Comments from those who have been inspired by BatGap.

Thanks for giving voice to so many spiritually awakening people. Your steadfast commitment has enlivened our lives while reinforcing our conviction that living a conscious life as Spiirit can make a difference in turning around a planet that appears to be on a death march. —In love, Doug and Radavie


Your podcast: have been devouring it all. I was at rock bottom. After 10 years of atheism, 2 years in Scientology and a year of keeping the walls towards anything spiritual high, I gave up. The first interview I listened to was the guy who saw a picture of Tibet and felt it was “home”. I had that experience in my early 20s with images of Tibet. The synchronicity of the messages and order that I listen is guiding me towards something bigger. You said “I’d love to tell Christopher Hitchens I don’t believe in the god you don’t believe in” and a light bulb went off. What you’re doing is so valuable and of great importance. I really just wanted to tell you you saved my life and i am really grateful. —Ashley


I’ve been watching Batgap over the years with my wife. We love the combination of asking penetrating questions, dialoguing with your guests while contributing insights, knowledge and “clippings” from your own journey. It makes for a very rich experience on our end. All this without steeling the lime lite from your guest. What we also appreciate is how you may challenge your guest while not being confrontational about it. Just wonderful. If anything, from time to time, I feel the biographical background can go on a bit long and squeeze out time from the subject matter. That’s the least of it though and in no way minimizes the meat of this e-mail. I’ll be heading for the donate button. Blessings. —Doug


I am so incredibly grateful to BatGap for these beautiful, encouraging, enlightening interviews. I have been going through serious trauma for a couple of years, as well as a very chaotic dark night of the soul that accompanied an awakening of extra-sensory abilities, and in the middle of it all I completely lost faith. The BATGAP interviews shone a bright light into my black, cold cave of fear. There is nothing I could write in this short testimonial that could fully express what this show means to me. I am so filled with gratitude. Thank you. —S.C.


I’m from the Netherlands and I’d like to express what BatGap means to me.  Recently I read a book about the life of C.G. Jung. Although I recognized a lot in his loneliness and the feeling that the world wasn’t ready for his ideas, I also realized that times have changed – at least a bit. BatGap is the best proof of it: So many people, so many voices and just one message: Love, Oneness, God, Source, Mystery – names are just names.

For me, BatGap is a balm for the soul, and knowing that you are somewhere out there, and that all those people like me are listening or watching, feels like one big ‘spiritual’ family.  I wish I could find the words to describe how much this feeling of being connected, that you facilitate, means to me. I hope that you know what I’m trying to express when I just say THANK YOU! Lots of love and my warmest wishes for the holidays.  —Monique


No words can begin to express my deep gratitude for the incredibly rich spiritual sustenance that you so generously offer. At age 82, after 40+ years of ardent meditation and spiritual seeking, Batgap is my main Sangha.


Thanks for what you’re doing. A friend recommended your podcast to me about a year ago, at a time when I was dealing with the overwhelming, even terrifying, energies that await spiritual seekers. You and your guests have helped me get a better handle on some experiences I’ve had. You really are doing an invaluable service. Many people on this path get lost, and believe it or not (though I think you can believe it), some of them would stay lost, or drift into even more troubled waters, if not for your show.

Finally, I wanted to encourage you to maintain the same interview style and the same interrogative focus. You’ve mentioned some negative feedback. I get the impression that some listeners want to revere the guests instead of exploring spirituality. But your critical focus, and your emphasis on the phenomenology of spirituality, is what makes this podcast truly valuable. —Love,  Brett


I just want to say thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into providing us with these wonderful interviews!  I have heard so many beautiful pointers from you and your guests on this journey back to where we never really left. You are a mighty companion for us all! Your light, love, and devotion is a great help. Thank you! Your interviews support all of humanity and waking up together is such a gift! In Eternal Gratitude —Vivian


This is simply a thank you for providing this incredible resource to the world. I was feeling much more alone on the spiritual path until I came across BATGAP. You provide a service that is changing the world and my life. —Leah


I just wanted you to know that I unsubscribed Jonah only because he passed away. The last two years of his life, while dealing with increasing health problems that took away much of his ability “to do” in the world, he always said that one of the main things that gave his life continued quality of life was listening to Buddha at the Gas Pump. He got so much from Rick’s interviews about awakening, dealing with illness consciously, near death experiences and embodying spiritual teachings. A high point of each month for him were the new postings. It helped him grow so much and open with ever more trust and reach such peace in his passing. The room was filled with so much love. So this is a grand THANK YOU from Jonah and from me for all you do. Blessings and love —Alissa (Jonah’s partner of 32 years)


Batgap offers an invaluable buffet of awakening perspectives. In the last 2 months you have propelled my experience and understanding far beyond years of seeking truth from a select few. Thank you —Ben


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping save my life. I have been recovering from an addiction now for a few years and have been in some dark places, listening to the wonderful interviews has given me hope and joy even when I’ve felt hopeless and lost, for that I am truly grateful !! Thank you for your work, it doesn’t go unnoticed over here in Wales UK  —Gareth


I have been listening and watching Batgap now for a few years and your show has changed my life. I have been introduced to teachers and concepts that have helped me through incredible challenges in my own awakening, and taught me an enormous amount about the spiritual path. With thanks to you I also have met a number of dear friends from different corners of the globe. I feel like I have begun to find my own “tribe” after many years of feeling spiritually isolated. So… THANK YOU!!!
—Blessings, Corene, Australia


I watch Rick’s interviews all the time. They are such a blessing. The work that you all do on behalf of bringing awareness to the potential that exists in all of us (to live from our highest self) is profound. I tell everyone I know about batgap.com. I come from a traditional Lutheran background. You have helped open my heart and mind to the Mystery of God as the Intelligence of the Universe. Keep up the work of raising the vibrational level of the planet, —Julie Honsey


I have been ill with Parkinson’s disease & peripheral neuropathy for several years – home bound & frequently bed-bound. Since discovering BATGAP, it has served as my sangha. Rick is an outstanding interviewer, and I especially enjoy the discussions with “average folks”. I am an artist who can no longer paint – in fact, typing this letter is a major chore by itself.  I am inspired to hear how many & varied spiritual people exist out there. Thanks so much for keeping me alive and sane!! —Steve


I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you have created Batgap. I studied Buddhism and the perennial philosophy 20 years ago, and since then, though I had an intellectual knowing of what teachers like Eckhart and Buddha were talking about, spiritual practice had dulled to a sort of pale self-help. I kind of gave up. I had NO idea that “ordinary” people, were having such “extraordinary” growth. I’m now fully committed to recognizing my resistance to awareness, and seeing things how they are.

