458. David Thomas

Dave ThomasDavid Thomas is a self-realization teacher, speaker, and writer living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Through self-inquiry and deep meditation, he has gained a deeper understanding of the true inner-self and liberation. He seeks to guide individuals in their pursuit of their true nature through his writing, speaking, and personal coaching.

David’s teachings are from his own personal experiences and he shares his insights through videos, quotes, and poems. His works are created to help uplift and heal those who seek release from their constant pain and suffering caused by mental bondage. He speaks from his personal experience of having being lost in ignorance, then finding the truth within, and experiencing nirvikalpa samadhi. One conversation with him truly has the power to transform the way you see and experience life. The love and wisdom he often radiates is a blessing to all seekers of truth.

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Interview recorded June 9, 2018

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.