Volunteers and Staff

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our volunteers and staff whose generous service makes BatGap possible. They include:

Main Volunteers/Staff
Angel MarcloidLarry KellyJerry Bixman
Angel Marcloid (staff) - Video and Audio Post-ProductionLarry Kelly (staff/volunteer) – audio post-productionJerry Bixman – Guest production set-up
Lauren Medeiros
Marc McCotter – database development expertJohn Leimgruber - Developer of BatGap Interview Content Search EngineLauren Medeiros – Social Media Expert.
Occasional Volunteers
David (Davidya) BucklandKate Crosby
Inari Kiuru, BatGap "Recommended Books" pages.David Buckland - technical helpKate Crosby - YouTube tags
LunaLeng LuTheo
Luna – occasional sound effects (barking)Leng Lu - Chinese translationTheo - general disruption
Transcript Proofreading
Landon HallGay Brice
Landon HallAnnette McLeodGay Brice
Preethi RaoCindy Scott
Preethi RaoCindy ScottSarah Whitbourn
Peter JohnstonSandy IbrahimSarah Kowalski
Volunteers Emeritus
Ralph PrestonHemant SinghDan O'Keefe
Ralph Preston. Video post-production.Hemant Singh - technical helpDan O’Keefe – Coordinating questions & main points

If you like to volunteer in some way, please see our Volunteer Opportunities page.