The diversity of your guests, from different traditions, or no tradition, and even the range of experiences experienced by those on an outwardly similar path, is a kind of meta-lesson on this unfolding. The emphasis on the development of the interviewees in the aftermath of awakenings also is fascinating and illuminating.

Finally, the interviews show a side of the guests that we will not always see in their own books and videos. Kudos! —Steve


To all of you at Batgap thanks so much for your great work.  This is a one stop shopping for those with a thirst for Truth.   You have such a great variety of interesting people from all walks of life and experiences.  Its so great that you are able to share all of this with those who are on this amazing journey of Self discovery. Blessings to all of you. Love —Carol


Batgap is doing such a service for the world.  And it has helped me immensely these past few years.  I’ve been going through a really rough time, and the Batgap interviews help keep me spiritually connected – a real lifeline! So thank you again for making it possible.
Peace and love. —K


Thank you all for such a wonderful and inspiring program. There is no fluff
or hype. Just authentic people and conversation. Thanks for adding so much
to my Spiritual journey. —April


I work in MRI at a hospital. In the last few months I have been overcome with emotion from all the suffering I see at my job. It came on sudden and was unexpected. I’ve been at my job for 13 yrs and I thought I had learned to manage the pain I see. During that time I found your show and have listened to it during my commutes. Your show and it’s guest have given me a new perspective on life and death and have genuinely help me. For that I just wanted to say Thank you —John


Thank you to everyone working at Batgap. I cannot and will never be able to express my gratitude for such an amazing team for creating one of the most heart centered and beautiful organizations out there. The work you do has changed my life and I’m sure hundreds of thousands of others just like me. I am working towards offering money and service in the future but for the time being I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to all that you do! Thank you so much! —Raphaela


I am an African American mystic/contemplative:  I am on permanent retreat.
My devotional & meditative practices are intended to enable a healthy, balanced
spiritual “awakening”.

Batgap operates as my virtual spiritual community:  a source of teachers,
technique, tradition, & inspiration.  I can hardly thank you enough for all
that you have given to me….  I have experienced great joy, peace, deep
bliss, a well being that, without poetry, is inexplicable.  Of course it is
not stable:  I am a patient beginner, happy & blessed to live this life.

What I like in terms of your interviews:  More personal narrative, more
stories about how-and-why they practice.  More average students inside the
challenge of seeking.  I am less interested in theory, more interested in

Again I praise & thank you.  I wish all those who contribute to
Batgap the very best. —Regards, Michelle


I can’t get over what I’m learning from all these interviews. I love it. I’m the type of person that likes to hear different views and opinions and then come up with my own way of being. I am just so thrilled with the knowledge I’m getting and I really appreciate all of you. I think the interviews are superb. Thank you so much. My life is better for it. —Peace and Love, Claudia


Thank you, thank you thank you!!!! Your interviews with “ordinary awakening ” people have strengthened my new found sadhana for union with the Source. I always suspected that there is more to us than our body, mind and thoughts but was afraid to follow my hunch until I saw living examples on your show. I discovered you two months ago and have watched 200 interviews. I keep coming back for inspiration, joy and reconfirmation to continue the walk on this wonderful path. Incidentally, your quoting of Sanskrit verses hit home far more often than Indian Gurus expounding on them. Again thank you for your lovely work. — Sunny


Batgap, has exploded so many of my conceptual biases and it took close to 250 interviews to realize, no buddy has the thing buttoned up and so I could end the “search” and fully trust my own unique experience as valid as any buddy sharing with their perspective with the Big Family of waker uppers, waker downers and every buddy’s journey in between. I also loved thru the years, seeing Rick’s own transformation and enjoy very much the range of people outside the non-duality circus currently.

My own return to Innocence had a lot to do with Batgap.  I knew seeking had ended (Muktananda, Adya and Igor were my teachers) and I would add a fourth that let me own my own liberation…Batgap. —Hamsa


Hi Rick, Irene, and all who make these podcasts/videos possible…

I have been very enriched by these interviews. I’m traveling now and have been listening, as I do frequently at home as well. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these talks. My spiritual life has broadened and focused and come to be so much more for me as a result of your work. I thank you!

I recently lost my mom and dad (last 2 years). I have always been a seeker, but the loss caused a renewed vow to step up my seeking, to be the best man I can be. Your work is literally changing and improving my life. The access to so many varied ideas and experiences is profoundly helping my search.

Thank you, so much! In deep appreciation and respect, —Paul


I enjoy the interviews immensely. I am one of those people (that seem to be increasing in number) that suddenly realized I was not my thoughts. I live in a small village in Scotland and I had never heard of Enlightenment or Awakening or anything of the sort. I am a family man with three children and run a children’s nursery with my wife. As you can imagine, it has been both wonderful and sometimes tricky to navigate forward. I was completely on my own with my experience but every new interview that Rick conducts seems to have something that meets me exactly where I am in my unfolding. What BatGap is doing is incredibly important and I thank you with all my heart.

— Kind regards, Mark Beveridge, Scotland.

I really do like your interviews. Beside Iain and Renate McNay you are the best source of talking to people about becoming awake.  It can be a difficult and lonely journey but your interviews really help a traveler find his way among the thickets of confusion and uncertainty. The internet has lots of content, unfortunately most of it is questionable.  I have learned to be more discerning as I trust my inner guides to keep me on the straight and narrow. All of this is a process and I can see it takes as long as the you that isnt there takes to understand that. Keep up the good work and look forward to more of your insightful interviews.
With Gratitude —George


I accidentally found you two months ago when setting up I pod apps. on my smart phone.  I am 76 yrs. old and began reading and discussing “with a few friends”:   Gurdjieff, Ornstein, Ouspensky, Kornfield, Rumi, Ram Dass, A.H.Almaas, Adyashanti, and so many others and especially KEN WILBER since my 30’s.  Even though I have never had a sustained true unity experience, I have been able to live a much more conscious life with greater ease, peace, and joy because of this spiritual journey, these teachings, and various meditations.

