010. Christopher Roberts

Interview Recorded 2/3/2010.

Article mentioned by Christopher, which help trigger his awakening.

Audio and video below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

2 thoughts on “010. Christopher Roberts

  1. Thanks Rick & Chris.
    Set me to reminiscing about when I first discovered “natures support”. Hadn’t done much emotional work yet though so the process wasn’t too clear. But that has improved over time.

    Occasionally I’m reminded of this when I have to explain to someone that it doesn’t “feel right”. That can be hard to explain… (laughs)

  2. I’ve had similar experiences where having been convinced within myself that this idea or that were true changes took place in my belief system which caused me to begin to doubt that system (that I, of course, ‘held dear’). That system of beliefs was two-fold (the beliefs of others and my personally acquired views), which made the transition into what became a kind of ‘enlightenment progression’ a long, tedious task. After many years of struggle (undoing what I learned later were called ‘identities’, but did not call them such during those times of struggle) I became, more and more, distrustful of all things considered ‘knowledge’. Such a position (in and of itself also a belief) would also change as more years progressed (more transformation were necessary). All of these struggles and changes took place over a period of about 39 years, but when I consider other struggles, going back to my pre-school days, more years than that took place for what turned out to be necessary circumstance eventually leading me to a knowledgeable experience of who I was. It turned out that what I thought I knew, I really did not know, and until my return, I would not learn (or be able to evaluate), consciously, what knowledge actually was and even its proper use.

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