470. Sarah Taylor

Sarah TaylorSarah was an actor, writer, and stand-up comedian when she – and her whole world – were turned upside down. And inside out. And dissolved. And then revealed itself to be none other than the seamless one thing that spiritual seekers have sought.

But Sarah wasn’t looking for that.

An anxious, atheistic insomniac who simply wanted to get a good night’s sleep, she took up meditation, immersed herself in Buddhist practice, and got way more than she asked for.

She soon began undergoing a series of profound shifts in consciousness, with unity eventually revealing itself. And of course, there have been the ensuing cleanup and integration processes that naturally occur as awakening deepens and is embodied.

While navigating this radical shift in identity, Sarah was working and creating as an actor and writer/stand up comedian, performing nightly at the comedy clubs in Los Angeles. She fell in love, too!

Today, a deepening and a maturation continue to endlessly unfold, as Sarah revels and delights in being nothing and everything: a divine being as well as a messy human.

For about a decade, Sarah has worked as an intuitive energy healing practitioner (Reiki Master + more), spiritual mentor, and Creative Soul guide, helping people navigate awakening and the expression of their creative flow and unique gifts in the world. She seems to be an igniter or catalyst for people to connect with their distinctive soul truth, as well as the deeper, one true nature of their being, holding both the human and the spirit that we are in loving harmony.

She is writing a book, The Divine Mess: The Buddha Never Mentioned This Sh*t, and tours with her solo performance and stand up comedy.

She lives with her husband, two cats, and an annoyed chihuahua in Los Angeles.


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