but at the time, it was, you know, one moment was, I’m completely lost. And then the next moment, everything’s gone.

Rick Archer: So it was that abrupt, like, you could mark it on the calendar. It Well, it

Chris Celine: was and yet, you know, the, it’s hard, it’s so difficult to talk about it in words, because at the same time, there was a, a movement of deepening, deepening, deepening, deepening, and freedom, freedom freedom that was occurring. So it isn’t an N A one moment and yet they’re both there. And, and even after, after that, that The dramatic element was being in the world and learning to ground, this love into the world itself. And I had many lessons there too. Because it, it was about learning the ways of the world without being in it. You know, and it really was, and it wasn’t, it was still the journey of love and learning. And I yeah, I continued to learn how to be in this world and and not have it

Rick Archer: seems like it’s a lifelong enterprise. Do you feel like well, on that note, do you feel like there is a sort of a finality in your experience? Or is it a continual deepening clarification and learning to bring it into the world integration or stabilization, whatever you want to whatever words you want to use?

Chris Celine: It, doesn’t it? No, it’s It’s, there’s all everything is just present. It there’s nothing, there’s nothing else I had a beloved that asked me how I was feeling. And was asking for before after how he you know, like that. And, and I said, I have nothing to say. Every moment is, is itself. It’s not I don’t carry an identity from moment to moment. And assessing it. I have no, I have, there’s nothing to hold on to. So I can’t say that I’m better today than I was yesterday and some physical way it it doesn’t have any purpose. No, it

Rick Archer: doesn’t have that much physical way. Like you just coughed. You said you’d had laryngitis the other day. So you can be worse today than you were yesterday or the day before. Yes, but

Chris Celine: I don’t notice it. I really don’t I because there’s not an assessor that is making that be right or wrong or good or bad or anything. It just so I don’t I don’t remember the last week. Interesting. Whether of what what it meant or anything else it was just every day is just, just love.

Rick Archer: That’s nice. So in other words, you feel so present, that you couldn’t really say that Well, ever since this awakening, whatever year that was, there’s been such and such a sort of growth or maturation or whatever, there’s just presence, presence presence. It’s really hard to quantify it.

Chris Celine: It is it doesn’t have any, any any way to there’s no way to hold it. Have anything. I had a beloved say to me, ah, it because he was he was looking at the part of being awake. And he says, I think I see it. He says you don’t care. Which is true. And you’re not you there’s no there’s no temptation. There’s there’s nothing of of time or space that that is tempting. It when when you’re in when you’re in love, there’s there’s nothing else Now does that mean that I can’t make a sandwich? Or, or take a bath? Or, you know, no, of course, but it’s all love. And it’s not personal. If there’s no personal pull to anything. It’s what is and what shows up and serving serving that.

Rick Archer: Do you feel that? That you have lost all semblance of a sense of personal self? Or is it somehow that the personal self is there but in a much larger context or what?

Chris Celine: I don’t it’s not the feeling of it’s there in a larger context. No, it’s just a I just doesn’t it’s not. It’s not here. It’s there’s nothing to hook with. That’s so you met Judith? Yes, Judith Judith used to be asked when when we would travel quite a bit to do SOT songs in different locations. And Beloved’s in those would pull her aside and say Is she Oh is like this? What do you see? That’s, that’s different. And, and Judith would say, I’ve been waiting for years. And I’ve never seen any disturbance Any, any, anything that is, you know, not in alignment. There’s it’s only love that’s not easy to live with sometimes. But, but there’s nothing else there.

Rick Archer: Yeah, but obviously if Judas comes in the room and says, Hey, Chris, you turn your head, there’s some, some sort of response from this location as opposed to, or if you stub your toe, you know, put some pain is felt in this mind body system? Not in Judas toe. You know, I mean, so I’m just, I’m kind of wrestling with this. I’ve talked to a number of people about it. I’ll be talking to more, because I will go ahead. I’ve talked too much right, now you go ahead and respond.

Chris Celine: Well, the stubbing the toe, yeah. It’s not, there’s no carrying, that’s the key. It just, it’s just the toe is stubbed.

