161. Choboji

photo for batgapChobo was a truth seeker from an early age. His approach has been one of meditation and creativity; uniting the relative and the ultimate truths. After many years of seeking he had an awakening experience that left him in constant awe of the world, and in a state of ‘not-knowing’. While this was exceptional something remained incomplete until he met his master Mevlana Mooji.

Chobo preferred to remain alone and anonymous. Any teachings or Satsangs were private one on one sessions, but after many requests to write and teach he wrote his first book Melody and Silence: The Selfish Bodhisattva and began public Satsangs.

Integrating one’s inner truth and living in the world is an important aspect of Chobo’s work. He is currently setting up a theatre company, studying drama, writing plays and running workshops in acting and performance.

‘It is important to make one’s life a dance or a work of art. To be fluid enough to be silent as a still lake, and then as gregarious as a party host, then as compassionate as a mother, then as creative as a painter. In short, your life can be a multidimensional, fun-loving, masterpiece of silent nothing.’


Interview Recorded 2/16/2013

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.