119. Neelam

NeelamNeelam, a native of Poland, has been giving Satsang internationally since 1996. She is a direct disciple of H. W. L. Poonja (Papaji), who himself awakened to the truth in the presence of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Neelam shares Satsang with Papaji’s blessing. Known for her simplicity, skillful discrimination, and intuitive insight, Neelam gently points toward the truth at the core of us all. With her extensive personal and teaching experience, she uses inquiry to facilitate us in identifying and moving through deep-seated patterns of conditioning, bringing us to rest in Presence.

Self Inquiry is the very core of this teaching and is based on Sri Ramana Maharshi’s guidelines for Self Inquiry. Neelam’s unique development of inquiry includes both recognizing our true nature and meeting our conditioning fully, with tenderness.

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Interview recorded 4/15/2012

2nd interview with Neelam

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  1. Yes – that seems to be true for many of us David- the early and consistent witnessing Awareness..This ripeness is in fact what leads one to seek a final teacher..

    The Papaji/Ramana energy provided the opening for untold numbers by untying the knot of conditioned existence in the heart -which later blossomed and came to fruition in its own way – in its own time…either within that lineage or with a facilitator outside of it..

    But truth be told – nothing is needed to be facilitated after that opening..as all unfolds by itself..
    What a blessing..

  2. Hi Jill
    Well – I’d phrase it a little differently but yes, largely agree. I found there to be knots in the concept of a me, in the heart and in the gut – the last being the fear one Neelam spoke of. Loch Kelly called this the BBQ. Another, the last guardian.

    The dominance of experience of each undoing varies from person to person. Some notice one and not another. But the symptoms or results suggest they are common with all.

    All openings can take place without a guide but a living example certainly makes the first so much easier. Depends on your perspective if you searched and found or if the teacher showed when it was time. Same thing. 😉 I’ve also noticed later shifts can also be eased or facilitated by the right guide or just the right phrasing overheard. The light goes off and the barrier falls… The Mahavakya tradition of India points to one such.

    But yeah, each in their own way at their own time brings their own piece to wholeness. 😉

  3. David,
    Oh yes for sure I’m all for guides as you know -until of course they are not needed -lest one gets sidetracked or the spiritual ego starts to bloom etc..

    but I just meant that once the primary knot in the heart is undone – and one is established in being – there is a momentum that takes place energetically – etherically -and unfolds in its own time..carries one down the river so to speak…but without that opening Grace, nothing can follow that is real..

    IMO, there are few teachers who can move energy and untie the etheric knots..Ramana’s teachers seem to be catalysts for not only starting the ball rolling, but more importantly, for taking one to the end….
    Some teachers may have great understanding (the knot in the head being undone) or an open heart (the saints) but the gift of bestowing the Grace of Liberation is not apparent in very many teaching today…as most have not gone all the way..

    For me, there is a great deal of difference between one who is guiding or facilitating or supporting and one who has the ability to open the door and to truly end the search…It takes a powerful energy transmission to move through all the channels..and that’s my definition of enlightenment – the ability to liberate others through one’s Presence..

    My understanding of the final death experience – is when the knot in the gut is undone -the will is surrendered, and no mind reigns – then no teacher or guide is really necessary…as all questions are answered from within.. and one is at rest intellectually, emotionally and physiologicially in the seat of Brahman..beyond desire..beyond pain….having transcended this world and all worlds…

  4. Hi Jill
    Yes, I largely agree. But I have found that even once established in being and fully recognized, the other knots can have spin-off effects where certain kinds of resistance or tightly held concepts remain. While the process is more-or-less automatic once the awakening happens, some people appear to get a little stuck. Perhaps an idea of being done or knowing The truth, for example, can creep in. Guides can be very useful for keeping things going or smoothing things out.

    One teacher told me the inner guru comes online around Unity. I’d say that depends a little. Sometimes sooner. But the deeper you go, the more comprehensive and the fewer the blind spots. And yes, some teachers have the skill to walk you through or blast knots. It’s remarkable to watch, especially if the student is surrendering deeply. But yes, not so common.

    On the fear or gut knot – it may not be experienced as fear of death. Depends on what fear remains. But yes, a fear-related release. Typically noticed because it’s such an unusual experience at that point in the journey. Often, people think they’ve moved past all that. (laughs)

    I’d also note that it depends on the depth of the surrender. Some let it go all at once. Some in a few steps. Enough to move forward but perhaps still a shadow for a time – but a quite conscious shadow.

    Even when all questions can be answered from within and endless fields of knowledge are available, I’ve found it useful to touch bases with people further along. They can frame it a little differently, causing you to notice things you might not have. And simply the verification that this astonishing unfoldment is a shared journey.

    Thanks for another beautiful comment.

  5. Yes – thanks David – agree wholeheartedly with what you said here..and even though it is an automatic process after a certain point – it’s true that for many, energy can get stuck..The energy often goes halfway up and stops..and then one is left with just a memory of what once was..

    As you said, this stuckness depends on one’s willingness to surrender ever more deeply and one’s access to a resonant energy force-.which is why I advocate for teachers or guides who are energy movers..as well as clear pointers..

    Re – the death experience – the shakti rise was so intense here 17 years ago that the fear was profound..spent months in terror leading up to the explosion and then ended up in hospital..shattered..

    Physically burning through that last knot was painful on all levels..perhaps because there was little understanding of what was happening coupled with a very sensitive nervous system..It was like being run over by a locomotive..but on the upside, it cleared much debris on all levels..and thus -not a lot of de-conditioning to go through afterward…

    So satsang which came along 5 years after, was really an integration of that experience of Absolute Reality – It involved a coming down to rest in the Silence of Being – which immediately brought a clear recognition of the Peace and Unconditional Love that we are..Knowledge was relinquished as the mind dissolved, but the wisdom of the Heart arose to take its place…

    I guess some of us did it a bit out of order. 😀

  6. Hi Jill
    Oh, interesting. Your stuck part way up comment suggests you experienced the energetic process more like Igor Kufayev. That reframes the heart knot comments. My experience was awakening at the crown, followed by a descent. Igor said there’s 3 ways different traditions describe the process. I’ve realized there isn’t one way the energetic process unfolds. It depends on the persons history, practice and other factors. Shakti drives awakening from a much deeper place than kundalini. 😉

    Ouch. Adyashanti described 2 weeks of abject, causeless fear. But well worth the roasting. One of my teachers had none, but had also spent some years in a “cave” in Uttar Kashi. My own roast was happily much more brief. From observation, it would seem I had worked off some of it prior (like the fear of death) and did more after, particularly right after in a “formerly known as David” phase. (laughs) In that sense, perhaps a little less thorough. I’ve seen deeper surrenders since.

    I also knew what was happening. That helped. A friend had called me a couple of weeks prior and shown me Adya’s Journey After Awakening video. That was handy as the fear was quite out of character from the usual peaceful bliss.

    Thanks for sharing. Off into the sun…

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