591. Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Rabbi Rami ShapiroA Jewish practitioner of Perennial Wisdom, Rabbi Rami Shapiro is an award–winning author of over thirty-six books on religion and spirituality. He received rabbinical ordination from the Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion and holds a PH.D. in religion from Union Graduate School. A rabbinic chaplain with the USAF for 3 years, a congregational rabbi for 20, and a professor of religious studies for 10, Rabbi Rami currently co-directs the One River Foundation, is a Contributing Editor at Spirituality and Health magazine, and hosts the magazine’s bi-weekly podcast, Essential Conversations with Rabbi Rami.

Website: rabbirami.com


Some points discussed in this interview:

  • Rabbi Rami’s spiritual journey through superficial Judaism through various traditions to a deep mystical Judaism.
  • Humanity’s transition from matriarchy to patriarchy is the root cause of most of our problems. A collapse of norms is coming. Will it be mindful or mindless?
  • Widespread spiritual practice will help the best outcome to manifest.
  • Escape to another planet, to the transcendent, to heaven is not the answer. We need a balance between transcendence and immanence. The 10 ox herding pictures.
  • Social justice work without a spiritual practice can be draining and ego-driven.
  • Fundamentalist misinterpretations of Scripture.
  • Perennial wisdom is a 4-fold teaching at the heart of all religions.
  • As consciousness expands, personal shadows are illuminated and must be dealt with.
  • Non-dual Judaism is a very rich religion. Tribal Judaism is ‘craziness’.
  • Religions take advantage of people’s fear of death.
  • Emo Phillips – Golden Gate Bridge skit
  • Different perspectives on reincarnation.
  • Out-of-body experiences suggest the existence of a subtle body.
  • Metaphor: the brain as a radio receiver.
  • Body, heart, mind, soul, spirit – We need to develop practices on each of those dimensions.
  • Rami’s mystical experiences, including instruction from the Divine Mother.
  • From a relative perspective, there are separate beings, but ultimately, it’s all God.
  • Discussion on food addiction.
  • Holy Rascals introduce mystical elements not necessarily welcomed by mainstream religion. Administrators are always threatened by the mystics.
  • Perhaps in the coming years experiential, mystical religions rather than dead ones will predominate. The dead ones are rapidly losing membership.

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Interview recorded March 14, 2021

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