178. James Waite


As the name suggests, well-being is natural – that is, it’s a normal condition (if not an average one for most of humanity) and not just in the domain of some sages and saints. Our real shared nature is one of goodness, balance and harmony, where suffering is not imagined or dwelt upon. In truth, in nature, there is no such thing as “suffering”. There is, of course, pain, when an injury is inflicted, and grief in unnatural circumstances or when a loved one passes, but there is no necessary attachment of mind-made suffering to that pain in nature.

Our natural well-being finds its foundation in truth, reality, and love. Taken together, they form the ground of all our human and divine experience of life. And this grace of living in peace and contentment is what it means to be naturally “happy”. By “contentment” we mean contentment with the content of now – whatever that might be in the moment –confusion, anger, pleasure, pain, fear…bills! All this is mirrored and embraced in the aware silence of innate well-being.

While words cannot describe this natural state, we can suggest it with phrases such as the following:

  • Truth is what remains when falseness falls away.
  • Reality is what remains when imagination falls away.
  • Love is what remains when fear falls away.
  • Peace is what remains when struggle falls away.

Natural Well-being – enjoying what we are! – is what remains when all the above ideas about it fall away.

James Waite is a writer, designer, and businessman in Berkeley, CA. He discovers and shares this natural well-being in daily aware living at www.nondualityliving.com.  He is the author of two books: “Real, Whole, Here, and Happy!” (Free @ NDL) and “Fading in the Light”. A new book, “LIVING HERE…Discovering our Natural Well-Being” is emerging. He meets weekly with friends in the San Francisco Bay area to explore aware living and you are invited to contact him (see below).

James and his Nutritionist wife Alla are also offering BE WELL! NATURAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING services for individuals, couples, groups, and companies. They are offering a timely S.O.S. (Sources Of Stress) seminar (current programs are here and here).  He is open to travel and sharing in various forums including making Hosting arrangements for BE WELL! Transformational Living programs. He invites your inquiries at nondualityliving@gmail.com. or bewelltlc@gmail.com.

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