At this stage in my life I have done enough reading.  However, your insightful interviews are like visiting with friends about their journeys and often full of inspiring insights and helpful reminders.  I am listening to you every night in bed and so far have not fallen asleep before the interview ends…..Keep up the excellent work and service that you are providing us.    Peace be with you both. —Carol


Your interviews continue to transform my life EVERY DAY. I went from feeling lonely to feeling excited about life and being in the moment every minute in a total state of bliss dwelling in the certainty of the uncertainty of life as it unfolds. – NK


Want to thank you sincerely for your work! It has given me so much and I very much appreciate what you do and how you do it with knowledge, background information, respect for each guest, understanding, warmth, sharp questions, and delicate handling of sensitive issues. You have a skillful way of keeping an interview together, clarifying it for the watchers and simply making it beautifully comprehensive and compact at the same time. That would not be possible without a genuine heart and a huge concentration and presence. Thank you for appearing as the the “green line where the different peaks and impulses occur and calm down”. Just want to express my gratitude. Bless you and your volunteers! — Love, Outi


I’ve been immersing myself in your podcasts lately and feel compelled to write and say thank you for the work that you are doing through BATGAP.  As long-time student of Life (and Adyashanti) I particularly appreciate your ability to meet the guests on a level that generates questions and comments beyond what other interviewers might because of their limited perspective. I love hearing the varied approaches of your interviewees … for the most part it normalizes my own journey, but also helps me to feel and appreciate the uniqueness of my life and perspective. What you are doing is filling a very important gap for those of us who are in the process of awakening.
Thank you! Namaste ~ Blessings of health and peace,
— Caroline


I’m just writing to thank you for everything you’re doing with this show. I’m a recovering Neo-Advaita dummy (all understanding, no experience or practice) who realized recently how useless that view can be when life gets hard. Your show’s been such a huge help for me recently in expanding my view on all this. I’m headed off to my first 10-day Vipassana retreat tomorrow, and I even had a Skype chat with Stephan Bodian the other day after listening to him on your show. It feels like I have a friend out there asking all the questions that I want to ask, and I’m so grateful. Gratitude doesn’t come easily to me through the walls of cynicism I’ve built around myself, but I’ve learned to trust my intuition when it does. Please accept my donation as a token of my gratitude for you and what you do. Feels like I’m just getting started now, but I hope maybe one day I can see the world the way you all do. —Best


Thanks Bat Gap. I love the interviews! They have really helped broaden my understanding of spiritual practice. They are such a resource and gift to the world.
It’s just extraordinary that you offer these for donation only and shows the sincerity with which you are practicing in your own lives. Much gratitude to you and all in the Batgap team! Love,—Indrabodhi


You are doing such a fantastic job of being “global connectors” 🙂 hosting this show. Not just in portraying the individuals who have gone through these transformations, but you are also doing it with so much class and minimal fluff. I love it. I look forward to your updates and hopefully you will have many more followers from this side of the world (Bangalore/India). All the very best and thank you so much for such a priceless service.
I have often thought about writing my thanks to you; now your lovely Christmas email prompts me to do so. To date, I have listened to 132 of your interviews. The majority have each given me something precious: hope, confirmation, techniques for practice, a slightly different way to think about things, a sense of connection, important books to read, etc. In the spirit of the interviews, I tried to remember who were the significant teachers in my life. In a sense, everyone, but specifically, who have I spent considerable time with (none in person) and incorporated their teachings? Ram Das and Eckhart Tolle come to mind, and you. Consistently, for 132 segments of time, I have listened to your values, beliefs, and knowings, your sincere questions, your non-judgmental approach to people’s stories, your ability to offer differing points of view without argument, your honest admission that sometimes you talk too much, your willingness to join people in spirit no matter how unusual they seem. For me, your teaching is about being authentic and allowing life to unfold as it does. I am grateful for your show which offers me so much. – Jan
Thank you so very much for your wonderful show. Your amazing in these interviews: humble, thoughtful, sincere, very intelligent and yet so honest about what you don’t know (w/out making a big deal out of it). The show is truly a gift. The stories and comments of your guests are catalyzing transformation in audience members as we speak, but the viewing experience would simply not be the same without the beauty you bring to the interviews. Best wishes — Deirdre


I feel a need to express my very deep gratitude to you. You have become my ultimate Teacher. Your interviews with awakened people, together with your right questions, suggestions and great observations has led me step by step toward the next passing by The Gateless Gate. Last two interviews I was listening to while walking in the Polish mountains, in the sun and snow. Then I meditated with complete surrender. And it HAPPENED AGAIN as it did 3.5 years ago after reading Jed McKenna’s: Enlightenment, The Spiritual Warfare! Overwhelming Oneness of Everything with an empty grateful-amazed-loving-present me. God, the Universe has found again the way to me with your help. HE/SHE has become ONE with an immensely small and humble-observing-admiring and happy me. Mountains, trees, even the wind are talking to me, showing we are ONE. My Labrador dog and me are the same. All doubts and fears and longings have gone.

THANK YOU BatGap! Thank you Adyashanti and Francis Bennet, and Nukunu Larsen, thank you Tom Campbell, and Bart Marshall, thank you Hameed. THANK YOU ALL THE GUESTS OF BATGAP! I would never have met all these wonderful teachers if not for you.There is a very long path in front of me, as you many times have pointed out. And I hope to keep walking it and deepening the presence till I am free from this body. Maybe one day I will obtain enough wisdom to share and help other seeking souls.

I fear nothing, I don’t need acceptance or love. God, Universe, and Consciousness through me loves and accepts everything and everyone. My very deep gratitude and best thoughts, for you.  — Dominik


I’ve been watching Buddha at the gas pump for some time,
and I just felt like writing you that I really appreciate your work,
your passion, honesty and dedication to creating this wonderful
platform where people can hear and learn about what spiritual
awakening and maturation really is.

It seems to me that due to these kinds of conversation and constructive
friction between many voices, spirituality, or our understanding of it, can
truly mature and be of greater benefit to many honest seekers. I love your
questions, the subtle emphasizing of core questions that arise on this
quest of self discovery and evolution.

Continue your awesome work. With much love, —Tom


I always learn so much from your interviews, but the last one with Rupert Spira seemed to really be transcendent for me.  Your probing questions and his insightful answers, along with both of your examples and metaphors really brought the “teachings” to light.

I was listening in the middle of the night at one point, and in the morning, I felt a pure state of joy upon awakening that seemed to come directly from realizing that I, indeed, am aware, rather than a mere physical body.  Not a state of awareness, but simply aware as the life force is flowing–something that can’t even be described with words.

Today as I was listening again I heard the part where you two talked about how Truth doesn’t even know falsehood.  How Infinite doesn’t know finite.  I recalled how my teacher in the 80s and 90s (Vernon Howard) told us that “God doesn’t even know you!” and he was saying the same thing!  He was saying a made up entity trying to talk to God isn’t even heard!  When you and Rupert went into this with such depth, Vernon’s words became even more clear to me.

And Rupert’s message is so hopeful in the highest sense.  He is telling us that God is indeed calling, not in the way we thought, but there is a call, and we can hear it each time we get ourselves out of the way.  And even when we don’t get ourselves out of the way, our suffering will prompt us to wake up and listen.  It too is a call.

