Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our volunteers whose generous service makes BatGap possible. They include:

Main Volunteers
Angel MarcloidLarry KellyJerry Bixman
Angel Marcloid - Video and Audio Post-ProductionLarry Kelly – audio post-productionJerry Bixman – Coordination of guest recording equipment and production set-up
Dan O'KeefeLauren Medeiros
Marc McCotter – database development expertDan O’Keefe – fields questions during live interviews..Lauren Medeiros – Social Media Expert.
Other Volunteers
Kate CrosbyDavid (Davidya) BucklandPaul LaFontaine
Kate Crosby – Creation of tags for YouTube videos.David Buckland – website technical support
Paul LaFontaine - Weblink Checker & Transcriptionist
Michal SkalaDulcineia AlcockJussi Penttinen
Michal Skala - Czech translationDulcineia Santos - Portuguese translationJussi Penttinen - Finnish translation
LunaAndreas LaudenMary Salama
Luna – occasional sound effects (barking)Andreas Lauden - Swedish translationMary Salama - Transcription
Theo - general disruption
Volunteers Emeritus
Ralph PrestonMatthew LaBarreHemant Singh
Ralph Preston. Video post-production.Matthew LaBarre – coordinator of translation and subtitlingHemant Singh. Technical support.
Nicolas Oneto
Damián Nicolás Oneto – coordinator of translation and subtitling

If you like to volunteer in some way, please see our Volunteer Opportunities page.