050. Ananta Kranti

Ananta grew up in London and left England aged 19, with the desire to live as a free being. This first expressed itself through travel and lead her to Asia in 1989 where she has lived ever since.

Searching to find the Truth of herself she found her way to the Osho commune in Pune, India where she explored meditation and Self-awareness groups for more than 10 years, also working with people for several years in the healing fields.

In 1994 she entered a two and half year period of silence in a Japanese prison. During this period True Freedom was realized.

That which has always been Free, Full and Enough unto Itself!

The Peace that is the ground of all experience. The Love that does not need an experience of Love. The happiness that is our True Nature without needing an experience of happiness….  revealed itSelf to ItSelf.

Coming back into ‘the world’ in 1997, there followed a period of confusion as personality and drama began to reappear causing the search to go on.

In 2000 she then found her way to Intensive Satsang with Dolano in Pune, where the confusion was cleared and no way to turn back from the clear recognition of ‘Who Am I’. This naturally started the unfolding of the integration process where all personality issues come home in Truth. Where bound up life energy, held by beliefs and illusions, reappear to be met in the light, where transformation happens.
This is an ongoing moment to moment process that never stops evolving and is always fresh and New.

Through her own Self-Realization, her main area of focus is Now facilitating, the simple direct sharing of the realization of our True Nature, through all that appears to play in the ordinariness of life itself.

Since 2004, Intensive workshops are happening around the world in the form of Satsang, “Association with Truth” where the illusion of separation is blown, and the meeting of the same Self is left as a sharing of friends.

Among the expressions of same Self who have greatly influenced Ananta’s way of sharing are the spiritual teachers Gangaji and Dolano who use the direct inquiry of “Who Am I?” passed down from Ramana Maharshi.

Her site: ananta-kranti.com

Interview recorded 12/11/2010

Audio and video below and as a Podcast. Quality is poor in places due to slow bandwidth in Thailand.