082. Tom Stine

For over two decades, several questions have been foremost in my mind: What is this life about? What is the nature of reality? What is truth? How do we live and thrive in this world? For many years these questions puzzled me, but being the inquisitive type, with a restless mind always seeking to find the answers to whatever confronted me, I kept searching and searching. Like many people, I kept groping around the edges of Truth, having occasional glimpses but nothing really definitive.

But the Universe is relentless. If its first attempts at getting you to see don’t work, it starts pulling out the heavy artillery and blasting away at your illusions. That’s what happened to me. My seemingly wonderful life turned to crap, seemingly overnight. The Universe was playing rough, offering me a bit of “fierce grace” as Adyashanti likes to say. And it worked! I finally quit groping around the edges and instead leapt into the fire. I began questioning my illusions and starting to see something more.

Much has changed over the years for me, and after those first glimpses of reality, life has taken on a new and more interesting form. I am now dedicated to sharing what I have seen with all those who, like me, are impelled from within to know, truly know, what life and reality are all about. We call this impulse “spirit” or “the Universe” or “God”, but in the end, we discover it is what we truly are. It is Life. It is the One seeking to awaken to Itself. And we are That.

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Interview recorded 8/7/11.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. Thanks Rick & Tom – so enjoyed this down to earth interview. I especially liked the suggestion of no “end point” to enlightenment and that “It” is a natural, normal process of life.
    Loved the quote, first time heard here: “You can never unsee what you’ve seen” Thank you for sharing.

  2. Extraordinary to spend the afternoon with the two of you.

    I studied ACIM for many years also. Even facilitated groups – one in Cook County Jail.

    Then it just went away.
    Quietly. Just like that.

    Thought you might enjoy this excerpt from a long ago blog.

    “Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, the foremost authority and teacher of A Course in Miracles directs his Foundation in southern California.

    I took a workshop with him. In the middle of an intense discussion of the Course, he was asked who was the most spiritual person he had ever met.

    Ken jokingly answered. “The most spiritual person I ever met was a Jewish tailor in Brooklyn. In the front of the store was the tailor shop. In the back, he made bagels.

    And over the bagel oven was a sign that said, “So what else is new?”

    He added that the Course could be summed up in two words, “SO WHAT?”

  3. Thanks Tom, Rick. Enjoyed the chat. Here and there I’d like to have joined in. (laughs) It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to listen to an interview here.

  4. Snow, do you know about all the TM research on the societal effects of having large groups meditating together? I participated in some of those experiments. One winter, we had a group of 8,000+ assembled for a week or two. The influence of meditating with so many people was really tangible. This is a photo of that group. See if you can find me: http://www.goldendome.org/goldendome/TasteUtopia_.jpg

  5. A couple thousand people have been meditating daily here for 30+ years. There are also 1,000+ Vedic pundits from India doing yagyas here regularly.

  6. It was taken in front of the men’s dome on the MUM campus. The photographer went up in a really high cherry picker to shoot it.

  7. The old front, that is. (laughs) I’m on the left, about the middle, wearing a yellow rose on my lapel. 😉

  8. Yeah, Braden, McTaggart, and a bunch of others refer to the research (going on since the early ’80’s) but leave off the context. They decided in ’06 to stop doing temporary groups and instead have a longitudinal study. That’s created a sustained group in Fairfield. They even pay some people a modest grant to keep the numbers up. How’s that for a new occupation. 😉

  9. Want to teach? Oh well, make sure to read the book Talks with Ramana Maharshi and learn how a true teacher taught first.

  10. hey Rick i was there … had a beautiful light experience with MMY the first day… with thousands in the huge “warehouse”… i intended to get there early to get good seat… as luck would have it i was delayed… and arrived when the house was already full… but there was a line going toward the stage and somehow i got pushed into it… when i got next to the stage… i thought… now what?… i’m not supposed to be here… but my TTC buddy Bill Weiss said… sit there… and so some how i ended up sitting with the Purusha Group in about six row from the stage… more or less directly in line with… Maharishi … and first 30 mins or so was quite uncomfortable … having rushed through the winter snow… or was it rain… then perspiring… and too many worrisome thoughts… etc… then mind settled down… and all of a sudden everything in front of me turned to gold… not the misty yellow fog… i sometimes see… but solid wall of gold… amazing… still do not know what that was… but with my heart opening several years before that… i can truly say… from experience… LOVE & LIGHT…

  11. Thanks Tom & Rick… fine friendly interview… very enjoyable… with many good points… by both of you… i dabbled in ACIM… and still have book… read Lester Levinson’s miraculous story… but never got into the “Sedona Release Method”…

    one friendly hint Rick… your “statement” about refinement of physiology… if instead was a “question” to Tom… whether he noticed anything like that… or not… would have given Tom a chance to answer it…

    as far as “volition”… seems none of the answers i have heard so far feel “right” … so i simply go back to Yoganada’s & Amma’s teachings … which i would have to review for any further comment…

    great … more & more interviews seem to be resolving some concerns about various non-duality teachings… thanks

  12. Damn fine interview by both involved.
    I’ve been following Tom for some time, and this is the first time I’ve heard his story tail to beak, so to speak.
    Good to have you back Tom.

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