078. Jan Esmann

Jan was born 1960 and grew up in Bury, England. His parents were Danish. In 1967 the family moved to Denmark. Jan’s dad is an engineer and there was no spiritual influence from either parent. Yet Jan showed strong spiritual yearnings since an early age. Jan trained as an artist under the Danish painter Niels Hermann Wamberg; he also studied art restoration at the Royal Academy in order to learn the traditional craft. Jan also studied at the university and acquired an MA in history of modern culture. Today Jan works as a full time professional artist and also has a software company developing photo retouching plug-ins for Photoshop.

After doing Transcendental Meditation and the TM Siddhi Programme for six years, Jan felt the need for a guru and found Gururaj Ananda Yogi whom he stayed with for three years. Then Jan’s Kundalini was so active, that he did not need any other guidance than what the Shakti gave, so he gave up on gurus and meditated by observing the inner Shakti’s workings. Following this, Jan began to be contagious and the Kundalini might spontaneously awaken in those that meditated with him. After some years, Jan met Amma and related to her as a spiritual master for about ten years. But again the Shakti guided Jan to meditate on his own and follow the inner guidance of the Shakti. Today Jan would describe his spirituality as being grabbed by Mother’s grace. The Divine Mother who resides in everybody as Kundalini Shakti and patiently waits to unfold as a vibrating field of love, bliss and grace.

Interview recorded 7/10/2011.

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2nd interview with Jan

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. here is Jan’s Esmann’s summary from his level of experience… addressing the point… whether there is duality in the process of awakening ?…

    “… Well, There is and there is not (such a duality); it depends on your level of enlightenment.
    1) In basic Self-realization there is such a duality, but one tends to believe one has transcended it and that one has reached the advaitic state. One lives in the unmanifest and the unmanifest is non-dual, however, there is still a duality between the unmanifest and the manifest. (All the neo-advaita gurus).
    2) In bliss-consciousness, that comes after, one realizes there still is duality and revels in it as devotion to supreme divinity in and as the manifest,- though one is actually now about to transcend the duality.
    3) In unity-consciousness, that comes after bliss-consciousness, the duality is gone. This is real advaita.” ~ Jan Esmann… also can watch his interview @ batgap.com…

  2. Reading Jan’s description, as shared by anatol, above, I am reminded of:

    1) concentric layers (AKA levels) beget concentric levels; and,

    2) at the center of all constructs of concentric layers is…

    3) emptiness.

    Of all the fingers which point to enlightenment that I have crossed paths with, the one that I resonate the most with is…

    “Enlightenment is the disappearance of the one who wants it.” – Sally Ann Hughes

    I suspect that this also includes the one who endeavors to map it out.

  3. Peter: “…“Enlightenment is the disappearance of the one who wants it.” – Sally Ann Hughes
    I suspect that this also includes the one who endeavors to map it out.”

    Peter… how does your “suspect” follow logically from Sally’s quote?… is your deduction true?… is it absolutely true?…

    … isn’t it possible that the one who disappeared into enlightenment( emptiness )… has reappeared with compassion( fullness )… to provide a map for the un-enlightened…

  4. posting Jan’s 3 phases was to give a framework to perhaps start addressing the following :

    1) are some “neo-advaitists” stuck in non-duality ?
    in emptiness… not maturing toward fullness… ?

    2) is there duality along the path of awakening to non-duality ?
    which is being ignored… not acknowledged… ?

    3) is there spiritual maturity along the path of awakening expressing compassion morality etc ?

    As a map… Jan’s 3 phases correspond well with

    1) MMY’s CC, GC, UC…
    CC ~ cosmic consciousness ~ discover who you are… “I Am… That… Unbounded Bliss Consciousness… I Am…” ~ MMY
    GC ~ God Consciousness ~ opening of heart expressed as love & appreciation of all creation
    UC ~ Unity Consciouness ~ realization that all are one… there is nothing other then Unbounded Bliss Consciousness

    apparently Jan experienced all these phases on his spiritual journey to a large extent… perhaps the same phases… can be experienced by others … to a lesser or a greater degree… and not necessarily in linear order…

    likewise there seems to be a correlation with Adya’s map… so far what i heard is that it included awakening in… 1) head… 2) heart… 3) gut… hopefully Rick can ask Adya about this…

    not familiar with Ken Wilber’s maps… but probably good correlation… is my guess…

    Jesus map… first find the Kingdom of God within yourself… then interact with the world… for now you have the power to even love your enemies… and find that all are One with the Father…

    in my view… spiritual maps… are given to us by enlightened ones… out of compassion… just because some misinterpret them & misuse them… does not mean they are obstacles…

  5. Wow. I just finished listening to the interview with Jan. I get the clear feeling that he’s the real deal and deeply awakened into a high state of being. Like someone earlier posted, I’ve only experienced maybe about 0.1% of what Jan has. I’m reaching out from across the globe and giving a pranam and prostration to Jan with playfulness and some seriousness. Hey Jan: If you read this, send a little shaktipat my way. Just address it to Amma’s Ashram in India where I live. And don’t tell Amma! ( smile! ). Maybe the shaktipat Jan is so wonderfully offering is all coming from Amma anyway… After listening to Jan a part of me feels unworthy also having an interview on this site. So Rick, if you accidentally remove my interview, it’s no problem! 🙂 I will recommend people listen to Jan’s interview to hear an ordinary person who’s had seriously profound awakenings. Very inspiring. I got a similar feeling listening to Mary Foster. I’m getting a very good feeling inside knowing that ordinary people like Jan and Mary are awakening to such amazing levels and with such amazing humility. I feel it’s great news for the whole planet. I bow to their feet and pray that Amma will drag me there one day also (please ignore my kicking and screaming as She drags me… 🙂

    Thanks as always to Rick for a wonderful podcast that continues to inspire.

  6. Reading these comments, a very persistent doubt came up, and I would like to share it here, so maybe someone can help me clarify. For 13 years I have been practicing TM and siddhis, and considering Maharishi to be my master. As I have never met him in person, and as my spiritual experiences are expanding so much, an urge to be guided by an enlightened person is growing in my heart. It´s causing a division inside me. Sometimes I think Maharishi is guiding me and I should not deviate from him, sometimes I think I should really be in the physical presence of a realized human being. As the urge for truth is increasing daily inside myself, I would really apreciate some guidance or comments on that. Thank you very much!

  7. My experience of unity conscioussness leads me to think that one could not function if one stayed there. My experience was very brief though it felt like an eternity and was total bliss, but I was completely gone, I mean GONE and really do not see there being any functionality unless there maybe are levels of unity conscioussness. As far as not attempting to stimulate kundalini to arise, I would advise against it as I nearly died. Though I now reap benefits, in retrospect, it was not worth it as at the time the suffering was so exterme. I have never heard anyones story anywhere express some of the types of things I went through, though I also experienced the ‘standard’ types of things people talk about. For me it was literally a magnified hell (though there were blissful things also). So when people say kundalini is totally beneficial, well…. if it is, then there is something that can go along with it that really can be extremely dangerous. At the very least make sure you have someone knowledgeable that can assist if trouble arises and also go into it ‘grounded’. My unity conscioussness happened decades before the kundalini rising, and I have had many other ‘types’ of experiences including seeing myself in everything around me (also occuring before the kundilini arising). I personally do not see any of these experiences as having anything to do with ‘being awake’ so attempting to ‘create’ these types of things I feel can be a distraction. Not that there is anything wrong with any of these things, just I sometimes think people think they need all these bells and whistles to ‘wake up’.

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