103. Greg Goode

Greg GoodeGreg is a teacher of nondualism well known for a breadth of expression and a sense of humor. Inspired by Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon, Greg is one of the pioneers, along with Jean Klein and Francis Lucille, of “direct-path” style nondualism, a very intuitive, holistic and immediate form of Advaita. It was through contemplation on the teachings of Sri Atmananda that Greg’s own search came to its peaceful conclusion.

Having studied Western philosophy at the Universität zu Köln in Cologne, Germany, Greg received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Rochester. He studied Advaita Vedanta through the Chinmaya Mission, the Mahayana teachings of Pure Land Buddhism through Jodo-Shinshu, and studied Madhyamika Buddhism through the lineage of the pre-eminent scholar of Chinese Buddhism, Master Yin-Shun of Taiwan, P.R.C., author of The Way to Buddhahood: Instructions from a Modern Chinese Master.

Greg is the technical consultant for Philosophical Practice, the Journal of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association. He is also the author of Nondualism in Western Philosophy, Standing as Awareness, the forthcoming The Direct Path: a User Guide, and the forthcoming Emptiness and Joyful Freedom.

Greg’s website: http://www.heartofnow.com

Greg’s new website on emptiness teachings. From the “About” page:
“Emptiness teachings are widely held to be liberating. The purpose of this site
is to present the wide variety of these teachings in a way that will help make
them accessible and relevant. We will feature scholarly, experiential and popular
approaches to the emptiness teachings, and we will honor the diversity of traditions
from which they flow. Our goal is to highlight the power and appeal of these
teachings so that they may do their work.”

Interview recorded 12/24/2011

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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    We got an interesting feedback about the subject from our friend Paramatma, a genuine Western seeker living in India for the past 10 years. He said: “In the West we think horizontally with continuation (1, 2, 3 – a, b, c, etc..) whereas Indians think vertically, from the left side of the brain through the heart and intuition.” Accidents happen very rarely according to all the Indian drivers we asked and we ourselves never witnessed any. Most have their deities (Gods) attached to their vehicles, and Ganesha is a popular one because he’s the remover of all obstacles. Also, all drivers perform puja to the vehicle before each day of driving begins.

    Their apparent lack of fear of death on the road can perhaps be explained by their general lack of identification with the body, and thus they are not overly concerned with its cleanliness and comforts. You see them sleeping anywhere (on cement floors and wooden planks), taking their showers in the local rivers and of course no one is washing their hands before serving you food. Who knows?! The notion that “I’m not the body” may come engraved on their souls.

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  4. Had a look at the Emptiness Teachings on Gregg’s site and although perhaps years of study would be required to fully comprehend this – I felt an intuitive sense of great beauty here in considering a lack of inherent existence, along with a dependent nature of existence that also has no inherent existence. No sense of Nihilism – due to the dependent nature of existence. Think I will enjoy the readings on his web-site is so far as I can understand them.

  5. yeh… i like that Greg’s Life includes heart & devotion… besides non-duality… perhaps he would agree with… Kahlil Gibran ~

    “Keep Me away from The Wisdom which Does not Cry…
    The Philosophy which Does not Laugh & …
    The Greatness which Does not Bow Before Children…”

  6. Thanks Anatol.

    “Whenever I come to the fountain to drink I find the living water itself thirsty and it drinks me while I drink it.”

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