084. Pamela Wilson

Pamela speaks the Truth of advaita, non-duality – that the universe is one undivided whole. For the last ten years she has traveled widely in the United States, Canada and Europe, holding satsang and giving private sessions. Week-long retreats have been held in Mexico, Costa Rica, France, the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA. She has endeared herself to many through her lighthearted humor and compassion, and deep understanding of what it is to be human. She lives in the Bay Area of Northern California.

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Interview recorded 8/28/2011

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19 thoughts on “084. Pamela Wilson

  1. Sighs and giggles.. she seems to be a nice lady, gentle.. i could´nt find a unique wisdom here though. This is all very much ok–rather flat though. Jellyfish in the heart area, yeah…yeaaaah

  2. .. and in the end she/her voice simply disappeared into the void.. maybe it´s technical prob from this side here, i don´t know. Thanks to Rick for being a wonderful host, trying to lure a little substance out of her utterance. I´ll stay with you (and this site) for more explorations into the magic/poetry of all there is.

  3. Rick, you were so relaxed during this interview. Just wonderful how this allowed Pamela to bring out so many subtle insights. The best one yet.
    A note to anyone who gets a chance to sit with Pamela. Look into her eyes. They are amazing.

  4. Pamela was the first teacher that I encountered after leaving TM many years ago. I’ve attended many of her satsangs and retreats. I love Adyashanti for his eloquence – he gives me so much guidance on the path. What I get from Pamela that wasn’t possible with Maharishi or currently with Adya is a personal relationship. On retreats Pamela is accessible for sharing a meal, going for walks, and one-on-one face time. I get as much from just hanging out with Pamela as from her satsangs because I can see how she embodies her awakening in the uncondtional love that she gives. Tim2 asked “how many are awakened by her?” Plenty!

  5. In enjoyed this interview quite a bit. I can imagine that it´s nourishing to sit in satsang with Pamela.

  6. very nice interview… many profound insights… non-duality at its best… without all that politically correct verbiage…

    that’s what i notice now about all the previous teachers… like Yogananda for instance… non-duality was there… but not belaboured with too many words… instead there were words a plenty of spiritual spice & adventure…

    of course times are different… and there probably is good reason for so much talking about it… non-duality that is… even at the risk of too much talking… so… probably it’s up to each of us to find balance…

    thank you Pamela & Rick

  7. my comments referred to the podcast.. and that seems to be only 26 min long.. now i see the video interview is much longer… just saying, .. no commenting now… thank you people

  8. Pamela,I was drawn to Robert Adam’s book “Silence of the Heart’ and one thing he kept saying through out the book was “you can’t make a mistake”.I would be interested in your thoughts on this.It seemed to me as my journey continued,was that every thing is predetermined ,I never met Robert but I drove to sedona to visit my sister about the time he was ending his life.Consciousness is a real joker.

  9. I really love Pamela and her thoughts have been so helpful to me in the unfolding. And this interview, maybe above all that were done before, gave many useful specifics. I also particularly connect to her relaxed lighthearted approach and her lack of belief that anything that needs to be done – but not in a jargony way.

  10. How refreshing, innocent and heart centred, Pamela’s message is. As if the divine feminine has arisen through her and people like her.

    There was disappointment in Rick’s bombardment of questions, constant interruptions, redirections and analysis of her energy and words as well as “yes that’s true” (as if he is the teacher/more knowledgable one) and “i have a friend who….” type statements. Rather unnecessary masculine energy controlling dissecting approach imho.

  11. Do not be mistaken by appearances. Pamela is a very powerful teacher. She is very deep. Very efficient too if you want to break through. She does not show off nor pushes. But do not be mistaken by her gentle spirit. She knows what she is talking about but waits for you to ask, or to see how sincere you are to let you see what she sees or knows. It is not mistake that the host is very relaxed. It is Pamela’s energy permeating the atmosphere. Pamela is very powerful. Her words may look like simple words, but if you relisten and relisten to all her recordings (and even to this recording) very carefullly, you will see the depth from where she expresses herself. For example when she speaks about relaxing. or true nature and what she says about it. It is very deep, I have worked with many teachers but very few of them reach the level of Pamela. Her teacher Neelam is also that way. You can discount them because they are not pushy, nor show off, and do not speak the normal talk, but they are very powerful women. I hope you enjoy this!!!

  12. HS, I love the way she talks about this stuff using unique language. Its kind of a poetry. I have been to Pamela’s satsang also and found her to be very compassionate. It seems whenever statements are made from perspective of oneness there is a more detached or impersonal vibe. And when perspective is at the level of the play there is more compassion. I have heard other teachers refer to this current situation of what some call Kali Yuga, energetics of people and the earth working their way towards some kind of resolution while all the while being one.

  13. Yes Paul – quite right – Pamela speaks a kind of poetry all her own..and while her interview at batgap was not one of her best, there is no question as to her spiritual power and grace…

    She saved my spiritual life 12 years ago by bringing consciousness to rest..just by her mere Presence, after I had experienced a rather tumultuous shiva/shakti experience 5 years earlier in TM…
    Pamela is deceptive in that she is so full of humility – so not flashy – that if one is not sensitive, one can miss what she is offering…I don’t consider her as much a spiritual teacher per say, but rather a true mystic in the best sense of the word….
    For one to be as humble and compassionate as she is, one’s ego must be thoroughly erased…It’s clear to me that she plays in the realm of the Gods..

  14. Jill, Yeah, I think Pamela is my favorite. Can you describe your period of transition. You suggest it wasn’t all fun. Did you have periods where you were drawn to intense practice? Or did you attend a lot of satsang. I find myself in a kind of limbo having had a significant temporal glimpse of being. I find it very difficult to settle into anything. There’s a kind of apathy towards maya. A kind of chuck it all attitude, but I’m not driven to sit in meditation for hours. I might be able to just sit under a tree but I’m wondering how fun homelessness is.

  15. Paul –
    I’ve described the transition here many times on these pages and don’t want to bore people again with the details…My experience was not common so really no point in relating it one more time as it wouldn’t help..We’re all different with different nervous systems so each experience of awakening and deliverance is unique..even though there are universal milestones..

    Suffice to say, I practiced TM and TM siddhis for 25 and 19 years respectively and had a very intense ride..with every chakra being opened – culminating in a head explosion of the twilight zone kind in 1996..

    It was a chance meeting with Pamela 5 years later, who in a private session -gathered together the last vestiges of consciousness that were not included in the original rise of the energy -and brought me to rest in the greatest Silence I’ve ever known…

    If you want to write to me concerning what is going on with you personally, ask Rick for my e-mail…Sometimes we have an ‘opening’ as many are having today – maybe been to a satsang or two with a powerful teacher – and then we feel a bit lost in space..

    The perceived emptiness predominates early on in most awakenings – as we have to empty out of self before filling up – before the Divine shows us It’s true face, so often there can be a malaise related to that – the ‘WHO CARES’ phase as Wayne Liquorman calls it..while we are transitioning…This is quite common…

    It seems that people need some follow up these days – some clarity on their experiences ….and some of us do play the role of spiritual ‘friend’ and provide support behind the scenes..

    So my door is open to you..just write what’s in your heart – what you perceive is happening within and without – and include any practices you’re doing – teachers seen – and most importantly, try to tell me what you really really want from the spiritual journey..Sometimes just writing it out helps to clarify for one’s own sake…
    Sending Love…

  16. I love this conversation……rarely do I see Rick so relaxed and just enjoying the ride;

    how about a 2nd talk with Pamela sometime please?

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