292. Stuart Schwartz

Stuart SchwartzRecently at a Whirling Dervish Meditation in Istanbul I read how Rumi summarized his life:

I was immature; I became experienced; I was consumed.

I could divide this lifetime in those categories also, starting with a life driven by conditioning resulting in a very successful appearance without much satisfaction.

Then the search for real happiness and peace. Decades of working with different modalities and sitting with many masters leading to teaching others how to relinquish conditioning and experience peaceful Silence.

And now, Satsang starts with the truth of everyone, the perfection of Self.

The tapestry of life includes all as the expression of Consciousness without any separation.

Anything that attempts to obscure this truth melts in its power.

Satsang is given in America, Canada and Europe as well as Private Satsang Sessions.

Website: satsangwithstuart.com

Book: The Great Undoing

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Interview conducted 5/16/2015

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