I am so grateful for your work. —Jeanne


I want to express my deep, deep gratitude for the the existence of this site. I have recently encountered the huge shifts in perception and profound experiences along (what is becoming apparent as!) the endless journey and unfoldment of ‘awakening’, with no former understanding or teaching of Advaita or non-duality. The teachers, views and information within your library of interviews have helped, guided and supported me at a time when no one in my world understood or had had similar experience. I have had some direct contact with Scott Kiloby regarding help with my addictive behaviour after watching his interviews and am also reading the books of many other interviewees. The hub that is ‘Buddha at the Gas Pump’ is a huge resource and gift to the world. Your time, effort and love has given me access to endless support and comfort at this time of huge change. Thank you. — Nat


After years of searching, your videos pointed me in the right direction. I have listened to your interviews since 2011, I believe. A couple of weeks ago I went on to listen to all the content I could find on Mooji and Gangaji. Kosi was another teacher I think helped through one of her videos. But it was Gangaji’s material that took me home.

I’m a regular person. I was born in Mexico. Came to the US at age 23, in 2001 for graduate school. I am now working as a university professor, teaching Spanish at a small private catholic university in NJ. I’m 37 years old. And this past Wednesday, through self-enquiry, I met myself.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I will continue to listen. I believe I should start donating too. But most of all, I wanted to tell you that now I understand that you appeared in my consciousness to point me in the right direction. You were one of those elements that brought me home. Than you very very much. —Jaime


Firstly I want to say that I am finding your interviews very interesting and useful. I came to you website trying to make sense of a large number of “experiences” that I have had all through my life. I came (despite many years of zen meditation) in complete ignorance as it turned out. Your interviews have allowed me to piece together my life, which has had me so many times shaking my head and saying to myself “What the hell was that?”



Thanks for your response, which by the way I was not expecting.

Since I have your ear, let me take a moment to say something that is on my heart.

By way of background, I’m a professional, in my early 50s and run my own business, in other words, an ordinary person.  I have been meditating and engaged in a spiritual practice for 25 years.  Until about 5 years ago, my practice was confined to Zen Buddhism, but all of a sudden, my experiences stopped conforming to what I understood, perhaps wrongly, to be the confines of this tradition.  They were much bigger and more wonderful and at the same time confusing and scary.  I didn’t know what to do about this change.

Over time, I started listening to the show that you produce, and it helped facilitate the transition I was undergoing and continue to undergo.  Through the range of wonderful guests being interviewed, I had an opportunity to see what was happening to me in a larger context and to not be so fixed on experiencing this transformation through one particular lens.  So for that, I would like to personally say, thank you!

I also believe that your show serves a broader cultural function.  There are unifying themes to a wide range of what we now call non-dual spiritual traditions and experiences, and I think that you do a good job of selecting a wide range of guests and bringing out these commonalities.  In fact, one of Rick’s strengths, in my opinion, is how he approaches and interviews people who are eccentric or unusual but who are nevertheless onto something.  So, please, keep doing that.  I think that helping others understand the broad sweep and scope of “awakening” is an important role that you are filling not only for our spiritual community but for our culture as awakening becomes more common and others become interested in it.

On the flip side, one of the ways that the gem of what we “insiders” have discovered remains hidden is when the the words and concepts we use to discuss the ineffable are appropriated by people who should not be held up as examples.  I write as someone who values what you are doing and sees its potential and truly hopes it is realized.

Thanks —Tim


Thank you so much for doing this show and inspiring me. It gives me even more of an impetus to love & serve. The last interview was beautiful.
With love from Scotland  —Anne


Rick I have been wanting to write you for a few months now and I just wanted thank you for all you’ve done for me with your interviews. I am just a beginner, but my life has changed for the better so much because of listening to them. I’ve been struggling for 48 years now, and finally feel good about the path I’ve been on. I also like how you speak up for me, for us, that are not awakened. I have zero paranormal experiences and it makes me feel like there’s not much hope for me to advance to those levels. But I do believe what they are saying is true, and so living with that belief can only be a good thing. Anyway, thanks again and keep up the good work!


I thank you for your wonderful interviews. I can’t imagine anyone more suited to conducting them than Rick. When I watch Rick, with all his earnestness and hunger for the truth, I feel as though I am watching myself. I was watching the interview with Francis Lucille yesterday and was struck when Lucille said something to the effect that we should be grateful for every wish that comes true as it is “god” revealing himself to us. I don’t quite believe in the god concept, but your work provides exquisite glimpses into the unfathomable, or should I say it is the unfathomable allowing itself to be revealed through these interviews.  —Muni


I don’t remember how I found batgap, but I’m glad I did.

I’ve listened to some of your interviews several times, and there’s so many more that I haven’t listened to yet. Nevertheless, I get the sense that your work is saving huge numbers of people uncounted years of time on the spiritual path by exposing us to those who have gone before us, or maybe they’ve gone down a path we can now choose to not go down. It gives us a sense of the various paths we can venture on from here, and might help some people get off of a path they may have believed they were somehow bound to. I suspect many course corrections have taken place as a result of your work.

Your interviews shine light on what so many of us are going for. It validates our hunches, our aha moments, our intuitions about the way forward, opens new doors we might not have known were there, and for myself your work has also helped me in the midst of feeling lost in the weeds, derailed and depressed by reminding me I’m not alone, that it happens, and it’s okay. I suspect others have been blessed by your work in similar ways.

In a way, what you have is like a big buffet instead of a menu, where we can get a better sense of what is being offered and it’s growing weekly. Tasty stuff. Another nice thing about your work is you seem to be just as interested in finding your way forward as the rest of us!

May you live long and prosper BatGap, and continue to share your journey with the rest of us.

With gratitude and a grin, —S


“I very much enjoy your interviews at BATGAP, thank you for your presence and inspiration! Yours is a very unique and brilliant way of being in contact, that I would describe as respectful, honest, curious, open, sensitive, warm, no bs. Fast-minded and full-hearted. Delightful. I’m looking forward to listen to more…” —Britta


I love the interviews you do….your style, your manner, your downtoearth-ness, and the wonderful variety of folks you bring to the table. Nothing stale, or boring or same ole’ same ole’. You get better and better and, as far as I’m concerned you’re one of the best interviewers around. Feel it important to tell you how much I appreciate your dedication to this and also all the insights you bring from your own life experiences.


This whole movement is really becoming rich and enlivened by this continuing discourse that BatGap has gotten off the ground. Well done! This is a great program and a great service to so many! Thank you for creating these wonderful dialogues.

