102. Canela Michelle Meyers

Canela Michelle MeyersOnce the shift to the Awakened State of Being has occurred, it becomes obvious that every moment that proceeded that moment was significant towards its Self.

It is also obvious that Awareness was present in each and every moment prior to that.  The difference is that it is ‘Realized’ – Awareness is aware of Awareness.

The journey for Canela Michelle towards this realization was happening long before she had heard of the potential of consciously living in the stateless state of Being.  Once she heard that this was possible in 1995, the path was lit up and speedy until she ended up in Satsang with Isaac Shapiro in February 1998.  By this time her inner and outer explorations were deep and subtle yet her explorations of what she perceived seemed to only serve to expand all of that even more…so she simply asked Isaac:  ‘Is it beyond perception?’  He answered ‘Yes’ and in that moment, what was there previously as some sort of structure fell away, leaving only ‘What Is’ at play and Awareness being aware of That.


It is recognized that the only reality is what is aware of itself in each moment, that there is nothing beyond that play happening, whatever the play might be.

Canela Michelle is an expression of Awareness in each moment…just like everyone else is whether they recognize it yet or not (as is all that appears – air, body, thought, chair, taste, etc.).  Her love is in supporting people to relax open to this Truth.  Supporting them to allow themselves to not only recognize Love but to experience That; simply as it is, dependant on nothing at all.

Awareness is the constant in the midst of the play of events.  What rises, or appears in each moment might feel or look like an obstacle to Love, yet when a person opens to directly experiencing whatever that is, it shifts, changes and merges with all that is…no longer appearing as if it were an obstacle.

There is nowhere to get to, you are already ‘Here’; it’s simply a matter of ‘meeting’ whatever might be appearing, right here, right now, in each moment.  Once explored, it is recognized only as an invitation, from your Self to your Self…Love beckoning you hither.

The support is offered in Satsang Meditation gatherings, individual & couple Satsang Sessions in person or by phone, and in her first book: Right Here, Right Now Meditations: Satsang Invitations for Expanding Awareness (Volume 1)

Transcript of this interview

Interview recorded 12/18/2011

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

YouTube Video Chapters:

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to Canella Michelle Myers and her spiritual awakening journey
  • 00:04:20 – Opening to Psychic Information
  • 00:07:48 – Psychic Detective Work
  • 00:11:58 – Overcoming Addiction through Awareness
  • 00:16:14 – Exploring the Spiritual Search
  • 00:19:43 – The Experience of Emotions and Being with Others
  • 00:22:39 – Dissolving the Belief in a Separate Self
  • 00:25:42 – Embracing Self-Care and Love Within
  • 00:29:08 – Finding Comfort in Being Held
  • 00:32:38 – Meeting Your Own Longings
  • 00:35:52 – Falling and Being with the Moments
  • 00:39:57 – The Solid Part that’s Not Solid
  • 00:44:23 – Learning Empathy and Caring from Church
  • 00:48:49 – Healing from Childhood Anger and Guilt
  • 00:52:39 – A Shift into White Light
  • 00:55:38 – A Profound Sensitivity
  • 00:59:10 – The attunement and initiation process
  • 01:02:02 – Paul Lowe and the Invitation to Explore Fear and Attraction
  • 01:04:38 – Exploring Boundaries and Uncovering Phobias
  • 01:07:48 – Letting Go of My Life
  • 01:10:23 – Letting Go and Following the Call Inside
  • 01:12:41 – The Power of Renunciation
  • 01:15:24 – The Transition to North Vancouver
  • 01:20:17 – The Awakening and the Big Kahuna
  • 01:22:24 – Opening Doors of Awareness
  • 01:24:41 – The Endless Exploration
  • 01:27:54 – Angels Holding Me Close
  • 01:30:02 – Following the Call of the Heart
  • 01:32:46 – The Dance of Absolute and Relative Perspectives
  • 01:36:32 – The Expression of God through Instruments