043. Ishvara

IshvaraIshvara was born in 1945 in Missouri USA and raised a fundamentalist Christian. While involved in church ministry at a young age, he became frustrated with the limitations of restricted belief. He began a quest for truth that led him to explore the great scriptures of the world, but he continually found limitations and contradictions in the interpretations of the core truths.

For ten years he owned a metaphysical bookstore on the Oregon coast, where he gave talks and mediation classes. He became widely known for his wisdom and gentle way of teaching.

In 1987 Ishvara experienced a quantum leap in consciousness, a profound awakening. Ishvara merged with Life, seeing the universe, seeing love, knowing everything without any trace of doubt. Ishvara became aware of his true being and of the significance of his awakening: a new level of existence had taken birth in human form. Ishvara could not relate his experience to anything that was recorded in any book or scripture.

His awakening did not reveal the human life to be an illusion. On the contrary, he awoke to an accelerated state of existence here on earth, where our physicalness, our very body, the experience of our human connectedness to each and everything around us, continuously evolves to higher and higher possibilities.

Inherent in Ishvara’s awakening was a clear understanding of the tremendous conditions that prevent people from realizing their true nature and living their full potential. It became obvious to him that even spiritual teachings, systems and structures that were designed to bring liberation to the individual no longer served to bring forth the next evolutionary step for humanity.

Liberated from consensus thinking, free of beliefs and concepts, Ishvara began to explore Life from his own direct experience, following only what he calls feeling-knowing.

Ishvara’s message is one of radical transformation through letting go of conditional thinking and stepping into the direct experience of Life as it is, moment by moment. Through his awakening Ishvara found that his sole purpose is embodying this new possibility with every fiber of his being. Ishvara is available to people as a living example of what is possible for all of us.

Ishvara lives in Albuquerque New Mexico. Through the nonprofit spiritual organization, Alaya, he quietly teaches a small group of students through talks and dialogues. He also leads retreats in Germany, which prove to be extraordinary events that propel individuals into an ever-deepening experience of what Ishvara calls the New Consciousness.

Ishvara’s two meditation CDs and a book are available via email or phone: 505-294-4911

His site is www.enlifement.org.

Interview recorded 10/21/2010

Audio and video below and as a Podcast. Video also available on Facebook in 20-minute segments.

3 thoughts on “043. Ishvara

  1. You have such a make it or break it name – Ishvara – that I was compelled to find out whether or not it was you or a pose. Pretty gutsy move on your part. I enjoy that.

    The God names are almost like Internet real estate in the spiritual teacher community. Kinda makes me wonder if there’s another guy out there, maybe on Maui, and he comes out of his dream and declares himself Ishvara, and he attracts followers of his perfect wisdom, and someone raises their hand at his satsang, and they’re like, “Dude, I Googled yer name Ishvara and some guy in Albuquerque already has it.” So he’s thinking, “damn! maybe I could call myself Lokesvara…hmmmm”.

    I enjoyed what I heard of the interview – Thanks and thanks Rick!

  2. I have been a close friend and student for 12 years and to me Ishvara is truly an incredible “happening” and a physical forerunner of what lies ahead for the human capacity to hold more consciousness and evolve into deeper multidimensional experiences as corporeal form.

    He is very unusual as a Teacher; he offers those close to him no system or structure, no practices to do, no should’s or should nots, no how to’s, no spiritual gymnastics. Yet he is holding without agenda what I feel as an unprecedented spiritual clarity and essential energy-field that currently goes virtually unnoticed by popular spiritual circles.

    I have directly experienced this palpable energy-field and Ishvara’s 100% walk-the-talk Living Example as the allowing heart and intelligence of the Universe orchestrating a new template for awakening the “Master Within” human form and evolving the planet. The “Ishvara Difference” for his discerning students is that he is not “about It”, he is It.

    So what is IT?
    Everyone’s experience and connection with Ishvara and the energetic field or “Space” he holds is different and unique to the individual. For some their connection has been experienced as a subtle and gradual process of evolving awareness and connection. My unique experience has been nothing short of a spiritual catapult into an omnipresent flow and progression of feeling-knowing and ever-evolving intelligence that has blessed my life, family and body deeply. I am enjoying every moment of it because I know I can really “go for it” as Life. I am supported to explore as a new kind of Spiritual Being and know that I’ll be alright and safe as I stretch into new undiscovered territory and experiences.

    You’ve likely heard of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, but for me as an Irishman, Ishvara’s teachings are more like “Meat and Potatoes for the Universe-Body-Planet connection”. I have directly experienced the “happening”, work and presence of Ishvara as a core-feeding, mystical energy-field that communicates and transforms at a cellular level. This is a Real Nurturing and ultimately can lead to the release and feeding of untapped spiritual DNA that is lying-in-waiting for New World connections and expressions.

    So a great confidence and fearlessness arises through this cellular awakening process of spiritual integration and connection. Driven without agenda and a new-found higher sense of allowing and feeling-knowing, one begins their unique journey in connection and exploration as a “Borderless-Being”, naturally integrating and flowing as Universe-Body-Planet connection. This is an incredible and energizing experience that evolves daily, not just once in a while. One’s life moves through the process of evolving as a unique expression of the New World, born right out of the old.

    As an Ishvara student, his enLifement teachings are about embracing this deep connection, gloriousness, and mystery of being “In-Life-Now”. This is an allowing way of Life which naturally and effortlessly illuminates and evolves Being and Body. Yet there can be growing pains and a discomfort from time to time, but those are temporary and almost always the harbingers of becoming more. So one even develops a sense of excitement about “difficulties”.

    Yes! Going through your possible moments of “Hell on Earth” can be, in a way, exciting and energizing when you have developed and hold enough feeling-knowing and allowing to see beyond the interpretation of the experience and instead hold a view that your highest good is always taking place. This transcendent way of Being is the Space of love and transforming spiritual evolution of corporeal form that is such an incredible aspect of Ishvarian Consciousness. One that I have seen Ishvara exemplify for 12 years now.

    To those close to Ishvara and his teachings it is absolutely not “a comfort” to stay the same, to cling to the familiar, to adhere to made-up systems, structures and beliefs, to have one great spiritual experience and package it into one’s Life’s manifesto and outreach. That has been done over and over … and over again. Ishvarian Consciousness is the end of seeking, the transcendence of suffering and is marked by the beginning of new and ongoing direct experiences that really make a difference as these experiences reverberate in connection and flow within and across the Universe.

    All it takes is acceptance. Not acceptance of Ishvara, but deep acceptance of who You truly Are. I say, go for this experience and see what happens?!

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