I just stumbled across this site through a recommendation. I haven’t stopped watching it since. I want to thank you so much. I’m especially grateful for the female role models, especially the mothers. It is quite the most vital thing I have come across in YEARS.
THANK YOU!!!!!! —Sarah


Thanks BatGap! I have benefited from your interviews much more than all the books I have ever read on the subject. Each interview is unique and opens my (mind’s) eye to new things. You are born to do this. This is a Divine gift to/in you. I thank God for you.

I gotta say again, your interviewing skills are about as fine-tuned as I’ve ever heard anywhere, including all the journalists I’ve ever watched or heard, even NPR which are at the top – and I know it’s just you having a conversation, which beats everything!

In my old job with the Navajo president, I would rate the interviewing skills of the reporters who interviewed him. So many were just winging it, didn’t really know about issues and were just fishing for some good sound bite, and these were pro journalists for the most part. With your shows running at least 90 minutes and often longer, and with so many eclectic guests, your ability to keep up with every one of them, being able to digress but then come back to an earlier point, combined with your intellectual acuity and ability to express both questions and commentary with such clarity is truly impressive, Rick, especially considering that the show is unedited and this is just you, true blue. Your skill has really developed from the earliest shows, as good as those were, too. You gotta be told this if you ain’t being told! I always feel better after listening, and that’s saying something from my mud consciousness.


I am constantly astounded at the amazing interviews that you feature and the work that you all put in towards providing this spiritual resource.  It is beyond no other for me consistently. Thank you for all you do. I just sent another very modest donation. Thank you again  —Laura


I have only very recently been introduced to this whole “non-dualism” movement/trend thing… and I have been watching your many BatGap interviews in order to familiarize myself with some of the general ideas, attitudes, community, and “teachers” of the non-dualism community… which, as you know, is fairly divergent and somewhat difficult to pin down. Having recently undergone a radical deconversion from my mainline protestant religious background, I suppose I’ve been searching for a “next step” framework for spiritual growth that works for me. So I came across this one podcast where Richard Miller interviewed you, and I wanted you to know that – of all your various interviews – this was the one that resonated with me most of all. I found your down to Earth manner of explaining the complexities of non-dualism, as well as your “on the other hand” acceptance of a broad range of perspectives, to be both informative and refreshing. I just want to offer you this feedback, or rather this encouragement, that I appreciate the good work you are doing.


Since the internet there seems to be a giant leap in awareness growth and spiritual awakening. We are experiencing so many newly awakened beings on our planet – people who cherish nature, well being and togetherness instead of success, materialism and violence.

And it is so important to channel that information to all others, who are sensitive to that realm of awareness. I watch your wonderful interviews every week with all those beautiful people that are sculpturing a new humanity, that we all can be proud of.

You are contributing in such an awesome way to the spiritual growth of so many others in search of understanding and support. Your profound knowledge of religions, spiritual practices and teachings combined with a mediating expertise in creating connections and insights show a deep level of understanding and awareness! I am so grateful to be able to watch those interviews that help deepen my understanding of beingness.

You are offering an outstanding service to help transform humanity! —Robert


My name is Terry and I live in Austin, TX. I have been a spiritually-oriented guy since
adolescence, and a daily meditation practitioner (and other sadhana) since I was twenty.
I’m now 62. Have also had a great interest that whole time in the lives of saints, sages, yogis, and the enlightened from any, all, or no traditions, and have read whatever I could find on the subject.
I was drawn to this both because I thought it the real data about what actually happens to people, as well as because it would often have an inductive effect on my awareness, triggering other greatly appreciated aspects of awareness.

Perhaps two months ago I became aware of batgap, and began listening to various interviews; by now 20 – 30. Unexpectedly, but understandably at least after-the-fact, I noticed that doing so was having a significant effect on my further spiritual unfoldment. There was often a transmission effect, occasionally felt quickly, or more often, over the next days and adding to the general current of opening.

What has also been occurring is a sort of “deep mental opening” which is allowing a Graceful impact beyond the conceptual mind, as I hear so many different expressions of the higher life that are from current times and culture.

This has led to a surprising new level of “letting go” of particular ideas and expectations about the path and
awakening that is unexpectedly powerful, and is also adding to the effects of that ever-flowing current of unfoldment. As I mentioned above, I have long been interested in expressions from any or from no traditional background, but nonetheless, these interviews have (and are continuing to have) a remarkable impact, for which I am most grateful.

I have also contacted several of the interviewees including Francis, David Spero, and Jan Essman with further blessing effects.

And I appreciate Rick very much for the intelligence, sincerity, humility, goodness, wisdom and clarity which express through him.  🙂   What a great delight!

Even writing this to you has Moved me to some new awareness of heart-presence and sweet appreciation. What a fine thing coming forth from the following of your dharma.

So thank you very much, my friend, —Terry


I just wanted to tell you that I think you do an absolutely wonderful job. I very much appreciate the way you ask probing, questions, not fearing to contradict your guest, and then you let them run with it and stay out of their way. It really shows in how well you draw them out and get a big picture with lots of detail and nuance from each one. —Geoffrey


Great! Here’s an opportunity to thank you. I just want to thank you so dearly for what you do. I cannot imagine how many lives you have transformed, expanded, grew, enlivened and what ever other groovy words I can think of. Your interviews, for me, are the ‘go to’ place whenever I hear of someone I want to check out or if some one tells me about so and so, I see if they’re on BATGAP. The world is indebted to your services Rick. I sincerely hope this karmic-ly works in your great favor. I have yet to donate to this great spiritual video Wikipedia and am currently looking for work but do intend to show my appreciation financially to such a great cause. If you can, please keep up the good work. It would be fun to meet you some time.

In sincere gratitude, —Greg


Just made my first donation, and I wanted to email a thank you to you while I’m at it. You have no idea of the impact batgap has had on my life. Without you, I would have been floundering. With the connections that I have made through batgap, I am fully supported. I’m sure there are many others who have had this same experience.


I just wanted to send a quick note to emphasize the source of my donation and to focus the specificity of my love. I’m a 35 year-old working primarily as a piano teacher and just beginning to establish independent financial feet. I’ve been searching for a cause to donate toward for a while and was ultimately repelled with the coercive and rather ignoble images of suffering that many charities feel the necessity to emphasize. I am aware of the suffering of the world and not afraid to look at it, but am also uninterested in funding emotional blackmail or being inundated by a glut of junk mail.

