357. Adam Chacksfield

Adam ChacksfieldAdam Chacksfield is a nondual spiritual teacher whose retreats and private sessions are known for their transformative power and love-saturated depth. He devotedly serves the alive field of awareness as it unfolds, reveals, and liberates, rather than any fixed philosophy.

Adam first turned toward spirituality and meditation after a series of profound psychedelic-assisted openings led him to experience the truth that lies beyond all philosophies. At age 33 he left his career as a university professor of political theory to devote his life to spiritual unfolding.

For a few years, Adam struggled to try and piece together all the apparently contradictory teachings and practices. These efforts decisively fell away when he came across the nondual teaching of Peter Fenner, and realized the openness that can never be captured in words and requires no practice.

Adam started inviting his friends to do nondual inquiry with him and was amazed by the ease with which the direct experience of openness could be shared. In 2010, with Peter Fenner’s encouragement and support, Adam started to publicly share with groups and individuals. Since then, his teaching has been profoundly influenced by the opportunity to soak in Jeannie Zandi’s heart-centered and full-bodied transmission.

Adam now shares the direct experience of the heart and mind falling open. In this effortless opening, the suffering involved in resisting feelings and believing thoughts spontaneously releases. The natural abundance of joy, peace, wisdom, and love becomes apparent and available. Heart-centered, gentle, and direct, Adam offers a path straight into the truth of who we are.

In addition to leading retreats in North America and Europe, Adam meets with individuals, and is the creator of “Falling Open,” a four-month online course. He is also the founder of the Center for Nondual Awareness, a supportive community for those called to share nonduality.

Website: adamchacksfield.com

Transcript of this interview.

Interview recorded 8/6/2016

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

YouTube Video Chapters:

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump
  • 00:04:01 – A Conversation with David Shapiro
  • 00:07:31 – Recognizing Different Preferences
  • 00:11:04 – The Profound Psychedelic Experience
  • 00:14:54 – Embracing the Mystery
  • 00:19:19 – Contemplating the Wonder of Creation
  • 00:22:52 – Softening and Gentleness in Healing Trauma
  • 00:26:51 – Opening to Difficult Feelings
  • 00:30:31 – The Diversity of Spiritual Practices
  • 00:33:46 – Allowing Things to Unfold Naturally
  • 00:37:19 – The Capacity of the Heart
  • 00:40:51 – Running away from feelings
  • 00:44:25 – The Dark Side of Practice
  • 00:47:53 – Layers of Sensitivity and the Movement of the Heart
  • 00:51:29 – Trusting our own unfolding
  • 00:54:51 – The Buddha’s Lifelong Spiritual Practice
  • 00:58:40 – Healing Shame and Violence
  • 01:02:35 – Healing Incorrigible Behavior
  • 01:06:40 – The Depth and Beauty of Here
  • 01:10:22 – Exploring Psychedelics and Spirituality
  • 01:14:12 – The Sweetness of Vulnerability
  • 01:18:37 – Opening up to Grasping in Meditation
  • 01:22:13 – Fear and the Mind-Body Connection
  • 01:25:46 – Exploring the Experience of Reality
  • 01:29:48 – Acclimatization to Openness
  • 01:33:45 – Letting Awareness Do Its Work
  • 01:37:31 – Opening Up to Body Intelligence
  • 01:41:25 – Embracing Our Emotional Wounds
  • 01:45:16 – The Evolution of Emotional Sensitivity
  • 01:49:42 – Settling into the Heart of Things
  • 01:53:27 – Emotional Intensity and Self-Love