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The following interviews are scheduled or recently finished but not posted yet.

  • The time and date listed are for the Central US Time Zone. Click on the link to see your local time. Please stand by and we’ll start the live streaming when the actual interview starts (sometimes a few minutes late).
  • Livestreamed interviews are deleted shortly after being concluded, so start watching as close to the scheduled time as possible. The permanent version will be uploaded to YouTube a week or so later.
 NameWebsiteClick for Your Local Time LivestreamAdd to
Cornelius ChristopherCornelius Christophercoherencehealing.loveSaturday, October 24, 3pmClick HereAdd to Calendar
Asil ToksalAsil Toksalasiltoksal.comFriday, October 30, 10amLink to live interview will be here.Add to Calendar
Swami SarvapriyanandaSwami Sarvapriyananda on the Ethical Foundations of Nondual Spirituality.Already recorded as a webinar hosted by the Association for Spiritual Integrity. Will post here around November 9.
Dean RadinDean Radinrealmagicbook.com
Sunday, November 15, 3pmLink to live interview will be here.Add to Calendar
Rick HansonRick Hansonrickhanson.netAlready recorded as part of the SAND "Dying and Living" conference to be held Oct. 21-25. Will be posted on BatGap around November 23.
Ingrid HonkalaIngrid Honkalaingridhonkala.comSunday, November 29, 2pmLink to live interview will be here.Add to Calendar


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