Buddha at the Gas Pump, on the other hand, has been a beacon of long-distance fellowship and a cathartic counterbalance to the spiritual insensitivity which so characterizes the American culture within which I’m immersed. It serves as a sort of touchstone resonator for my own awakening experience, and re-energizes my efforts to live a spiritually realized life amongst an apparent surrounding dearth. Let us be the dandelions of God cracking through the concrete jungle of consumerism. Most simply for me because I believe Arunachala is every hill, and will not forsake my family for a cave in Tiruvannamalai.

So with only one donation to make this year, you are the recipient. I know its not much, but there’s a lot of support built into that small stack of bills.

Thank you. I love you. —Jesse


I just discovered Buddha At The Gas Pump recently and am amazed at the depth of the interviews. I’ve been experiencing different shows since the day after Xmas and it’s been like a mini retreat for the last 4 days. I’m elated!!! (or half awake or whatever.)

50 years ago one would have had to go to the Himalayas to live with a Guru to access these teachings. Now it’s available with a click of a mouse.

Keep up the good (and extremely important) work!!!

P.S. I just made a donation of $50.00

P.S.S. I know that’s pretty cheap for a 4 day retreat.


I cannot thank you enough for this history making archive of interviews.

It has been and will continue to be a shockwave within the circles to whom these interview attract. You have brought a new humanness to this journey. And one so incredibly insightful. I have been on this path for some 40 years, my 3rd eye opened when I was in my early 20s and it has not closed.

I have had a great many high experiences and have amassed many abilities as a byproduct of my practice, which like yours, is frequently counted in long hours and what some might consider  extreme.

In recent years I have begun what you mentioned in the Fred Davis interview regarding a friend who said there were oozers. Major changes have begun such as huge chunks of myself falling away, thoughts ceasing and so forth.

Your site has put before me a plethora of teachers that I can see, feel and hear – And locate! I have already attended lectures or workshops by some of them – just being near them has a powerful effect.

The fine details you bring out in your interviews are a treasure of untold value – thank you!


Just wanted to thank you for the helpful and positive connections made possible through the batgap show.  Batgap has made my life and others’ lives better — more peaceful, more conscious, more awake and aware of the absolute interconnectedness we all share.


I have absorbed, learned & experienced SO much because of your service to others. Your knowledge, insight & willingness to share & that of your guests as well, is profoundly appreciated. A sincere heartfelt THANK YOU!


I’ve written before but I felt moved to write again and thank you for this site, it’s making a huge difference in my life. I love your fearlessness and capacity to really clarify teachings. I’m in the UK and am mentioning the site to friends.
Best wishes, —Kath


Thanks for your terrific contributions already “in the vault,” and for any yet to come. In such a short period of time you have created a trove of interview treasure in the most important realm.


I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note and a donation for your work on Buddha at the Gas Pump. It’s hard to express in words to you how important your interviews have been in helping me to go deeper on my spiritual journey. Without you I doubt that I would have found teachers like Mooji and many others who have been filling in the missing pieces of this confusing puzzle. Your questions during the interviews are all questions that I am thinking of, and the answers clarify and refine the information so that I can assimilate it into my heart.


Wonderful stuff! Without your wonderful wealth of knowledge and your uncanny knack of knowing just when to come in with the right question (and, yes, prompt and probe if need be..) never ceases to amaze me! Much appreciation here.


I should give more – it is saving me the cost of an analyst’s couch.


2 or 3 years ago I went through a very bad time.. I was thoroughly lost at the bottom of a deep dark well that included 2 extended trips to mental hospital.

I was spending most of my time lying around in a lonely pit of quiet despair, (the anti-psychotic medication wasn’t helping).. but many days I watched Buddha at the Gas Pump and it was a comfort, someway, somehow.. just helped keep a glimmer of a flickering flame going in the dark.

I found you very warm and kind-hearted person and wish to thank you for that.

Now I am on top of the world and never felt better


Namaste BatGap,

I am deeply grateful to you for providing this service. When the urge for truth arose in me I found myself pouring over your interviews..more pointedly, they poured over me. From the vantage of the seeker, awakening is cast as fantastic..necessarily, I’m sure. Now, the I is the actor in the fore while sleepless awareness IS. Words, how they crumble..yet there is still some urge to say Thank you for providing such sober/clear pointing. When the dust of revelation settles, it is blessed to have a resting space..I have found your service to be that space!

In This love, —Ginger


Rick has a conversational style of interviewing that I admire, rather than having quite fixed questions, he uses conversation to find out different aspects of what people think by igniting the conversation through his passion for the subject matter – this transfers to his guests and it leads to great depth of what they reveal.

Thank you so much for your wonderful podcasts.  Such a great idea and such a service to others!  The only fly in the ointment is your constant talking.  You have said that others have told you that you talk too much, but it doesn’t seem to affect your behavior.  There is no need to be so self-referential:  to always say what you know, who you know or where you have been that relates, no matter how tangentially, to something the speaker refers to.   There is no need to translate their words into your own – theirs are usually better.  There is no need to set up straw men to create arguments – usually preceded by “some people say” or “some people think.”  Their reality is much more interesting than your theories.  And your repetitive quotations from songs, books or the Bible are boring after the first time.  It would be much better to ask open ended questions rather than offer people a menu of the possibilities that you can think of.  In general, the interviews should be about 99% them and 1% you.  I am writing in this blunt and detailed manner because the hints you have gotten don’t seem to have made enough of an impression.

Again, thank you for the podcasts.  They are very important in my life, and I would like not to have to press the skip ahead button every time I hear you start to talk. —Pat


Again and again, thank you very, very much! You are an wonderful interviewer because you introduce brilliant knowledge with your stories and spiritual experiences and are very present with the person you ate talking to…It all becomes a very pleasant, educational, informative, illuminating experience.

I’m a new fan writing to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I stumbled across your site a few months ago and have not been able to stop listening. It’s a completely new world for me, but I’ve thought about many of the themes and questions discussed since I was I child. It’s been such a moving experience. There have been many tears, many out-loud yeses while listening in the car and elsewhere.

I am so incredibly grateful. Again, thank you. I’ll be listening. —Mary


I’m just sending you a big ‘Thankyou’ from Australia in recognition of the work you do!
I listen to your shows when l walk in the morning and find them very entertaining and enlightening.
Little by little your guests voice snippets that allow me to open up to different concepts and ideas, which l have previously not been aware of etc. The ‘ah ha’ moments!
Too often we overlook the ones that are behind the scenes bringing at forth!
So, once again thankyou for all your effort and time.
Its greatly appreciated! —Katrina (Maleny, Queensland)


My path to enlightenment was strongly influenced by your interviews with Robert Wolfe and Natalie Gray. You have created a treasure that will be loved by many in the years to come.