Rick Archer: But you know, what you’re feeling the pain not some guy in China, me, you know, that. It’s your,

Chris Celine: that may be but actually from for the most part, I don’t feel that much pain either. I don’t consider it to be pain, it’s, it’s a sensation, I had a lot of pain in the past, from the the childhood abuse and a lot of damage, physical damage. I turned, I turned to Ramakrishna because he was he was definitely one of my teachers. And I asked, I wanted through his, through his own healing that he received from, you know, because he was, he had throat cancer. I said, please show me the way to release this belief in pain, because it can’t be the truth. And, and I was shown and released all of the pain that it didn’t mean that the body was healed. So Ramakrishna showed me, showed me how to rise through the pain and see it only as sensation, and that that sensation was not, did not have an identity with it. And, and it, it was freedom. It was freedom and not because the body works better. But because it’s it just isn’t identified with.

Rick Archer: Yeah, it’s an interesting thing. And it’s a hard thing for people to understand who aren’t actually experiencing it. I mean, and I don’t want to belabor it, because it’s, it’s like, I sent it a point about this to a friend the other day, and she said, he’s still chewing on that bone. And, you know, I tend to chew on bones until there’s nothing left. Until I really get it, you know, but I think to a great extent, it’s just gonna have to be something that it’s yeah, one experiences.

Chris Celine: Yes. Yeah. And it’s hard to explain how that’s even possible, because I just I entered and asked to be shown, and I was shown not through like a graph, or, you know, but but within? Yeah, yeah.

Rick Archer: Well, um, I’m sure that you know, you and I could continue on for hours talking about this and that, but we’re not going to do that. So, what is there that you would like to convey to people that we may not have touched on yet that you want to be because 1000s of people watch this. So, this is a good opportunity for you to just say, whatever you want to say.

Chris Celine: If I could in any way, not convince, but offer, that healing is completely possible. That remembering is just so close. And, and not to, not to give up on that, on that, that journey. And and if if at all possible, that every beloved surrenders their knowing, the knowing of the past, and the and the willingness to step into not knowing, just allowing that you will not be left without you will not be left without there is the benevolence of the universe that is completely yours. is completely yours. And nothing ever is on the side of God that is being held from anyone. It’s all it’s all from within that we that we stop. And it just doesn’t need to be. Because this is all that we’re here for. We we’re not here to make a good identity, we’re here to remember, this is the, this is the circumstances that we made, that now we’re walking through. And it’s all for, it’s all for remembering. It’s only true purpose. You know, when beloved say to me, I want to, I want to have to make a difference in this world, I want to do something, yes, then do something. But the main thing that you can do to serve humanity is to remember the truth of love. That is that’s at the center of everything, and it diminishes every other every other sense of accomplishment, because your accomplishment is only in the remembering of your true divine, perfect, innocent nature.

Rick Archer: And do you have a prescription for that? I mean, you yourself have been through probably a dozen different phases of spiritual quest that we’ve talked about. What do you do now with people you know that come to you? Do you send them to Brazil? Or do you have? What do you what do you do to help them realize the truth?

Chris Celine: Yeah, I was called to burn open a path that has no connection to, you know, sometimes somebody will say, Well, is this connected to this path? Or this path? No, it’s not. And not because all paths aren’t perfect. But this is a particular path that I was called to burn open, that focuses completely on Learning To Love, and the gentleness and the kindness of that of that personal journey. It’s not it’s it doesn’t mean mean, just because it’s gentle and kind, that it isn’t a squeeze, because it is a squeeze. But it’s, it’s there for anybody.

Rick Archer: So each teacher has their own style or, you know, their their own way of operating. So you as a teacher, would you say that gentleness and kindness are your Hallmark?

Chris Celine: Probably, yeah. Yeah. And also the consistency that nothing ever changes. There’s no, there’s no kind of awake, that you can still have your personality irritations and having mood swings and anything else. There’s, there’s just nothing. And that’s, that’s what gets recognized. And then and then it’s transmitted through that. That is, that’s also the reflection. It’s who you are. It’s what you are, you are that kindness you are, you are that light, you are that innocence, the gentleness, the honesty. That’s all that’s all love, and learning to live in the world as that.

