030. Chuck Hillig

Chuck HilligChuck Hillig is a modern spiritual teacher, author and licensed psychotherapist whose clarity of expression has earned him the admiration and praise of many notable writers and lecturers in this area. Chuck writes personally and directly about the essence of non-dual spirituality and presents its astonishing truths to the average reader in ways that are totally unique, completely accessible and absolutely life-changing. Using his studies in both eastern philosophy and western psychology, Chuck’s five unique books present a world view that shows his readers how to fully live a truly enlightened and authentic life in the 21st Century by waking up to who they really are. His books and interviews about non-dualism have been published in nine languages. Chuck appears in the new Leap 3.0 movie as well as in many recent videos on youtube.

Chuck Hillig makes his home in Locust Grove, Virginia, and has one heck of a good time living life.   You can contact him at: chuck@chuckhillig.com.


Chuck Hillig in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 2

Chuck’s books:

Interview recorded 7/21/10.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. Video also available on Facebook on 20-minute segments.

6 thoughts on “030. Chuck Hillig

  1. Brilliant Interview. Such fun to listen to these guys whose path is so similiar to ones own. Thanks Rick

  2. I know what you mean when you relate how shifts occur when others are doing things which have nothing to do with where it turns the spirit of the mind. It’s a ‘god is everywhere’ kind of experience for me. When it first started happening to me, the e-mail group I was in were certain that I was verifiably crazy. I thought, for a short time (until enough negative feedback slowed me down), that they understood WITH me. They did not. Blew my mind. God was revealing himself to me by everything they were saying and the couldn’t see it. They couldn’t see it! God is everywhere is far more than just a saying… oh yeah.

  3. Idyllwild California was the first place that I had a self-realization (1971, January) experience which opened up my hearing (as compared to seeing). It was at a Church Camp, there (I think there is only one), and took place as I was standing beneath a pine (just after I had gotten away from some christian proselytizers, and could relax).

  4. The first thing, in fact, that led me to a place where I could be awakened, in Idyllwild, California, had to do with a person who was doing one thing (to get a certain thing from me) but didn’t know how it affected me in another way. That led me to a kind of humility that pressed me to find God.

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