I am a retired Professor of Neuroscience. I retired from a medical school in West Indies with the sole intention of pursuing advaita Vedanta study. The last two years of retirement has been very useful in this regard. I am extremely happy to have fallen into the treasure house of advaita discussion hosted by you accidentally day before yesterday. Since then I am continuously listening to your excellent interviews. I am fascinated by them. It is a great work. This email is just to express my sincere thanks to your excellent service to this group.


Pleasure for the donation – as soon as I can I will send more.  Your program is the most valuable and precious thing in my life!

I live very far away from any teacher in South Africa and your program has meant that I can sit at the feet of a master every week.  You are doing the world the most wonderful service.  Thank you thank you thank you!

I also started in TM 20 years ago but now after a few huge awakenings I would just say there is no one home and I’m abiding in the Self.  No one in my life really knows what that is, so it is so valuable and enjoyable for me to listen to others as they describe my own experience.  I take long walks with my dog and listen with a huge smile on my face 🙂

Love your approach, questions, probing and general ease, even your prodding and after listening to almost all of them on the podcast I feel I must say THANK YOU a thousand times! Much love, —Lizelle


LOVE the podcasts! I’m new to “non-duality” and live in a place with no teachers. I listen to the podcasts through my iPhone while driving or in bed. They are such a great part of my current life that I decided I should contribute. Searched for the website just for that purpose. Thanks!!


I Feel that Your creation …” Buddha at the Gas Pump ”  Is the best interview Site on the Internet. I LOVE IT!!

It has helped to clarify and integrate a lot of things that I experienced in 1996 which was beyond my understanding.

Especially the fabulous interview Rick had with Ellie Roozdar. I am so grateful for that alone.  God Bless You.

I love Rick’s Unique relaxed style and humour and are blown away by the depth, interest, and understanding that comes across in the questions he asks and also the clarification he gives. Which helps all us viewers get it.

I have enjoyed all the interviews that I have seen to date and benefited in some way from them all.

Thank you Both So Much. All the best of everything Forever —Bruce


Rick..no matter who you interview….and you have interviewed one heck of a lot of people….you are also the bright spot in the interview.  You ADD SO MUCH TO IT…you are so real and you complete your show it in a way no one else could.

Thank you for what you are doing.


Thank you so much for Buddha at the Gas Pump.  I discovered your site fairly recently and am just having so much fun listening.  Your gift to all of us is greatly appreciated and I wanted you to know that.  I especially love how you engage those you interview–you’re growing on me!

For instance, I was listening to your interview with Rupert Spira who I have experienced in person a number of times.  And I love how you used yourself as a guinea pig going after a deeper and more direct understanding of what Rupert was pointing out regarding the “knowing” or consciousness which makes up everything.

I am now a monthly donor.  Keep up the great work.


I gotta tell you Batgap is my guru the past two weeks. Holy cow. I’m just picking them randomly and putting them on my iPod and mostly it’s like the perfect thing for me to hear … (but I’m listening to like two a day) … just listened Rumbollo. He   made that point that everything he picks up is the perfect thing to read … I was like, yup. Like this here podcast right here!

Anyway, just thought you’d be interested to hear what an impact your show seems to be having for this guy lately … Later, hombre.


I hope you are well and thriving. Once again, so much positive and useful feedback from my recent interview with you. I taught at Esalen last weekend, and a couple of people knew my work just from you, as well as a new client. They remain the most useful interviews I have ever done. Again, deeply appreciate your support. —Mariana Caplan


You must be receiving hundreds of emails a day, so I wonder if you will get round to reading this message 🙂 I discovered your site recently by chance and was so happy with the interviews that I subscribed to be notified of new interviews. As perhaps Mr. Yukio Ramana intended to communicate towards the end of your interview of him, you have the knack of creating a space that is loving, non judgmental, caring. That comes across to me not simply from your words but also from your body language. The ability to create such a space is something I find very attractive and a reflection of Spirit or Wisdom or whatever you may label it. I thank you for offering me this opportunity to be part of that loving space and receive the transmission from the comforts of my home far away in Oslo, Norway.


So many times I have been so relieved to check in to a BATGAP interview and confirm that I’m not a freak at all 🙂 ,  there are so many of us out here that need reassurance that what we are personally experiencing is actually just a normal run-of-the-mill spiritual unfolding or unveiling of delusion, I suppose.

Thank you for giving us confidence and making us laugh, too. —Leslie


Having left a confining spiritual group I and spouse discovered your eclectic schtick and have profited from several of the interviews. They have taken me from the narrow confines of a suffocating belief system that I thought was “universal” and “wide open” to consider many aspects/angles of the big elephant of being and our human approaches to relating to it. Carry on! —Mark


You became a familiar voice & friend although you never heard about me 🙂

I spent the last 2 months sitting alone in silence in a cave on Arunachala, as core part of a 3+ months spiritual retreat, out of the “world”

During that time, I had the great opportunity to discover BATGAP Podcasts, and downloaded so many of them… my deep dive into Advaita was so supported by you and the guests, by the clarity of pure Knowledge…

These voice recording supported my inner process (meditation, very deep inquiry, ready and deep dive into non-duality…)… leading to a profound experience of dissolution of the I, and the core fear.

I am now presently in Kerala, “landing” from this deep experience, and starting the process of integrating it. Then I will join the last days of the Kumba Mehla before bath in Varanasi and come back to Europe early March for Shivaratri.

I just take the opportunity of the first internet connexion to sincerly thank you for your great work! So nice!! I managed to make a small donation to you (100 USD) to honor your work and encourage any development…

Enjoy life and keep going… Namaste —Yogeshwar


You’re doing such an important thing here. I’ve really got a lot out of listening to the interviews. They keep me motivated when I go adrift and remind me that there are truths beyond the ego world. Thanks! – Jonathan


Thank you for your kind suggestion that I need not donate to batgap.  I had to rethink the issue, and decided that, no, I need not stop donating to worthy causes.  I started doing so 13 years ago, largely due to Yogananda’s insistence that tithing is one’s responsibility.  When I sent my check to your brilliant husband I felt a great elation for an hour afterwards.  I feel an expansion from listening to these interviews.  Rick is practically my alter ego as he seems to pursue much the same line of questioning that I would in interviewing.  Sometimes the batgap interviews are so penetrating they actually excite deep restructuring in my nervous system.  Batgap is the real ”age of enlightenment news service”!  Four years ago I connected with Lucia and Lorne Hoff who gifted me with the most astounding spiritual experiences of my life.  After that, I began to explore many teachers, getting a richer perspective on the path. I wish joy and light to you.


