055. Siddhananda

Siddhananda’s journey began in her teenage years. It wasn’t until she was around 30 that her journey and seeking of truth began in earnest.

At this time, Spiritual practices were picked up on her own, and Kundalini spontaneously awakened due to a sincere prayer of wanting to be of service to humanity. She was not prepared or had any idea what this awakening would open or where it would lead.

With this awakening, many phenomena, shifting states of consciousness and radical mood changes manifested which left her extremely ungrounded and shaken. After a long period of struggling to understand what was taking place and being unsuccessful at coming to any balance or peace within, Siddhananda found her Guru, GuruSwamiG.

Siddhananda has been with her Guru for 10 years. Increasing stability, deepening states as well as balance slowly filtered in during this time  due to  her Guru’s  grace and guidance.

Recently, a profound shift took place in which all sense of separation and individuality suddenly dropped. Spontaneously, a starkly different reality was revealed–an immediate non-dual, pure beingness in which there never existed an “other”.  This presence (One without a second) has remained and is known without a doubt that it is the truth of what all of humanity truly is at the core.

Audio and video below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

Interview recorded 1/18/2011.

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  1. Swami G’s comments on the interview, sent to me by email:


    As Awareness objects are ephemeral and empty (transient and without solid
    substance as an empirical reality ) At least it cannot be proven with this awareness.
    As stated rightly in texts emptiness is form and form is emptiness. The
    body speaks and does what it does in the universe – it moves according
    to the universal flow. As Nature plays out without mental interference
    or without an identification of separation. Just because the consciousness
    has been stripped bare does not mean that the body does not continue
    to play out the part it came in to play within this transitory existence.

    There is no longer any identification to a wave— those interacting will
    have that projection but within Realization there is only that awareness
    of Absolute… there is no concern or thought about the play of the form.
    and this mystery cannot be explained to a mind that is caught in duality
    and form. What has played out in life before just continues to play out
    in it’s own motion like the wheel that has disengaged continues to spin
    until the energy is dissipated and that parabda karma is at it’s end.
    A Jivanmukta’s actions are not Kriyamana-Karmas; for they are not
    connected with any personal consciousness. They are spontaneous
    functions of the remaining momentum of past consciousness of agency.

    There truly is no word to describe Absolute as the Central point of the universe
    as when it is said all is consciousness is not quite right as that word donates aware
    of objects and separation. Non-duality has no such disconnect into subjective
    and objective spin.

    The body is in pain — and may be making noises and drama
    but as Ramana rightly said am not the body as there is no mind play about
    it one is simply that Awareness of Absolute and not identified with a body.
    There may be great pain but no suffering entity within it or claiming it.
    While yes a body feels the pain but the Awareness is empty in nature…
    There is still no identification as a ** me ** that is in pain. Yes it’s really
    a paradox and a conundrum and a mystery that cannot ever be voiced
    in a way to explain it’s Reality from the ideas others may have about it.
    It’s like trying to explain the vibrancy of colors to a man blind from birth
    one can see it quite easily without effort and the other while imagining
    can never make it fit as there is no reference to draw from.

    Enter the Unknowing Beyond Knowledge
    This is the Great Peace

  2. Namaste,

    This was a nice interview. Most of the interviews in Batgap center around oneness, where as this one speaks of no mind, mind being blown out, only consciousness, existence just IS.

    It also speaks of transmission from Guru, and importance and significance of a close working relationship with an enlightened Guru and the the results there of.

    This interview stands out with clarity as a pointing for what enlightenment is.

    Hridaya (Ron)

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