172. Anne Sermons Gillis

Anne Sermons GillesAnne Sermons Gillis started her spiritual pilgrimage at 4. She explored multiple avenues for self-realization and even though she experienced the mystical, traveled the world, lived her life’s calling and created an abundant physical world, she always returned to the doorstep of suffering. Through the use of metaphysics, she achieved her material goals by the age of 24 and found herself living the empty life of the American Dream. She renounced much of the material world and found that renunciation brought no better rewards than achievement. In her quest to alleviate human suffering she delved beneath the traditional ideas of happiness and spirituality to the core of reality. At age 49 she awakened to that which is beyond suffering.

Along the way, in 1984, she co-founded Connection Church (Center for Spiritual Growth) in Memphis, TN and served as the senior spiritual guide until 1998. She moved to Houston, Texas as a result of a strong inner urging. She met her mate two weeks after arriving and they married five years layer. They continue to live in the Houston area. Gillis is the founder of the EZosophy movement. Thousands continue to benefit from the principles of EZosophy. Her humor and frivolity set her aside from many teachers. She is sincere, but not serious. Gillis contends that life is not as hard as we make it; it is time to lighten up and enjoy life. “Our work and lives are an expression of love, not a chance to punish ourselves with relentless doing.”

Gillis is the foremost expert on ease. She is an international speaker, minister, author, breath worker, and personal growth coach. Anne’s wisdom, humor, and exuberant presentation style make learning fun. Armed with years of experience in human dynamics, Gillis consistently delivers more than promised. She teaches people how to have accomplishment without struggle by presenting refreshing material that is immediately accessible. “Life is not meant to be a series of to-do lists punctuated by eating and sleeping,” says Gillis. Her approach to nondualism is called Radical Presence.

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Interview recorded 4/27/2013

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YouTube Video Chapters:

  • 00:00:00 – Awakening to the Beyond of Suffering
  • 00:04:03 – The Ever-Deepening Awakening Journey
  • 00:07:36 – Authenticity and Integrity in Spiritual Teaching
  • 00:11:13 – Observing and Dissolving the Observer
  • 00:15:07 – Expanding Consciousness and Ultimate Power
  • 00:19:05 – The Continuing Development of Awakening
  • 00:22:41 – Incremental Awakening
  • 00:26:26 – The Battle with Insanity and Emotional Collapse
  • 00:30:04 – The Importance of Emotional Support and Authenticity
  • 00:33:17 – The Art of Breakups and Authentic Responses
  • 00:36:39 – Dealing with Relationship Addiction
  • 00:40:05 – The Continual Journey of Enlightenment
  • 00:43:33 – Cosmic Awareness and States of Consciousness
  • 00:47:02 – Increasing Sensory Awareness
  • 00:50:28 – Exploring Mindscapes
  • 00:54:21 – The Concept of Infinity
  • 00:57:43 – Surrendering to the Flow 
  • 01:01:25 – Life as a Struggle and the Possibility of Letting Go
  • 01:04:42 – Levels of Pain and Suffering
  • 01:08:03 – Awareness of Suffering in the World
  • 01:11:26 – Finding Balance in Life
  • 01:14:48 – The Luxury of Being a Writer
  • 01:18:01 – Finding Comfort in Prayer
  • 01:21:44 – The Profoundness of Reality
  • 01:25:16 – Standing in the Dark: Embracing Spiritual Challenges
  • 01:28:46 – Afraid of Our Greatness
  • 01:32:19 – Connecting with Others through the Internet
  • 01:35:58 – The Internet as a Reflection of Consciousness
  • 01:39:15 – The Power of Now
  • 01:42:45 – The Essence of Reality and Presence
  • 01:45:50 – Speaking to Authentic Groups and Wrapping Up