647. Moshe Gersht

Moshe GershtMoshe Gersht is a sought out spiritual teacher in Jerusalem. A student of Torah, Kaballah, and Chasidus, he shares ancient mystical and philosophical wisdom in a way that is practical, relatable, and enjoyable.

For nearly a decade Moshe toured the states as the singer and songwriter for a popular Los Angeles-based rock band. Only two years after signing a record deal, Moshe had a spiritual awakening that sent him journeying to Jerusalem.

The next fourteen years were spent in the deep spiritual practice and in-depth study of Torah. Today, Moshe seamlessly connects and expresses these fundamental spiritual ideas with universal principles of psychology, spirituality, and self-development. He understands the true nature of the human mind and our collective struggles and has devoted his life to helping people align with their purpose, peace, and inner joy.

In 2021 Moshe released his Wall Street Journal bestselling spiritual book titled It’s All The Same To Me: A Torah Guide To Inner Peace and Love of Life, which Deepak Chopra has called “a contribution to the world’s enlightenment.”

A free sample of his book can be downloaded from his website: moshegersht.com

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Interview recorded May 22, 2022

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