036. Takuin Minamoto

Takuin Minamoto was born on May 24th, 1973. Despite not having an interest in spiritual seeking, on December 1st, 2006, Takuin exploded into a being devoid of search and searcher. This destructive event ended everything other than what was naturally present. It was an ‘accident’ beyond the touch of structured teachings.

“People have asked about this event and seem to assume that it was a peaceful transition, as if I had cultivated something through time and blissfully ‘became the real me,’ whatever that means. Still, others think it led to gaining what was desired. But none of that is true.

The realization was an explosion that destroyed everything that came before. Nothing was gained, and everything was lost. There were only sensations, and the perception of things happening.”

After a short period of re-adjustment, Takuin began writing and exploring words that arose from day to day events and meetings with other people. This led to the eventual creation of Takuin.com – Life Beyond the Image. Today, Takuin spends most of his time meeting with others, either in-person or online.

If you would like to have a conversation with Takuin, for which there is no charge, details can be found on the Contact Page at Takuin.com.

Takuin has written one book, available for free on his website. It is called Beyond the Known – 365 Days of Exploration.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

Video also available on Facebook in 20-minute segments.

18 thoughts on “036. Takuin Minamoto

  1. Hey Takuin,

    It was nice hearing your interview.

    I’m glad that you are able to use your own words. I commented on Conway’s interview, because he used all these old words that made simple understanding, for an English speaking American, almost impossible. I just didn’t think that was polite.

    I also am grateful that you don’t charge to talk to people. I suppose some people have to charge to live, but it seems kind of wrong to charge to talk. I wanted to go to Swami G, because i’m near Seattle, but I saw the fees for one question and realized she’s not for me. It seems that only people with large amounts of money can be her friends. I’m sure i’m off, but i’m glad you were clear about the fees.

  2. Thank you very much, Poe. I am glad you could enjoy the interview.

    I have had good fortune because of the community on my own site. They were helpful – no, instrumental – in helping me with the words. Even now, I realize the words do not come so easily, and it is easy to ramble on and on. But if I have any proficiency at all, it is because of the people good enough to share in the talks I have had.

    I am also grateful to Rick, not only for the opportunity to speak, but for helping me learn, during the interview, about some of the other words, phrases, and concepts used in this sort of thing.

    I commented on Conway’s interview, because he used all these old words that made simple understanding, for an English speaking American, almost impossible. I just didn’t think that was polite.

    I’ve only listened to a small portion of the Conway interview, so i cannot really comment much on the language. But maybe it is best for us to think of it like the ‘different flavors‘ Rick and I explored.

    It may seem frustrating at times, when faced with all of the big words many of the enlightenment teachers tend to use. It can send us scrambling for a dictionary…but at least we’re learning some new words, even if we’re not learning from the teaching. 😉

    I also am grateful that you don’t charge to talk to people…I wanted to go to Swami G, because i’m near Seattle, but I saw the fees for one question and realized she’s not for me.

    I don’t know anything about Swami G or her fees. It is not so important to me anyway. All I know is I do not feel right charging to talk to someone. But that is just me, and I am not trying to say anything against Swami G.

    For Takuin, there is no exclusivity in the message. It must reach the woman in the penthouse just as easily as the man in the gutter. This hampers any chance for Takuin to own an island in Fiji, but such is life. 😉

    Thanks for your message, Poe!


  3. Poe,

    I quoted you in my comment, but I forgot to add the “quotes,” to differentiate between the two of us. Sorry if my reply seems confusing because of that.


  4. Yes Takuin,

    I do understand what you mean by different flavors, but what English speaker are you really going to reach with all these Indian words? I’m pretty sure not a lot. If i wanted to learn new words i would hang out on the scrabble site, 🙂

    I don’t mean to sound like i know about swami g fees, i was just disappointed because i wanted to see her.

    It is refreshing to communicate with someone who, i feel, is a normal guy talking about this normal situation. pretty cool..

    Those spirital terms are way over rated. I think real intellect is when you can speak plainly.

    I tried to get on your forum, but i don’t get it..

    Thanks Takuin,


  5. Namaste

    it’s just so upsetting when one has given all gratis for 11 years and continues to do so —

    What people don’t understand is there are endless people writing who are just here to monopolise time with endless drama about their kundalini phenomena eventually one has to weed out those who are genuinely wanting aide versus those who are shopping and have no intention of going forward..

