615. Jeff Vander Clute

Jeff Vander CluteJeff Vander Clute is a spiritual coach and mentor, and an adviser to love-based businesses and organizations. He is committed to realizing a healed and transformed world through nondual awakening to and as the source of life.

Guided by deep listening and a sensitivity to Truth, Jeff helps people to navigate the complexity of these times and discover awakened pathways and possibilities. Every conversation unfolds in a field of loving presence that accelerates spiritual development and the flowering of one’s gifts – in service and in joy.

Those who are drawn to this work are committed to peace, unity, and enlightenment, and to sharing their gifts as an act of devotion. Clients include:

  • Professionals bringing spiritual insights into their work
  • Visionaries and change agents
  • Leaders in social transformation and humanitarian aid
  • Artists and authors
  • Executives transforming their businesses and industries
  • Technologists addressing the challenges of humanity
  • Healers of the body, mind, and soul

Jeff co-founded Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions and Sourcing The Way, and he is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders, the Global Compassion Council of Charter for Compassion International, and the Association for Spiritual Integrity. He serves on the board of directors for Alliance for the Earth and Garden of Light, and was previously the board chair of the Source of Synergy Foundation.

Jeff graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Mathematics from Williams College in 1995. Subsequently, he went on to help build or co-found a number of ventures, including a top-10 Internet service, a pioneering social media company, a consulting enterprise that serves awakened and awakening businesses, and several companies that are working to regenerate nature and uplift communities.

Website: jeffvanderclute.com

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Interview recorded September 12, 2021.

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