088. Florian Schlosser

Florian SchlosserPeople have always loved sitting and sharing in the presence of an awakened human being and experiencing that tender beingness. For about 7 years Florian Tathagata and his life companion Julia have travelled around the world untiringly inviting seekers to recognize in their own experience who they really are and to live as an embodiment of truth in everyday life.

In his unmistakable manner he embraces the daily and simple life that he is sharing with a constantly increasing number of ‘friends of truth’, as he calls all those being interested. Again and again visitors of meetings tell of spontaneous awakening, of an all penetrating silence, of simple clarity and presence and of overflowing love and gratitude which they experience in Florian Tathagata‘s presence.

With both legs firmly rooted in normal everyday life and at the same time in the heart deeply connected with Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Jiddu Krishnamurti and his teacher and friend Isaac Shapiro, Florian Tathagata speaks and is silent, laughs and cries, is present with everyone who would love to savour the truth of awareness.

Florian is the author of two books: Being and Given.

Florian’s site

Interview recorded 9/18/2011.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. Many or most speakers, since they have experienced something profound, speak of phenomena that most people in society have not seen or experienced. Another speaker spoke of an amorphous “swirling” and Forian mentions transmission energy under the conversation. They might forget how mysterious are these claims to the uninitiated. My invitation would be for the speaker to clarify if what they say is something poetic that they suppose, or something experiential that they know. We don’t need empirical proof, but merely disclosure of how you came to know, find or conclude the thing you report. Perhaps this process of openness will bring the speaker to translate their theory back into experience. So, Forian, what brought you to conclude that there is transmission energy under the conversation?

  2. I enjoyed the interview. I felt it got ‘better’ as it progressed. To me it felt like Florian at first had some clear plan as to what he wanted to bring accros within the limited time such a one-time interview provides. At least this is my take on it, because it was a bit like ‘let us get this very clear and that very clear.’ Somewhat goal driven to get to a point of mutual understanding about certain essentials. Actually quite an understandable approach as you want to bring out your ‘message’ as clear as possible. But I probably understood what Rick meant when he said “you also have quite some energy yourself.” I especially liked the last 45 minutes were it was a bit more mellow.

    Wow did I have to write all these sentences to say that I liked the interview? 🙂
    Love Florian!

  3. Florian’s observations and research are really amazing..

    But unfortunately most of it will fly over people’s heads… because they are having some measure of success with whatever spiritual technique, trick, method or gadget….

    Dissociation is way to common but many people see it as a sign of progress. But it’s just a manufactured transcendence.. Disconnect from your body and mind(disembody, transcend), ‘Rest in non-conceptual awareness’, ‘don’t label or think for 2-5 seconds’, etc. then there’s no more problems…

    Unfortunately while dissociation can work great, life generally will eventually bring some trauma that overwhelms the nervous system forcing potential mental or emotional breakdown and unconsciousness.

    Hopefully those situations offer an opportunity to break the cycle of dissociation, but typically it just reinforces more dissociation (hiding in awareness)..

  4. Great interview Rick! Thank you!

    I think towards the end, the conversation became truly alive and I went back for a second listen to that section, it certainly touched on a deeper truth.

    It’s easy for anyone listening to take what is said out of context and I think some of the comments about this interview have done just that. Floren’s passion in what he’s saying can be taken like he’s dismissing other approaches / teaching and even Rick questioned this to which Floren uttered ‘no no no no’ and explained himself.

    We tend to judge interviews intellectually and compare them against each other, we need to open and feel what is being pointed to and if it makes sense to us. Different pointers will make sense to different people at different times in their lives, there is no black and white concept, there is no one size fits all (thank God)…its the concepts we program ourselves with that cloud the aliveness.

  5. ‘Hiding in awareness’ can simply be having a preference for a particular flavor of experience, point of view, or state of being.

    Many teachings talk about how everything is awareness, well if it is, then why would you need to put any effort into resting there?

    or if a thought or story comes up and it brings up emotional stress or suffering.. All of that is also part of awareness, so if you do some trick like ‘rest in awareness’ and you feel better. Aren’t you choosing one type of awareness over another?

    and if your practice is to continually reinforce a particular ‘restful’ awareness state…. that sounds like it can create dissociation..

    Wikipedia definition: Dissociation is an altered state of consciousness characterized by partial or complete disruption of the normal integration of a person’s normal conscious or psychological functioning. Dissociation is most commonly experienced as a subjective perception of one’s consciousness being detached from one’s emotions, body and/or immediate surroundings. Van der Kolk et al. describe dissociation as a “compartmentalization of experience.” Under normal conditions, consciousness, memory, emotions, sensory awareness, affect, etc., are integrated; with dissociation, in contrast, these traits are discretely compartmentalized to greater or lesser degrees.

  6. While handsome Florian is enjoyable to watch, i find it hard to listen to his steamy outlay of his worldview. Never mind. All the interviews constitute a colourful choir. I don´t know why i keep on listening to things that can hardly be conveyed linguistically.

