111. Suzanne Foxton

Suzanne FoxtonSuzanne Foxton is a mother, wife, writer and artist who works and lives in Kew in the United Kingdom. She was born a Hoosier (native of the US state of Indiana). She muddles along as best as she can, like most of humanity. Suzanne believes the particulars of her story are unimportant and she doesn’t take much of anything too seriously. Her blog, Nothing Exists Despite Appearances, is an attempt to point to the infinite, eternal, and ultimately non-existent nature of reality. She began writing the blog to avoid having to talk to anyone about non-duality, finding that the revelation of the true nature of existence tends to alienate people in manifested reality. Now she continues to write because it’s fun. Everything she ever thought was important is gone; what is left is everything and nothing, boundless and beautiful.

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Suzanne’s book: The Ultimate Twist

Interview recorded 2/25/2012

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  1. Chuckee – yes all is well now – it’s been 11 years since all that drama took place- but I thank you for your love…felt that..

    Suzanne – lovely to feel your heart as well…and isn’t it wonderful that there are so many expressions of Love and Truth (same thing) out there for people to resonate with..and perhaps lift them out of suffering..

  2. What the intentions of acceptance and rejection have in common, for many folks, is that there’s usually a desired objective or outcome in mind.

    I.e. avoiding emotional pain, for the intention of rejection; and, the acquisition of mental peace/calm for the intention of acceptance.

    When it becomes a tool for acquiring and/or changing somehing, acceptance joins rejection in the toolbox something other than what is.

  3. Perfectly said Peter – and it’s true, almost anything – any technique – can be used as an avoidance…amen to that…
    The acceptance I was referring to was a surrendering to Reality – a going deeper into it -allowing everything to be – to accepting what is, exactly as it shows up – understanding that things couldn’t be different than the way they are, so why fight..
    Paradoxically, when seen this way, and again I’m speaking relatively now -only IF one feels they have choice in the matter or intention- it takes one into Reality rather than away from it..
    I’m speaking of what Suzanne and I both seemed to have done on some conscious or unconscious level – her’s perhaps out of depression – mine out of grief – which was to come to acceptance of everything being OK as it is…that Reality needn’t change in any way to bend to our will…I’ve seen many go through the portal in that way…
    Of course, in ‘choiceless’ awareness, from the perspective of Absolute Reality, where acceptance is naturally total of whatever occurs, nothing need be done or intended..

  4. Dressed for Kings road luv…..lol ? I miss UGC too….nice to hear from you.

  5. “Of course, in ‘choiceless’ awareness, from the perspective of Absolute Reality, where acceptance is naturally total of whatever occurs, nothing need be done or intended. ” ; Jill

    Know exactly what you mean here, Jill. Meditation can be an excellent medium for CA.

    I’m not so sure that the creation of any question, though… such as “who am I?…is CA?

  6. I believe that I acknowledged choiceless awareness, Steve. That doesn’t man that I acknowledged Absolute Reality. I’m puzzled how you assumed the latter from the former.

    Choiceless awareness rarely affixes a label to what you are choiceless aware of. It wouldn’t be choiceless if you did, now would it?

    Choiceless awareness is not difficult to acknowledge from personal experience. I’ve used the term naked awareness, earlier, to describe a form of meditation that I enjoy practicing. The two, naked and choiceless awareness, are related.

    As for mediums for choiceless/naked awareness, everything that you do… or appears/dis-appears in your awareness… can be a medium for choiceless/naked awareness.

    Meditation does not have to be a distinct and separate event that you perform. It can also be an intention to be aware… nakedly/choicelessly… of everything that appears/dis-appears before you. Material, cognitive, emotional, and otherwise.

  7. Absolute and relative…concepts. Having fun whilst playing with those concepts arises, with seeming frequency! I’ve enjoyed this little play with concepts immensely.

    I’m not a teacher. In fact, I’m off to do yet another load of wash by hand, as the Miele broken again!

    The best teaching is existing in whatever form that seems to take, and noting what is made of that. Endlessly fascinating.

  8. Hey Steve, thanks got the bonus concept-play. And don’t get me started on that damn Miele!

  9. Steve, here now, so that’s about the size of it. If in the future I disappear, you’ll be the first to know, although the method of conveying that message may be troublesome.

    Laundry once a month eh? Is that because, being a hermit, you aren’t burdened by apparent others saying “Phew! What a stink”?

  10. I love you
    not for what you are
    but what you make of me.

    I love you
    for your thoughtful ways
    that set my spirit free.

    I love you
    for your caring touch
    that makes my life seem whole.

    I love you
    for your faith in me
    that soothes my weary soul,

    I love you
    for your patience,
    your kindness never ends.

    Inspires me to move on with life
    through all its curves and bends.

    I love you
    for your gentle ways
    when we both disagree,

    Of pointing out what you dislike
    without much hurting me.

    I love you
    for the friendship
    you give without pretense,

    that made me madly fond of you
    and miss you in your absence.

    I love you
    for your gentle kiss
    and warmth of your embrace.

    I love you
    for the boost you give
    so often without praise,

    For all these things
    and all these reasons
    that you’ve made me what I am.

    I love you too with all my life
    and all the person that I am.

    I LOVE YOU!:)

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