216. Jan Esmann, 2nd Interview

Jan EsmannJan Esmann, born 1960, is an “enlightened kundalinī shaktipāt master” living in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he teaches, transmits and gives shaktipāt. The highest teachings are transmitted in silence during meditation or afterward. Jan is not part of any tradition or represents a lineage. He has been giving shaktipāt since the mid-1980s but did not fully emerge as a teacher until after 2006.

He has an MA in History of Modern Culture from Copenhagen University, and a B.Sc in Art-restoration from the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. He earns his living as an artist, a writer, and a software developer.


Website: shaktipat.one

Transcript of this interview

First BatGap interview with Jan.

Interview recorded 2/1/2014

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.