  7. to helen;
    even if you are in a meeting- itt might
    be understoo but it is tempory thing-
    the a lot of nondualist are driven folks
    they are not objective-
    they are sucked into their world they cant
    see out side-
    otherwise they will say it can only work for
    .001 from the number attending-

    or 1 in 1,000,000 if lucky

  8. Florian has a great youtube video posted recently from an interview at SAND 2010.

    some quotes:
    “Trying to focus on consciousness, which is suggested by some teachers ….. which I completely understand completely… because ultimately its true, but practically it’s not what happening all the time because you have to do it all the time..”
    “As long as the body doesn’t feel safe, it will make you have preferences… ”
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2uypFEr52g?rel=0&w=560&h=315%5D

    His 1st interview on ConsciousTV covers his story, in this clip below he describes his awakening experience “everything is, but also how he became a total disconnected to people and the world during that time of internal bliss.
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzFSsnsNbNI?rel=0&w=420&h=315%5D

  9. Florine thinks he has the best ideas which
    is not true/ gestult tried that, focous movments tried that and other schools.
    it seems that some teachers are also fanatic just like us.

  10. Florian has some great stuff, much of it kindly lent by Isaac Shapiro. Interesting to see how he has a softer, more feminine manner than a couple of years ago. It’s as if something has humbled him away from his former domineering style.

  11. Hi all goood , this finds what florian is saying is of much use, as if 1 just,s slows down without going into, too much head stuff, there is a true feeling that the body loves, what is all-ways there but has been overlooked, if there is too much tension then 1 can miss the point of what is actually being shared. Openess and true sharing, were resistance cannot run the show, but dissolves in it. Much love T

  12. Good interview. I found his suggestions (to expand awareness vs remaining in the defalt of very tight awareness) helpful. His suggestion to check in with the body & just give space to what you find reminds me of Nirmala, who I also found to be very helpful. And I agree with his idea that we become less Yang (outwardly focused energy) and more Yin as we age & that movement naturally is more welcoming to awakening.

  13. Excellent interview and very practical down-to-earth approach from Florian. I would like to listen to this one again as I loved his insights into embodiment and how ‘awakening’ lives in the physical system. Also what he says about having options when we’re awake. It’s only when we’re unconscious that we cannot change our patterns. Different from the usual ‘choiceless awareness’ stance – and maybe that comes eventually (as one surrenders more deeply to life). But I sometimes see non-dualists taking a position that excuses them for consciously acting unconsciously! My experience is that when I become conscious of my thinking, I do have the option to respond differently from my usual patterns.
    And I agree that this is an endless journey – one that includes the body while we are in it – and I have certainly not listened enough to mine through my lifetime. So this interview was a great reminder to sink more deeply into this physical form and drink of life from within the form.
    Also, fascinated by what he said about growing older and finding less energetic ways to embrace life and being, and to express the insights and shifts that come to us. Not everyone needs to jump up on a stage and teach. Some of us move more quietly amongst friends and family, amongst our communities. Every day offers a thousand new opportunities for acceptance and love and being with what is.
    Thanks Rick and Florian!

  14. Zebra: Your comments sparked my interest. I came aboard Batgap fairly recently and wasn’t aware of this interview. (there are so many to explore)
    I like what you said:
    “growing older and finding less energetic ways to embrace life and being, and to express the insights and shifts that come to us. Not everyone needs to jump up on a stage and teach. Some of us move more quietly amongst friends and family, amongst our communities. Every day offers a thousand new opportunities for acceptance and love and being with what is.”

  15. Thanks, Brenda. Yes, what Florian has to say was very reassuring to me, and opened up greater awareness of/attention to the physical body. What’s showing up here is enormous exhaustion from years and years of pushing hard, running on adrenalin and struggle. Since experiencing a shift to knowing myself as being/awareness (rather than the fictitious ‘I’ with the story), it’s been difficult to get done what I used to get done. So this interview was a great reminder to listen more to the body and to trust it.

  16. Zebra, I tend to push myself, too. I can relate to the enormous exhaustion, adrenalin, and struggle. I plan on watching the interview tomorrow. Thanks.

  17. He is pointing out some home truths that need to be incorporated into every teachers repertoire – the process of embodiment and the attuning of the nervous systems capacity to hold unobstructed life force on every level – is an ongoing process that takes decades – claims of awakening that are not contextualized by this fact most likely have a large component of inflation – and splitting off from the depths of bodily incarnation – the bull chasing you down to gore you through the solar plexus – is waiting in the shadows. The bug eyed radiance of the self proclaimed – is more often than not simply unconscious incompetence – eventually to be followed by the “depressive position” – actually a more mature level of realization.

  18. Nice axe.

    In the back of my mind I was kind of wishing he would play his music. That guitar just kept staring at me the whole interview long. I mean, he’s a very intelligent man, but music can be so primal and can say so much more than all this head stuff. Maybe next time ask him to play a song for us. I would like that.

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