Rick Archer: That’s interesting what you just said, because there are some people who argue that there’s really no correlation between awakening and behavior. And that a person can be a real sob or an even an alcoholic or something like that, and yet be awake. And you know, be irascible and all kinds of undesirable qualities. And yet what you’re saying seems to have just contradicted that.

Chris Celine: Well, I can’t, I can’t, I don’t know. I don’t know what what the purpose is of those other Beloved’s to be, you know, in their personalities or whatever. I don’t know. Maybe that’s what somebody needs. I don’t know.

Rick Archer: I would like to think that awakening means you actually are going to become kind of saintly, in a way I mean, I seems like that would be desirable and but there are people who sort of argue that it’s not necessarily the way it’s going to work, but I don’t know either the jury’s out on that one, I guess.

Chris Celine: Yeah, I don’t I don’t know. I’ve never it’s it’s funny because all of all the masters that I was drawn to, and none of them were sorted personalities.

Rick Archer: You’re lucky

Chris Celine: so and so I can’t even speak to it in that way. Because I guess I was never drawn to that. But I was always that what what sparked within me was love.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Chris Celine: Yeah,

Rick Archer: maybe like attracts like. You know,

Chris Celine: maybe so maybe so? Yeah.

Rick Archer: So in addition to your little group up there in Ashland, you do Skype sessions and occasional retreats and you travel at all to do this stuff or…

Chris Celine: No I have I don’t I have not traveling anymore haven’t been called to it. And and what else did you

Rick Archer: like Skype sessions? You can do that with people?


Sometimes. Yeah.

Rick Archer: If they want

Chris Celine: to Yeah, I do quite a actually phone sessions are usually easier because they’re, they’re not so. So invested in the, in the physical right. And actually many I find it easier to that for the beloved to actually sometimes hear it without the physicality.

Rick Archer: Yeah. All righty. Well, I hope this has been, I hope you feel that this has been a good representation of what I’d like to say to people. It’s, I’ve enjoyed it.

Chris Celine: I appreciate it. And it’s been lovely being with you in this way.

Rick Archer: Likewise, and it was lovely listening to your things over the last week or so. Listening. So people, I’ll be linking to Chris’s website, as I always do. She’ll have a page on And it’s C E L I N E

Chris Celine: It’s actually it’s, it’s it’s the awakened heart of

Rick Archer: Oh, but there’s also a short one. Crystaline

Chris Celine: Oh, maybe I think it just reverts to that one.

Rick Archer: It redirects. Yeah.

Chris Celine: Yeah, yeah.

Rick Archer: Yeah. But uh, you can go

Chris Celine: Yes.

Rick Archer: And there’s,

Chris Celine: I’ve never do it. So I don’t know.

Rick Archer:  I was just doing it this morning. And do you have any books published or anything? No, I don’t. Okay, no problem. But you do have a YouTube channel and lots of songs if you call them that, that people can watch. So thank you very much. And for those who’ve been listening or watching you, you probably realize that this is an ongoing series, and there are hundreds of them. If you’d like to check out past ones that you can subscribe on iTunes, if you want to just listen to the audio. And of course, there’s a YouTube channel where all the videos are, you can subscribe to the YouTube channel and YouTube will notify you whenever a new interview is posted. You can also subscribe on And we’ll send you an email whenever a new interview is posted, which is usually once a week. There are some other things you can do there. If you just explore the menus. There aren’t too many, but you’ll find some interesting stuff. So go to Check out the different menus and there’ll be a little Easter egg hunt for you to see what you find. So thanks for listening or watching and thanks again to you, Chris. I really enjoyed this.

Chris Celine: Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

Rick Archer: Keep up the good work.

Chris Celine: All my love to you

Rick Archer: Love to you too.

Chris Celine: Bye bye

Rick Archer: Bye