I am living in Holland and there seem to be more possibilities in the US, to meet, see and attend Satsangs and teachers than in Holland, although some of them like Adyashanti and Tony Parsons have been here. Luckily the internet offers lots of good YouTube films and podcasts…amongst them yours!!

What is so great about Buddha at the Gas Pump is your kind of questioning, your sincere effort to try to find answers or get more into that which can’t be understood, but at least inviting the ‘teachers’ to point to that which can resonate.. It sometimes even feels like I am you, as if I am right into the questions and am thinking along, trying to find the “right” words too…and I laugh when you do. You have this wonderful boyish laugh about you…and in Dutch we call that infective/infectious? Great!

Well, that’s it for now. A heartfelt thank you for putting the energy into producing these great films and talks!!

I will check it out more often now… —Anneke, The Netherlands


A few months ago I synchronistically found BatGap.  I was like a child in a toy store overwhelmed with the choices and filled with anticipation of exploring everything. Not sure how many archived interviews I listened to — sometimes when using my iPhone (with the small print) I would just let my fingers pick the interview for the day.

So after having lived with you many hours, it is time to tell you how much I appreciate you and the show! You certainly are “on purpose” and I love your interviewing style — no I don’t think you talk too much!  Actually, I consider you a close friend although I have never met you.

I am new to non-duality, having my foundation in Christian mysticism.  As my “dark nights of the soul” became more intense I began exploring – looking for another context to what was happening.  I found Adyashanti and gained much insight from his sage explanations of the awakening process. Your emphasis on the journey of the folks you interview has expanded my insights with one “aha” moment after another.  I finally feel I have some context for this 30 year journey of mine.

Thanks for being you and sharing your passion and talents with the world.

With gratitude and love, —Bejoy


I don’t know, but I would imagine you may be too busy to actually answer emails, but I just wanted to thank you anyway for the beautiful work you are doing. I am a Roman Catholic monk who about 5 years ago began to experience a series of “shifts in consciousness” (for lack of a better phrase!) and for a long time I was searching for others who seemed to have had similar insights and not really finding any that were alive! I somehow felt compelled to do so, I don’t really know why.

I discovered that certain Christian mystics, both Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant, have had very similar insights and then also discovered the work of Eckhart Tolle (a LIVE one!), whose basic experience really resonated with me and seemed to articulate what had happened to me. I haven’t really used the internet too much but one day, while looking up something else, I discovered your show and have now watched many of your interviews and even have contacted several teachers that I “met” through you. My contact with them has been so affirming and wonderful new friendships have begun to develop.

I have begun to share this awakening with individuals and small groups but I am still sometimes not really sure about how best to express this insight, which I tend to simply call “awakening to the fact that we are all the beloved Children of God, infinitely loved, beautiful beyond description, naturally present and content in the eternal Now of God”.  What “Good News”!!  I have come to believe and deeply know this to be the essential good news or gospel of Jesus. It’s true for everyone- “Christian” or not! You don’t need to be any particular religion to realize this, because we are all already that!

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to a host of new “friends”, a few I have now actually talked to and others who are simply brothers and sisters “in the Knowing” that I have listened to on your show. My own path and expression is decidedly more “devotional” and “God- focused” than most of your guests, but it is so interesting and pleasing to me (and actually tickles me!) that we are basically seeing and saying the same things and expressing it all in such different language. It’s very funny actually, don’t you think?

A lot of times, as I watch interviews on your show I just cry tears of joy because I feel such harmony and resonance with so many of the folks you talk to. I actually feel this even when I take the public transportation here in Montreal! But the thing that is so wonderful with your folks is that they are consciously aware of the deep union we share as well! What a beautiful work you are letting loose into the world Rick! I pray for its continued fruitfulness. Thank you for the wonderful fellowship it has given me! May God bless you abundantly!

Mother Teresa used to say that we are all called to do “something beautiful for God”. How blessed are you to have found something so beautiful to do for God!!

Love, —Francis


9 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Rick
    Many thanks for bringing to us these wonderful interviews. I enjoy every minute of these talks.
    Would you be able to recommend to me a teacher in India? I will be visiting this winter, Any insight from you will be appreciated.

  2. Rick,
    My comment is on the Krishna Gauci interview. Very nice, I enjoyed many of the comments you both made. I’d like to add something that you and your readers, are probably already familiar with. I think it compliments much of what you covered in the this interview. Maharishi was having dinner with a number of guests, including a couple of sages. One sage asked Maharishi “What are you eating?, I’m eating Brahman”. Maharishi replied “I’m eating rice.” Expansion of consciousness need not exclude the “Relative”. Silence AND Dynamism, that’s where the fun is mama… As always, great interview.

  3. Hi Rick, happy 100th interview! I’ve enjoyed all your interviews very much and hope you are able to do 100 more! (I generally listen to the podcast while making furniture). Is it just me or are the interviews getting more and more interesting? Maybe as your style as interviewer gets more refined…I like when your guests talk about their lives leading up to awakening and further. I think its nice to hear a bit of biography, it makes us remember that we’re all alike as human beings.
    Thanks and keep it up, Bob H.

  4. Hi Rick
    Love your Interviews. They are incomplete without John De Ruiter. Would you Dare?


  6. “You can’t think outside the box, when the box is thought itself”.

  7. Thank you Mr. Archer for presenting an intelligently hosted dialogue with a broad brushed spiritual approach ( although it is clear TM is your personal path). I especially enjoyed Fr. Thomas Keating of Contemplative Outreach, James Waite of Non Duality and Tom C. Of Recovery. It should be of note to your readership, however, that there is another side of Recovery called Al-Anon, practiced by spouses/children/friends/co-workers who have been affected by those who suffer from alcoholism/addiction. Members of Al-Anon practice the twelve steps of AA themselves with an emphasis on personal recovery from the effects of another’s alcoholism on their lives that brought them to their own personal point of insanity and unmanageability in their lives, ultimately to the point of powerlessness that only a spiritual journey of radical self examination could heal. Love, Humility, gratitude, non-judgmental practice, active listening, relationship skills, intimate self awareness, serenity, the ability to cope and an eventual Spiritual Awakening are a few of the many gifts that are available to those who consistently WORK their Program. This would be a worthy discourse as well ( even without a book to sell). Please visit your original platform more often.

    On another note, all that is “new” can be found in the timeless. Perhaps someone well grounded in mystical, monastic, contemplative East meets West dialogue might be on your calendar? Richard Rohr comes to mind.

    Again, so grateful to your insight and offerings, …Laurel

  8. I am one of those who “Love” Rick’s work .
    I also love his voice in these discussions as what he adds is often a “gift” to is viewers.
    Keep it up Rick, without your input, these interviews just wouldn’t be complete..

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