037. Joel Rumbolo

I was born on June 14,1946 in Elizabeth, NJ and now live in North West Jersey. As a child I was aware of a vast stillness each night when I would close my eyes and lay down for sleep. The world seemed to dissolve in a blissful silence each night until waking in the morning. This experience was forgotten until found again while learning Transcendental Meditation. That profound first encounter with meditation set my feet on a path which culminated years later in the realization that our true nature is vast empty stillness that at the same time is full with life.

In a very practical sense, this shift in perception has greatly changed reactions to daily life. Every aspect of life is underscored by a spontaneous peaceful acceptance that is beyond intellectual understanding. The world is experienced as arising and dissolving in unconditional knowing. There is no sense of a separate individual struggling or accomplishing anything. Life goes on without anxiety, worry and obsessively mulling over a past that is gone and future that hasn’t happened. Seeing life this way allows a freedom to totally embrace experiences as they unfold. Even as the mind continues to judge situations as good or bad there is a deeper knowing that it’s all ok.

Interview recorded 9/15/2010

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.