Volunteer Opportunities

Many people have thanked and praised Rick for BatGap. But in reality, BatGap is a team effort and we could never do it without our volunteers.  People from around the world help make BatGap a more useful resource for all. If you would like to help, below are some specific needs we have, or let us know if you want to offer your help in some other way:

Transcript Proofreader: https://otter.ai/ uses artificial intelligence to create remarkably accurate transcripts. But they still need to be proofread. If you would like to do this while watching interviews, please let us know.

Web Designer: Our website is quite outdated and could use redesigning. We do not expect anyone to volunteer their services for such a large job. We will pay if we can find the right person with advanced technical and design skills. It would be great if they were also a Batgap listener. The site is built in WordPress and we want to keep it that way. Please get in touch if you are interested and qualified.

Internet Law: If you have legal expertise in the area of internet, copyright etc. we would like to consult with you either as a volunteer or at a reduced fee. contact us.

Feel like creating a Wikipedia page for BatGap? If you have experience with this, please contact us.