Volunteer Opportunities

Many people have thanked and praised Rick for BatGap. But in reality BatGap is a team effort and we could never do it without our volunteers.  People from around the world help make BatGap a more useful resource for all. If you would like to help, below are some specific needs we have or let us know if you want to offer your help in some other way:

Caption and Translation Proofreading Help: Matthew LaBarre coordinates our YouTube captioning and translation group. To become a volunteer, please register at our forum or contact him by email.

Here are the details of what we need:

Starting with interview #397 (David Loy on April 22), YouTube started creating auto-captions for all interviews. Captions are more useful than PDF transcripts because they enable people who don’t speak English well to follow along with what’s being said, and we need English captions before we can create captions in other languages. This being the case, here’s our current plan. We’re open to suggestions and refinements.

  • Proofreading Auto-captions. YouTube does a pretty good job, but someone needs to proofread their auto-captions and add punctuation while listening to the interview. If you’re inspired to do this for a particular interview, let Matthew know and he’ll send you the captions file with some simple instructions. If you want to do this for an interview conducted before April 22, we can get an auto-captions file by re-uploading the interview, but making it private or unlisted.
  • Translation. Once a captions file has been proofread, it can be translated into other languages. Matthew found a service which does this automatically. These too would have to be proofread by a volunteer who speaks that language (and English), before we can upload them to YouTube.

That’s about it. Doing this will make Batgap available to a much wider audience, and we really appreciate any help anyone cares to provide.

Non Profit Tax Expert/Consultant: To answer occasional questions regarding our 501(c)3. If you have experience with this, please contact us.

Internet Law: If you have legal expertise in the area of internet, copyright etc. we would like to consult with you either as a volunteer or a reduced fee.

Feel like creating a Wikipedia page for BatGap? If you have experience with this, please contact us.