    So finally put up that directive of charging for consulations. those who sincerely want help the path is always open and there is never a charge… that remains fully in place…

    Forums are Free, You tube is Free, Satsangs are Free
    People come here and the Darshan has been Free

    Darshan over Skype is asking a minimum donation
    simply to keep from having hundreds lining up
    and wanting it daily so there is no time to manage
    the forums – the path – and all else that needs to
    continue to be done here.. Retreat costs are
    minimal to cover expenses – There are NO courses
    and No other fees ever charged…

    Apologies for posting this but am tired
    of people getting the wrong idea about

    Rather than asking the sadhakas or
    asking here directly people take
    something off the site and run with
    it making it out to be other than what
    it is…

    OM Shanti

  6. Thanks, Poe.

    I do not have a forum on my site, and I do not have any plans for one. At least not now.

    The community I spoke of is made up of those commenting on the articles. My writing has been very ‘minimalist’ lately, if I can put it that way, and that sort of writing does not always lead to enormous conversations, but that is OK.

    I’ve also been experimenting with video in posts like Why I Started Takuin.com. I find the possibilities of video very interesting.


  7. What a refreshing change from the norm here.

    At last, someone who is not process-obsessed.

    Thanks for the welcome reprieve.


  8. P.S. to Tak:

    Thank you, also, for reminding us that the idea of progression requires a comparison of at least two ideas (i.e. past, present, future) .

    And that being (a progressionless and non-comparative experience) is a vastly different experience from becoming (a synonym for progression and involving comparison).


  9. Thank you very much, Swami G. It is nice to meet with you here…

    I understand what you’re saying, and it is no business of mine whether or not someone charges for this or that. I have nothing bad to say about any of it.

    To be honest, I wasn’t sure what you were referring to in your comment. But I looked around a bit and I now have a better understanding. It seems you’ve had to deal with some vocal ‘opposition’ as of late. The only advice I can give about this sort of internet activity is: it is probably best to not feed the pigeons. They’ll just keep coming back for more. 😉

    “it’s just so upsetting when one has given all gratis for 11 years and continues to do so —”

    It is a slightly different situation, but I can remember a few years back, someone came to my site and it seemed their only purpose in life was to tell me and all of my readers why we were wrong and why he was right. He was one of those people that would, quite literally, take apart each sentence, and give reasoned responses as to why they were incorrect.

    All of that is fine, you know…what someone else thinks of me is none of my business…

    This went on for a short time, but it was easy to move beyond the situation because I had nothing to prove, nothing to defend; only a curiosity to meet with him, to somehow come closer.

    It’s like seeing someone a few blocks away, but there is all this refuse and trash everywhere, making it difficult to meet. Eventually, stepping through the trash, you move closer and closer. But one can never control the outcome. In truth, the two may never meet. All we can do is love and give…

    We give and give, and that is enough. Whether they believe it, like it, hate it, agree or disagree with it…none of that matters.

    Perhaps our only job is to extend an open hand…

    …and if they cut off our hand? We have another one.

    Thank you very much Swami G. You given us all much to think on.


  10. Hey Guru Swami G,

    I was hoping that there was a system so that everyone didn’t have to pay. I tried to make it clear that I didn’t know the ins and outs of your system. I’m glad that you do have it worked out for people who can’t afford it. I’m not necessarily seeking, I just thought it be nice to talk, so, of course, I was turned off by the “cost”. I hope the info your posted helped someone.


  11. Namaste — Takuin : Your interview was quite lovely. Very accurate as to what takes place and perhaps easier for some to come to grips with. Nice to meet you.
    Thank you for your words.


  12. Namaste –

    To Poe: i have always taken time to answer every mail but eventually there has to be a limit set or else people will continue to write day after day with endless questions that have no end and without an aim to go forward at all..

    It’s a bit different working with those who are in
    kundalini awakenings – there is a lot of extra drama
    to deal with.

    Between the forums – youtube – the sadhakas that come over for darshan and all else am working non stop from 7AM and it’s now going on 1 AM and this is a daily happening.

    if that structure wasn’t in place i would be up 24 hours a day. Believe it or not there is only so much time one can give before the form goes into exhaustion. After years
    of this schedule it finally had to be done.

    Most teachers have organizations that field most
    of the questions and they may give a few Satsangs
    here and there and they have time to recharge but when one is working with people daily from morning to night nonstop really there comes a time when one has to lay down some boundaries or burnout happens and the
    health suffers.

    OM Shanti

  13. Hey,

    I had this idea a couple of weeks ago, Does anyone think that Takuin was more prone to being “awaken” via his wife? It sounds like she may have realized, maybe, i don’t know?

  14. Takuin, I’m wondering if you ever had any energy/kundalini type experiences that went along with your awakening or if you experienced any later. Thank you for your interview (and of course to Rick for doing these).

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