480. Sean Webb

As the author of a book that was used to influence millions of voters in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election through social media disinformation campaigns (without his knowledge), Sean Webb probably knows the human mind as well as anyone can. From his work in logically modeling human emotions for the world of Artificial Emotional Intelligence, to his real-world practice as an author, speaker, and guide to helping individuals supercharge their minds and lives with the knowledge of how their mind works, Sean pushes the bleeding edge of mind sciences to the next level.

The interesting part; Sean credits his knowledge to a conscious awakening he had 20 years ago which unfolded how the mind, the universe, and consciousness works both within and outside the human body. And science is proving him right.

Over the last 20 years, Sean has become one of the world’s leading experts in how the human mind works, particularly in the area of human emotions, the driving force and motivation of all human actions globally. His work is used by universities and engineering firms to teach emotional intelligence, the foundations of artificial emotional intelligence and his discoveries have proved so effective, that his work is currently being turned into programs to address addiction management and the mitigation of PTSD after early amazing successes within those applications.

As an alumnus of Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technologies Development Center, Sean has spent years solving complex systems problems for cutting edge technology and supercomputing companies. His latest complex system solve is associated with the mind; how to model mind processes, how to manipulate mind output, and how to use those disciplines to our collective human advantage. His heart lies in this last portion of the project; teaching individuals about our minds so as to understand the thought processes that steal our happiness and block our ability to enjoy life. He loves sharing the practical neuroscience of how to hack the mind to generate happiness from within without any strings attached, and without changing any of life’s external conditions. He has indeed discovered a new door into the deep mind manipulation, where only practiced meditation and psychedelics have been able to take us before.

Sean has spoken at Science of Consciousness, Science and Nonduality, UNC, UGA, ASU, Emory, Georgia Tech, for numerous multinational corporations, and at NASA. Check out Sean’s work at MindHackingHappiness.com.

Sean and his wife are licensed foster parents and are active in numerous children’s and animal charities.


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Transcript of this interview

Interview recorded October 25, 2018.

YouTube Video Chapters:

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump
  • 00:03:44 – The Beginnings of Meditation Experience
  • 00:07:25 – The Ineffable Experience of Consciousness
  • 00:10:23 – Transition to a Tree-Hugging Hippie
  • 00:13:26 – Shutting off the Limbic System
  • 00:16:33 – Transformations and Addiction Recovery
  • 00:20:32 – The Journey to Happiness Through Zen
  • 00:24:53 – The Shift in Perspective and Increased Efficiency
  • 00:29:07 – Detaching from the Outcome
  • 00:33:06 – The Well-spring of Happiness
  • 00:41:05 – The Experience of Learning through Counting Apples and Hot Tubs
  • 00:47:58 – The Marriage of Science and Spirituality
  • 00:54:34 – The Role of Consciousness in Quantum Mechanics
  • 00:58:53 – The Interaction Between Microtubules and Quantum Field
  • 01:03:31 – The Role of Consciousness in Understanding Reality
  • 01:07:22 – The All-Pervading Intelligence
  • 01:11:54 – Consciousness as the Ground State of Creation
  • 01:16:32 – Expanding the Sense of Self
  • 01:20:23 – Understanding Negative Emotions
  • 01:23:45 – Understanding and Turning Off Negative Thoughts
  • 01:27:30 – Finding Silence amidst Physical Demands
  • 01:30:38 – Understanding Anger and Reacting Proactively
  • 01:34:53 – Understanding Anger and Self-Control
  • 01:39:32 – Experiencing Your Own Mind
  • 01:43:36 – Shifting Perspective to Meta-awareness
  • 01:49:09 – Artificial Emotions and Perception Engines
  • 01:55:03 – Supporting the Effort and Helping More Folks
  • 01:58:08 – The Power of Communication Technologies and Spiritual Awakening
  • 02:02:10 – The Earth’s Immune System
  • 02:05:17 – Alignment with Nature’s Intelligence
  • 02:07:00 – Music