011. Brad & Pam Keene

Pam Keene currently resides in Fairfield, Iowa with her husband Brad. A conscious seeker since the age of nineteen, she has been influenced by a variety of spiritual teachers. However, her sacred marriage of ten years has provided her with the most profound education so far. And she is still learning.

Interview recorded 2/10/2010.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

5 thoughts on “011. Brad & Pam Keene

  1. Interesting comment by Brad about lowering expectations. I can fully agree that expectations and concepts can be a barrier to awakening. In fact, our concepts of awakening are often the last barrier. I tend to see it not so much as lowering but as releasing. It’s the attachment that’s the issue. The holding. But I fully agree with the point. Fairfield is ripe for some pretty major realizations.

    As far as the discussion about practices, I’ve concluded that Self organizes itself for awakening. If what is needed is this or that practice, it will arise and be done. If not, it won’t. While the person can make minor differences, Self will simply adapt as required. Techniques may or may not be important on an individual journey. It certainly was beneficial for myself though.

    Interesting remarks about the impersonal realization being subordinate to the personal God. I would agree. And perhaps suggest there’s a further realization that blends the 2.

    I enjoyed the details on the white flash. I’ve noticed people describe that with their awakening (CC or unity) or separately. Sometimes by years. Or not at all. I’ve heard it described several ways – as the joining of the 6th and 7th chakras and as a drop of grace. But there is also a secondary chakra behind the 6th that one might call the “Mother” point who’s opening can certainly offer a white flash. I suspect that one usually comes later though.

    Rick mentioned Adyashantis description of the descent of Self through head, heart and gut. I would suggest there is the rising kundalini into awakening, then the divine descending through the “higher states”. It continues to the root into embodiment.

    Sounds like the dance is about clearing the way and embodiment. Very cool. But definitely a boundary breaker for anyone not yet pretty deeply surrendered and clear. Talk about an ego threat. (laughs)

    Thanks Brad, Pam, and Rick for a fascinating interview.

  2. david,

    thank you for your comment dated 5/1/10.

    regarding the impersonal vs. personal realization of god, i would agree with you that further realization blends the two. such is my experience: simultaneity of impersonalism and personalism, while also inconceivably distinct. i’m not sure if you caught that. i was trying to explain that to rick, but it went right over his head. so let me reiterate myexperience to you: the supreme absolute truth is simultaneously and inconceivably ONE and different. rick interrupted me saying “ONE and many.” no, that is not right.

    i also agree that kundalini awakening is experienced differently from person to person. sometimes it originates from muladhara, sometimes manipura, sometimes ajna chakra. the mother point, as you call it, corresponds to the pituitary gland (in charge of hormones) and is often experienced in ‘sex magic’ as the base of the chalice or holy grail. i have experienced all the above.

    yes, you are accurately grokking the significance of the dance. it is about embodiment, it is about ascension. it is powerful though often misunderstood and/or feared by many–people we’ve spoken to as well as actual participants. it’s an ego-buster, for sure. it sounds to me like you might be ready to participate or at least dialogue with us about it. we are looking for deeply surrendered people. you may be one.

    brad and i would love to meet you. perhaps have you over an evening.

    we have yet another ‘iron in the fire,’ so to speak. something you might find interesting. i just didn’t have the gall to talk about it on the show.

    phone us at 469-6064 if interested.

    brad and i have written a book about our work, although i think at present we may need to write another one. we can make it available to you should you be interested.

    pam keene

  3. Hi Pam
    Thanks for your feedback. Yes, very distinct but not separate. Not many, just one, seen in its totality.

    That’s interesting – I had not thought of kundalini awakening from different points. More I’d thought that it’s awakening was sometimes more quiet, only noticed at a certain point. But I suppose that’s the same thing.

    Yes, I’m familiar with the gland correspondence. I just don’t have a standard name for it. Interesting – I’ve not tended to see it like that. Perhaps the male orientation shifts the stem more to ajna, But a key point nonetheless.

    Ascension is a word I’ve seen used for what seem to be several different things, so I’m not sure what you mean by the word. But in this context, I can guess.

    As for deeply surrendered, I’ve found that each value of surrender reveals how much more there is yet to allow. (laughs) It is as some describe the perpetual surrender. And so many layers of that for life to reveal.

    Thank you for the invite. I’m sure it would be a fascinating conversation. However, I live on the west coast of Canada, a little far for coming by.

    I would be very interested in the book. If it’s an ebook, could you send it via the email address I used in the tech contact? I’m working on a book myself, but am now getting to know more of the feminine after much time on the “other side”. (laughs)

    Thank you.

  4. And I would like to add, that even if one did levitate in the presence of all of the doubter in the world, they still would not believe. That is just a testimony of the fickledness of the mind.

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